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Craft Impressive Statement of Interest for Job with these TIPS!

30th July 2018 by Varada A | Uncategorized
how to write a sop for mba

When applying for a job in certain organisations, mostly in academic arena like research or teaching, you will be asked to submit a statement of interest along with your relevant certificates. It is preferred over a cover letter in many major institutions. There exists a mass misconception, where both these letters are treated as one and the same.
It’s true that both have certain similarities, but they are not the same. First let’s thoroughly differentiate statement of interest for job from a cover letter. Using a formal tone of definition – A statement of interest also known as letter of intent is a document which you are submitting to a company, to let them know that you are interested to join their organisation, even when there are no current job vacancies matching your skills and abilities. Some of its features are,
• Many of the notified designations will have a well prepared job profile which has to be seen as a reference for what they expect from a candidate and see whether you have the matching potentials.
• It is a clear indication of your interest in a particular work field and should succeed in passing it in the very true sense to those reading it. By adding your past work experience, internships or projects you can back your career aspirations and goals.
• By not using general or very simple introduction, one can avoid giving a bad notion that you are not that serious about the application.
• Hence, some even sent letter of interest to know about the prospects of hiring with them; they are also known as letter of inquiry in certain circumstances.
Whereas, a cover letter is a letter either you are obliged to send or you purposefully send along with your CV or resume, when applying to a present job opening in an organisation. Otherwise, the content and details to be included is the same as in a letter of interest. Take reference from internet and compare a cover letter with that of statement of interest for a job samples.
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Even though you are meant to show and explain your interest for a job, don’t stuff it with mere words. Substantially prove that you are an apt selection for them by sensibly using reckonable sentences to put across your point, in place of numerous phrases. Remember to begin and conclude the letter with powerful sentences rightly reflecting your interest covering all the aspects you have encompassed in the body of the letter.
If there is no accountable accomplishments for you to bank on also, give the statement of interest for job a very pleasant start directly stating you will be a right candidate.
For e.g. Instead of writing “I have years of experience in manufacturing field and thereby I felt should apply for this job”, begin like “Having served the manufacturing field for several years gave me immense confident to apply for the post of ABC in your reputed organisation.”
In the body part, you have to give weight-age to certain facts, which the organisational professionals are seeking for indirectly. Let’s have a quick glance on these points in regard to the statement of interest for job.
1. If specifically given, you have to draft it as a response letter where you are answering the questions or core matters asked. Else, frame a possible query you think they would have asked and write its response.
2. In both cases, you have to tell how you will benefit the organisation or why should they hire you, by detailing your academic achievements and work-related accomplishments.
3. Align your interest with the organisational interests and goals.
But, before writing a statement of interest for job, you have to carry out some homework. Be prepared with the answers for,
1. Why are you interested in the particular job or organisation?
2. How actually the job profile interests you?
3. Are your skills and qualifications in line with the company’s requirements?
4. How you will be beneficial to the employer in terms of their interests?
5. Any related practical experiences to bank on?
After framing a rough draft of all the above questions, get your resume and thoroughly analyse whether there is any misinformation or factual errors. Rectify them.
Also see whether you have presented it in a generic format which feels like applicable to any job rather than for that particular job individually.
Work on your vocabulary and writing style, even then maintain a professional and formal tone. Must scrutinize for errors in any kind, and the logical consistency of the draft. Try to limit the use of worlds like “my schooling”, “my work”, and “my skill” or constant use of “I” for which it can invite a selfish appearance and shadows a bit arrogant nature.
Don’t brag even you have such an excellent past career record, remember you are applying for a job in their organisation.
The format
It is not mandatory to follow a formal letter format for your statement of interest for job. But try to make it readable and give it an official face by being a little bit ceremonial.
• Begin with your name, contact address and email at the top.
• Give a subject line as “Statement of Interest in ABC Company”.
• If not indicated, wrap up the letter within 2 or 3 pages.
The major distinction between being successful or unsuccessful lies in identifying the purpose of performing a task before you do it. Without a perseverance, one cannot achieve expected results. Remember this while tailoring your statement of interest for job.
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