Effective guidelines on how to write a personal statement for university

9th November 2018 by Varada A | SOP For University

Finally you are standing on the threshold of new academic beginnings! You must be armed with all the important documents to submit during application process. But stuck on personal statement??? Have no clue what’s it all about? What is it for? How to write a personal statement for university? What to include and what not to? Hold your horses!! We have all the answers for you. Just stay with us…

So first things first!

What is meant by personal statement?

For starters, a personal statement is a brief summary about oneself, shared with concerned admission authorities to which university you are applying to. It’s a vital part of UCAS application procedure. One has to include in it – skills, experience and goals; with a view to prove the admission officers that you are worthy for the course you applied. It simultaneously reflects how your achievements, interests and career choices are based on the course you are interested to pursue.

What is personal statement for?

A personal statement HAS to be submitted along with your application, on or before the said deadline by the university. It is important because with personal statement, the selection committee will understand about your reason for applying that particular course and university. It will help them to get a fair idea about you, assess your value based on your academic qualifications and achievements and decided whether to give you admission or not.

Now that you have a rough idea, let’s move on how to start a personal statement? But before that keep in mind; you need to write a rough draft first and then make a final copy in the end…

How long should a personal statement be?

A personal statement varies from a CV. In the latter, every detail and information is given with pointers. But in a personal statement, you have to write in clear and concise paragraphs – say, about three to four paragraphs, instead of writing a big, continuous content. Also, it should not comprise more than 800 words. You don’t want to bore the admission officer, right?

What should go into a personal statement?

There are no hard and fast rules about personal statement format but the key factor is to include whatever that is relevant to you prospective course. It is essential to maintain a precise structure within your statement so as to have clarity and things doesn’t get confusing for the readers. Take a note of the following things that should go into your personal statement for university:

  • Reason for choosing this course
  • Why are you worth it
  • How your academic qualification is relevant to this course
  • Hobbies and interests that support the course
  • Skills and achievements so far
  • Professional experience (if any)
  • Career plans after the course

How to write a personal statement for university?

The main reason for writing a personal statement is to get admission in your chosen university. So keeping that foremost, you have to develop an effective statement that will impress right away. You have to outline those details and attributes that will help you sell better as well as convey your enthusiasm about the course, to the admission authorities.

  • Reason for choosing this course: Specifically go on to describe why you are interested in the course. Share how you got attracted to the subject and how the passion developed. Also share how it will benefit you in the long run.
  • Why are you worth it? Prove the reader how you are suitable for pursuing the course, sharing in detail about your relevant skills and experience in the personal statement for university. Do your homework well and reflect through your writing what the course is useful for and how you have all the interests in line with it.
  • How your academic qualification is relevant to this course? The admission panel are really smart. It is not enough to simply share about your education background. You have to describe how it was useful for you and how it matches your prospective course. Don’t worry, if you have not studied the same subjects in relevance to the chosen course. At least pick out relevant skills that will be applicable everywhere.
  • Hobbies and interests that support the course: This is essential since it will show you are multi-talented. Mention all about your hobbies and interests that are in tune with your course. For example: you have been active member of school club and how you used to host programs. It will reflect your communication abilities and leadership qualities.
  • Skills and achievements so far: Don’t simply mention about your skills and achievements in the personal statement for university. Allow the admission panel go beyond and understand you on personal basis. Share interesting anecdotes and examples to support you positive attributes.
  • Professional Experience: This is very crucial information which gives a strong support to your statement. Be it internship, part time job or full time job. You have to mention the job roles and work responsibilities you undertook so far. Of course, it goes without saying, these experience should be in sync with the course you are going to study.
  • Career plans after the course: The selection team needs to see how far you are serious about their course and college. Tell them what you are going to do after obtaining degree under their university and how the course is going to help in your career plan.
  • Quality check: Do not compromise on the quality of the content in the personal statement for university. Some students either write elaborately to impress, while other simply write down random things for the sake of giving a personal statement. Don’t underestimate the admission authorities and respect their time and position. Write well and to the point – not too much or not too less. Frame your sentences well and follow chronological order for your academic and professional achievements.

How to make a personal statement unique?

The competition in seeking admission is getting tougher and tougher day by day. It is very challenging to stand out from the rest of the candidates and give a very impressive personal statement for university. Given are few tips to be unique:

  • Stay relevant: Don’t go overboard and write elaborately. Keep in mind the space limit and write to the point, giving out only valid details.
  • Be distinct: Develop content using your own personal experiences and examples. Do not copy from any source or your friends. University authorities have plagiarism checking systems and they will find out fake from original.
  • Balance well: Share about your important academic information and relevant extracurricular interests proportionately in the personal statement for university. It is fine if you avoid putting minor details.
  • Don’t be too creative: It is good if you have the knack to write an engaging content. But don’t try too hard to impress. Else, stick to writing in a concise and elegant manner.
  • Think different: It is okay if you spend lots of time in thinking and writing a perfect content. But whatever you write should have attractive approach, which should be interesting and engaging.

Last but not the least; always make someone to read your personal statement draft. A third person will be able to pick mistakes or point out missing things. Check your document whether it is free from any kind of spelling mistakes or grammatical error. Use a confident approach and positive tone while writing. Do not hesitate or feel shy to seek help from you teachers or seniors.

We really hope these guidelines will help you on how to write a personal statement for university. However, remember that personal statement differ from university to university and course to course. Similarly, they are two different things while applying for a graduate program and a Master’s degree. So check before hand what kind of course a college offers and understand what their requirements are. You have to sit down and think carefully before you put pen to paper.

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