Easy Steps on Writing a Good Letter Of Intent for Graduate School

14th November 2018 by Varada A | SOP For Graduate School

The letter of intent is now a must requisite while applying to almost all graduate courses and schools. Either it’s for a business school, Law University or a medical school, no matter you are sometimes asked to submit a letter of intent for graduate school.

The challenge in writing a good letter of intent can be tackled by obtaining the fundamental understanding of what is it and how you can write it. The responsibility of admission officers to understand a candidate from hMove to Trashis application papers needs to be appreciated. Hence the university tries to acquire in all best possible ways to make each applicant more explicable in his admission application by asking for some essays and letters like this. They want to comprehend whether the candidate is fit for their university, even without having them interviewed.

Now the question why we want to write a letter of intent for graduate school is made clear. So the complexity of writing task got loosen by one degree. Realise that, your letter is the only chance to make the admission committee know who you are and their only chance to know in personal about you. Don’t make your reader disappointed!

As the name suggests, the format of letter has to be thoroughly maintained here also. It is not mandatory to follow a template but it is advised to adhere to a standard letter of intent format. Sometimes the graduate schools will be providing separate guidelines for admission to their courses, hence you are necessitated to know them and follow them. Therefore, visit the university website and understand the rules and guidelines carefully before writing these types of personal documents. Mainly the schools will be having regulation with the word limit or length of the letter, if else its best to stick with a format as a two-page document with sufficient spacing and justification.

Ask yourself a lot many “WHY”s and brainstorm to find what to write in the body of the letter. Why you choose the course? Why this university? Why the course is important for your future career? Why am I interested to pursue this course? Why should it be done? And go with questions like this and note there answers in a rough draft. Add it with relevant evidences and experiences.

Also try to investigate about the course and the school to which you seek admission for. Tailor your letter of intent for graduate school of intent for different courses individually, because each school and course have distinct features.

Confine yourself with a single life incident or else two, not more than and state the moral you gained from it or how it helped to redefine your future goals and career aspirations.

It’s good to mention about your most relevant and important accomplishments in the field of study and/or work. But it shouldn’t feel as a repetition of what is there in your CV.

Try to be optimistic and keep a positive tone. Use of formal language and a very polite yet confident style of writing is preferred. But don’t hesitate to try to be more creative in presentation of these facts.

Don’t include any offensive phrases or instances and misleads. Get your letter of intent for graduate school proof read several times by yourself and any proficient person like your teachers, professors or even peers and make it free from all types of errors and mistakes relating to spelling, grammar, use of phrases or even sentence construction.

Plagiarism is not allowed at any cost by none of the graduate schools and also don’t try to imitate someone else’s work. While checking for examples on internet, make sure to go one that is specified for letter of intent for graduate school alone, because there are other kinds of documents like letter of intent for job, for internship, etc.

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