Drive Away Your Worries with These Tips on Letter Of Intent for University Admission

14th November 2018 by Varada A | SOP For University

A Letter Of Intent (LOI) is one of the few personal statements to be submitted for admission to foreign universities. As the title letter of intent for university admission suggests, it is mainly asked for understanding the interest of an applicant for the applied course and the college. In this personal document, you should showcase yourself as very passionate and a student with calibre as required for the course program and the institution.

What is meant by a Letter of Intent?

It is moreover similar to a cover letter. It is basically written to express a candidate’s interest in the mentioned field.  All other application documents present you in terms of your test scores or grades, whereas this is meant to provide you with a much personal perspective. Unlike in your CV or scorecards, where you cannot mention that you were the topper or you were a good football player etc., you can clearly mention it in your letter of intent.

While it is always east to copy from some sample letter of interest for college admission from internet, writing one of your own will bring in sure-shot results.

What to write in a letter of intent?

Through your LOI you are ought to sell yourself to the university.  You are showing the evidence that you are a potential student for them. Then the content to be included within the letter of intent for university admission depends upon the course or the college you have applied for. If you had applied for a course in sports department, you need to highlight your achievements in that regard like participated in any national or local level events and mention how you helped your team to win or something like that.

How to write it?

Although it is mentioned to be as a personal letter, it is essentially a businesslike document. For example a letter of intent for masters degree in education needs to be framed with much more formal tone.

You start writing by self-introducing with your full name and details of the last school you attended and a subject line as what is the purpose of this letter. Carefully research and figure out to whom the letter needs to be addressed to. This can be availed from the university website or the prospectus provided, usually it will be either for the program director or head of the department.

Then, in the body of the letter, divided into different paragraphs, mention elaborately how you got interested in this particular course and the university. Discuss the opportunities you found beneficial for you in the college or the department. State how you think the course can be of help for you to achieve your future goals.

Humbly request them to acknowledge and respond and conclude by a adding your contact number and email address. Sign and end your letter.

Proofread it several times before you submit. Take enough time to write it and edit it.

While it is good idea to refer to any kind of letter of intent sample do not try to imitate or copy paste them.

The key element in writing a convincing letter of intent is to be honest and be yourself. Having good academic record and showing that you are legitimately interested in the course will make you get noticed for sure.

  • Ask yourself why you wanted to do this course. Check whether you have genuine interests towards the field. And answer how will the course be of any help for you in achieving your short and long term goals?
  • From start to finish, maintain a professional and standard format and style in writing this letter of intent for university admission.
  • Do extensive research on the universities and courses you are going to apply for and collect as much information as possible.
  • Prepare an outline indicating your qualities both academically and personally. Ask yourself what my strengths are and what makes me a promising candidate.
  • Draft a rough copy of your letter of intent for university admission without sticking on to the word count. Later come and revise it several times and in the process make it binding with the prescribed word limit.
  • Get your rough draft itself proof-read and gather the feedbacks. Correct the spelling and grammatical errors and check the use of vocabulary and language.

Understand that your letter of intent for university admission reveals your intent to get admitted into a particular course and college to the admission committees. It is also used by the review officers to assess whether an applicant is a creditable candidate for their course program.

With little time and effort, you can end up tailoring an appealing letter of intent for university admission which truly conveys your interests.

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