Easy Tips for Writing a Personal Statement

22nd November 2018 by Varada A | SOP Writing

Applicants are searching for some secret formula to write a personal statement that can help them get the admission to the course they wish to join in a foreign country. They sometimes forget that it is a golden chance for them to impress the admission officers by expressing their uniqueness with polished facets.

The words starts to abound, if you very well know, what you actually have to write in this very crucial yet simple personal document. All you wanted to do is get admission officer convinced to approve your candidature to their university. And you just have to speak about yourself roughly in about thousand words.

We have encapsulated some personal statement tips, to make you get cross the hurdle in an easy but effective way.

  • Start always with a rough draft

Some universities may have a prescribed word count, or if not general format is to write within 500-1000 words. Initially, make a rough draft without considering this and go with the flow of your ideas and imagination. Go back to the starting point to improvise wherever required and try to fit within the word limit.

  • Don’t hassle yourself, take time

Start drafting your personal statement as soon as you have decided to opt for a course in a particular university – which gives you plenty of time to rewrite, proofread and edit your document. Also do extensive research beforehand to form concrete ideas and points on what to be included and excluded.

  • Sensibly use words and phrases

Even though it’s all about being personal, it is for an official purpose and hence you have to be very rational while using the relevant words and expressions. While applying to foreign country schools, language skills have definitely some hefty weight. Make use of online resources on personal statement tips for word and sentence-related assistance.

  • Be self-confident

Imagine, you are in a position of a sales professional while trying to write a personal statement. Only if you can convince the customer about the qualities and strengths of a product, he will buy it. Same rule applies here. Confidently present your relevant qualities you think can help you get a positive response from the officers. Hide your negative strengths or sugar coat them to your benefit.

  • First impression counts

Any writing tactic can be used to begin the personal statement. Even if you had drafted the whole story in a day and can’t find an impressive beginning statement, don’t hesitate to spend more days working on that. But don’t go overboard and make it more complicated.

  • Customise to reflect yourself in all means

Refer for samples of personal statements available on internet. But don’t imitate the tone and voice of any such examples. They have written about themselves, and you are writing about yourself; this itself is a core difference.

  • Don’t sing your own praises

Even if you have excellent skillset and qualifications, the admission officers have years of expertise than you. Don’t make them feel you are bragging too much and is over confident. Most of the personal statement tips stress on the fact to always speak the truth. Thereby the officers can easily differentiate fake from real.

  • Proof read and re-edit

Any qualified person who can review and give you genuine feedback can be requested to have your final document checked. They might even come up with some interesting personal statement tips of their own. Be open to criticisms and corrections.

  • Self-evaluation

Check yourself, whether the final record showcases the real you and is error-free and logically linked. Some people have been benefitted by reading the essay loud for many times. Adopt your method.

Hope these personal statement tips would have inspired you as well as given you enough ideas on how to write a personal statement article. Or for further assistance, contact us.


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