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7th November 2018 by Varada A | SOP For College

Decision regarding one’s graduation course and the institution to study that course is a critical step in everybody’s life. The future takes a twist thereafter, where you are also laying the foundation of your career path. All your struggles to score high marks and accomplishments in academic and extra-curricular activities will find an edge at this juncture.

Before getting into the serious tasks of applying to colleges/universities, here we have a very significant topic to talk about. It’s nothing other than the college admission essay.

After having scored high GPA and excellent test results, can you imagine that you did not make it to secure an admission in a leading college or university as you desired? What can be the reason for rejection of students with high calibre? Once upon a time, a particular University faced a major dilemma, when the number of applications to their various courses started to abound, of which 98% are from equally qualified candidates. They found it difficult to select a few from these thousands of applications by merely analysing the CV and test scores. Thus a new measure was introduced – a set of college admission essays. This itself shows how much important are these essays in admission process.

So it’s vital for you as well as for the university. Hence, you should consider tailoring separate and unique college admission essays for each of the different colleges and courses you apply for. Take good amount of time and do enough research to give a strong content – an effective trick is to state within the college admission essay examples from your real-life experiences and achievements that support your reasons for pursuing a particular course.

Besides, the essay can greatly help a candidate with poor GPA scores and less attractive CV. It’s the content and the presentation style that will form as the distinction elements. Also, the skillset to incorporate depends on the course you are applying. For instance, if you are applying for courses in arts field, creative and artistic skills needs to be focussed, whereas for business-related disciplines, focus should be on your management and presentation skills.

Get some inspiration by going through several college admission essay examples. This will give you a better understanding as to how to start, what should you include and what not and how to end the essay.

It’s a two level process, I like to say. Because, it doesn’t end with finishing the conclusion of your essay. Most important is getting it proof-read as many times as you can.  So it’s always better to roughly draft a copy and only finalise after several cuts and edits.

Check with the guidelines, if any provided by the University and do research on the course and university prior of writing your essays. Alternatively, refer to some college admission essay examples and know how to write a good admission essay. But ensure that you don’t copy any of them.

As a side note, it will be always better to distinguish and understand the dos and don’ts in an admission essays, for which, after writing, it will be a tedious task to rewrite it completely. If you go through few college admission essay examples, you can get a fair idea about the format, contents, how things are put together and what is not required to put in your essay.

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