26th November 2018 | By Varada A

Admission for doctoral and research disciplines ask for a phd personal statement besides other vital documents like a research proposal. Basically, you have to explain about the details of your project in the research proposal whereas you will be describing how you are suitable candidate for the doctoral course from personal perspective. Mostly the applicants think …

23rd November 2018 | By Varada A

Here the article comes in 2 parts. Firstly, I have included some general tips for writing a letter of intent for phd programs. Then in the following section there are some worthy remarks from the academic counsellors of different universities which are added for reference, which I gathered during my years of content writing services. …

21st November 2018 | By Varada A

While applying for PhD program, universities generally request the applicant to submit a personal statement, which is actually a vital element of one’s PG application. Although you will be issuing your research documents, the personal statement sums your eligibility to attain a doctorate. It is a very daunting and challenging to write a personal statement …

16th November 2018 | By Varada A

One of the toughest thing under the letter-writing category is forming a motivation letter for phd. It weighs more than other types of official documents since it belongs to more professional level and is of much superior grade. Although it is challenging to write, this document is very important while applying for higher studies or …