Tips on writing an admission essay with sample for inspiration!

6th November 2018 by Varada A | SOP Writing

Apart from the routine procedure of submitting score cards and CVs, nowadays Universities specifically ask for admission essays. Being ignorant of the importance of this crucial yet simple personal document, students tend to handle it very carelessly. This has resulted in many a brilliant and capable students being rejected by colleges. Initially, it’s necessary to know that an admission essay is very significant in making or breaking your admission opportunity, whereas it’s very easy to write a winning draft.

Some schools ask for more than one essay to be submitted, while there are some universities make it optional to submit the essays. Further, the topics on which one has to write an easy range from a specific question to an open choice of the student.

Majority of the applicants will be qualified equally or beyond you. Hence, the Universities need to set a discretion among the students to select the best from the best alone, for which they rely on this personal essay. So it’s very crucial for the applicant to present it in a very convincing way. 

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Always, far before you start applying to leading universities take time to refer some admission essay samples and understand the themes mostly conveyed through them.

You merely have to talk about your personal accomplishments in the admission essay. But care should be taken while deciding the topic about which you are going to write. For that, the incident or the matter you communicate through this essay should have greater relevance in the context of your field of study and the selected course. You will find it easy to understand this fact by reading and analysing some admission essay samples.

By all means, your admission essay is and has to be unique. Because, noting general topic is dealt by these essays, where two essays can be similar. Personal element in the essay makes it precisely exceptional. Hence, it’s advised to avoid plagiarism or copy-pasting any admission essay sample available.

You are ought to check with the college/university authority before attempting to draft an essay for a course. Many a schools now have their own set of rules to follow for these kind of application writing pieces. Also, be precise to align your interests and skills with those required for the course and the university you are applying for. Brainstorming at the very onset and proof-reading at the very end has to be done with utmost care and focus.

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