SOP For Masters

4th December 2018 | By Varada A

Unlike Indian schools where the admission applications consist of a few scorecards, certificates and a CV, foreign universities are a step ahead in further collecting a set of documents like SOPs, Letter of intent etc. There the admission committees evaluate the candidates based on both academic accomplishments and personal achievements. They are very keen to …

21st November 2018 | By Varada A

A personal statement is an important document that one has to submit while seeking admission in an international university. It has to be attached along with other academic certificates and application form. By submitting a personal statement, you get a chance to showcase your skills, achievements and research projects so as to prove your worth …

statement of purpose for masters
9th July 2018 | By Varada A

Drafting effective SOPs is an art. Let us try if you can master the art in few simplified steps and qualify for the admission processes to foreign universities. Besides foreign educational centers, even leading colleges and universities in India are opting for professional SOPs to gauge the students’ capabilities. So, drafting an SOP is an …