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6th December 2018 by Varada A | SOP Formats

Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a mandatory requisite while applying to any foreign institution for graduate, masters, and PhD courses; or now a days even while applying for job, several firms are asking for an SOP. Through SOP, the applicant is given an opportunity to clarify his true intension or interest and suitability for the applied course or job, apart from his academic pursuits and work experiences.

As we all know, while writing letters there are certain particulars which need to be essentially included regardless of the purpose or type of the letter such as  sender and recipient’s name and details, date, subject line and a signing off statement with sender’s sign. In a similar fashion, SOP being a formal document with a considerable significance, there exists a general and broad statement of purpose format, which doesn’t mean that one should strictly follow a specific SOP template.

The format of an SOP is not about writing facts in a particular order, instead it mainly deals with word count or length of the document and suggests what all contents to include, to get drafted a winning SOP. It will be good if one can take reference from online about statement of purpose format before they start writing and use it effectively without copying it in their own personalised style.

Even though no specification is made about the organization of a statement of purpose format, it will be good to arrange the details one intends to include in the document, which not only makes it easily read and understood, but gives an indication that the applicant is a disciplined and well-organised individual, as well. So in this post, we are trying to give an idea about the format of an SOP.

One thing that needs to be noted is, before even preparing the rough draft of an personal statement of purpose, it will be beneficial to visit the university or college website and thoroughly understand its mission, culture, goals and educational morals and fields of engagement, because one has to show his passion in a way befitting the institution.

  1. Word limit – This is not a strict rule to be followed if not deliberately prescribed in the university notification. But, it’s usual that, boredom is irrevocable for humans or else the officers will be having busy schedules, hence it will be better if one can make his SOP short and brief, yet convincing. A general statement of purpose format prescribes to write a statement of purpose within two pages, or else maximum thousand words.
  2. Style of writing – Creativity is welcomed, but in a very decent and relevant manner. Always maintain a logical flow between the paragraphs. Try to use standard font and font attributes which will make it convenient for everyone who reads it.
  3. Semantic and tone – Use faultless language and a formal tone. Hence, proof-read the final draft number of times as possible or else get help from some genuine persons and correct it and modify it so that there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes. It will be nice if you try to speak in a single tense all along the document, if not manifested.
  4. Body of the document
  • Always mention the applicant’s name and course he is applying for at the top of the statement of purpose format.
  • Begin introduction by stating true motivations and inspiring incidents that concreted candidate’s decision in undertaking the course in that particular university.
  • Then starting from your schooling to the highest academic qualification, give brief about one’s relevant achievements and working or practical experiences in not more than two paragraphs. Highlight all the awards, honours, projects, internships and make them linked with applied course of study. Manage to balance extra-curricular skills and abilities and academic scores. Or else, if not good with either studies or after-school activities, try to hide shortcomings in one with the other flank.
  • Most importantly substantially explain reasons why the particular university is been chosen from among the rest and also one can praise merits of the nation where the university is placed as well. Here the university website can be of great use. Also if found any faculty in the applied department have done research or study that aligns with the applicant’s interests, give a mention about that also.
  • It is a solid tactic to give a precise reference about how it’s planned to finance the course. This gives the applicant more weightage than those who doesn’t have a funding plan that may affect the institution in due course.
  • It can benefit one extremely, if he can give a perception about his future plans and career goals which he plans to continue after the course of study.
  • Conclude with a powerful and convincing statement to make the officer preferably remember the applicant at end of the day. Refer for some statement of purpose format samples to see how the contents have been framed.

Important Facts

  • As all the above particulars can be framed in very professional way by hiring statement of purpose writing services, one must ensure that the final draft reflects himself and also it holds a unique feel throughout, that makes normal or common facts exceptionally noticed.
  • Never compromise with the task of getting a final SOP proof-read and edited several times and make sure that it is free of all kinds of typo or grammatical errors.
  • Get it done, well before the deadline.
  • Be optimistic and keep a positive pulse all along the statement of purpose format.
  • Tailor make SOPs for different courses and different colleges separately.
  • Never try to copy edit the reference SOPs available online or those of any senior students.


Hope this article would have given you a fair idea about writing a sop and everything about statement of purpose format.

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