Best Guidelines on How to Write a Good Personal Statement

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While seeking an admission for higher studies in an international college, it is mandatory to write a personal statement to give an introduction about oneself to the concerned admission authorities and prove one’s eligibility through educational qualification and achievements for the course they are applying to. Before you decide on how to start a personal statement, ensure that your essay will cover the following points:

  • Brief Introduction
  • Reason For Applying To The Particular Course
  • Interests That Support The Prospective Course
  • Motivation Behind Taking The Course
  • Reason For Choosing The Particular University
  • Educational Qualification
  • Skills and Abilities
  • Academic Achievements Relevant To The Course
  • Professional Experience (if any)
  • Technical Skills Achieved So Far
  • How All The Above Details Are Relevant to The Course Applied For?
  • How the Course Will Benefit You?
  • Plans On Completing the Course
  • Future Goals and Ambitions
  • Good Conclusion

Now that you have got a clear idea about a personal statement format and as to what are the details that as to go in the document, let’s move on to the main story….


A personal statement is actually a best chance to let the university understand you much better and it is the only opportunity through which you can gain access into your dream college, if you are successful in impressing the selection committee.


Just like how there is a hardware and software, there are hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are the general educational qualifications and achievements, while the latter ones are about one’s abilities, interests, proficiency and other personal attributes. A personal statement not only sums up your academic and professional background, but it also conveys your characteristics as an individual. Thus, a good personal statement allows the reader to know you in detail and get a personal insight about you.

Hence, if you are very serious about pursuing a graduate program, it is very important to spend some time on writing an impactful personal statement.


While there are different types of personal statement examples, they all share basic concept. Similarly, you have ample space to write elaborately. But what matters the most is the content you put into it.

Keep Your Personal Statement SIMPLE, CONCISE & CLEAR

Generally a good personal statement is written within 1 or 2 pages and approximately of 500-700 words. It can exceed in some circumstances, however, it is advisable not to go lengthy.

Keep Your Personal Statement SHORT & STRONG

See that whatever qualifications, academic achievements, interests, skills or experiences you write down, are in sync with your purpose and motivation behind pursing a particular course and college. Everything should be co-related to your ultimate career goal and future plans. If you are still unsure about how to write a good personal statement then take reference from internet by going through some examples.

Keep All Details Relevant

Be yourself and do not copy. While it is tempting to copy some good personal statement samples that are widely available online these days, it is very essential to write one of your own. The selection panel will come across many applications and they have keen eye to make out fake essay from authentic one.

Be Unique. Be Original!

Don’t take chances and give wrong details or embellished information. Be honest, even if your profile shows change of career choices. Share valid reasons. If not, the reader might get wrong impression and feel that you are not serious about the course or do not have any plan for future.

Be Honest.

Take care about the tone of your personal statement. Stay humble, yet confident in your approach. Never beg or demand. It is good to share all your personal attributes, but ensure that you don’t sound too proud.

Maintain Positive Tone.


  • Don’t be lazy and limit yourself in writing just one or two rough drafts. Make sure what you give is the best copy. So, it is okay if you spend some much time in developing an engaging personal statement.
  • Don’t write the same motivation or ideas, what your senior or batch mate wrote. You can if it is necessary. But ensure that it is far different from what they have written. Distinguish yourself from others and convey how unique you are. Prove your worth to the admission authorities.
  • Don’t be shy to ask for help from your teachers, elders or seniors on how to write a good personal statement. Since you should not compromise on the quality, better take precautions and know ways to write effectively.
  • Don’t be over-the-top creative and use pompous words or phrases. It is fine to write in a refined manner. But too much of anything is not good.
  • Don’t give out irrelevant details and information that doesn’t support your course or future goals. It can either confuse the reader or make them feel that you are doing so in order to fill the space.
  • Don’t submit without doing final recheck. It is highly not advisable to give a poorly written personal statement, which is full of errors, grammatical mistakes and misinformation. Read and reread to check if you have missed out anything.


Last but not the least… A personal statement should be one’s OWN PERSONAL Voice and one should maintain that throughout the draft. Even if you take references, see that you edit and modify your own statement according to your personality and motives.

We really hope these guidelines will give you an outline on how to write a good personal statement for college.

On another note, kindly do not go back to reading your personal statement once you have already submitted your admission application. For, it is quite taxing to wait for the universities to reply back and reading again your old statement will only increase your doubts.

Remember the format of personal statement for job will vary while applying for a college and one has to write accordingly when it comes to professional purpose. Well, that’s another story… for which, you are always free to contact our content writing services team.

Hope this article would have given you a fair picture on how to write a good personal statement and you will be able to develop one of your own….


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