Find Top Guidelines on How to Write a Good Personal Statement

15th November 2018 by Varada A | SOP Writing Guidelines

Personal Statements are mandatory documents required during the admission processes. These Statements should be reflective on your calibre, aptitude and interests for the selected course besides providing insight on your personality, educational qualification and notable academic achievements. Through the personal statements, you can give an introduction on yourself to the admission authorities and confirm your eligibility to seek admission for a particular program of your interests. You have to ensure that your personal statement has all essential inclusions that the admission authorities require. Here are some important inclusions for your personal statement:

  • Brief Introduction
  • Reason For Applying To The Specific Course
  • Interests In the Course
  • Motivation For Choosing the course
  • Reason For Confirming The University
  • Educational Qualification
  • Acquired Skills and Abilities
  • Academic Achievements Pertaining To The Course
  • Professional Experience (if any)
  • Technical Skills acquired
  • Benefits of the course for you
  • Career plans at course completion
  • Career Goals and Ambitions in the future
  • Good Conclusion

With these pertinent inclusions, the personal statement format is complete. Now let’s consider other important aspects concerning the personal statement.

Why Draft Personal Statements?

While drafting Personal Statements, you have the opportunity to draw the interests of the admission authorities at the deemed universities and colleges to your profile presented in the most appealing way. You can easily present an impressive personal statement and convince them to offer you admission.

Purpose Of Personal Statements

Personal statements are purposeful. There is no better way to present all your interests, abilities, calibre, academic skills, professional skills in a crux and win over the admission authorities.

What should be the content of the personal statements?

Simple And Intriguing

Provide intriguing content to your personal statement and keep it simple. The admission authorities are presented with thousands of personal statements and your personal statement should be intriguing and well-drafted to gain their preference. Also, plan a simple format for your Statement and include rich content.

Short and Effective

You should present impactful personal statements while focussing on your career perspectives, objectives and goals defined well in it. With powerful but relevant ideas, you can create an impression with your personal statements.

The average length of your personal statement can be 700 words; do not plan a lengthy personal statement with repetitive ideas and irrelevant information. Instead, plan a concise personal statement with all relevant details and impress the admission authorities. The admission authorities do not have the time to search for your important information. So, present all relevant information well and highlight them.

Provide correct information

Avoid all exaggerated or false content in your Personal Statement. You may be eager to win over the admission committee with false and exaggerated facts. But avoid it. Instead, present only correct information.

Plan Unique Personal Statements

Do not copy content from online sources or from other Personal Statements. Instead, present an original and unique Personal Statement using your details, experience and information. Distinguish yourself from the other candidates with good presentation and inclusion of original ideas.

Creativity Can Be Useful

With plenty of creativity implemented in your personal statements, you will be able to draft a qualifying SOP that stands are crest above the rest. You can insert interesting story or incidents that are highly relevant to your profile or proposed program. This can add value to your personal statements.

With plenty of helpful guidelines that are tested and proven, you may have understood on drafting a good personal statement. Attempt one yourself and seek proofreading assistance from a guide. You can plan one or two personal statement drafts before confirming on the final one. Also, clear the grammatical errors and include good information using the assistance of a guide.

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