SOP For College

20th November 2018 | By Varada A

Personal statements are basically essays which are requested on a grad school or university application form in response to certain question(s). Some colleges may prescribe to be precise and specific in answering the questions. But there will not be given any guidelines about the things you should include. It totally depends on you to choose …

17th November 2018 | By Varada A

A personal essay depending on the topic and the way of presentation can either get the reader satisfied or else can make him distressed by creating ambiguities and uncertainties, is what an expert admission committee member once opined. He further added that the latter happens mainly because the student fails to comprehend the structure of …

9th November 2018 | By Varada A

It’s only when a student starts thinking about his graduation, he comes across few application documents which are obligatory in the admission process. Following which they get perplexed as to how to write a personal statement for college…? Well, it is better to refer them as “essays”, for which they are a short piece of …

7th November 2018 | By Varada A

Decision regarding one’s graduation course and the institution to study that course is a critical step in everybody’s life. The future takes a twist thereafter, where you are also laying the foundation of your career path. All your struggles to score high marks and accomplishments in academic and extra-curricular activities will find an edge at …