Guidelines on how to write Statement of Purpose | Examples

4th December 2018 by Varada A | SOP Writing Guidelines

While applying for any foreign university, one has to submit a letter called Statement of Purpose. This is a very crucial document, as it summarises one’s entire academic and professional profile. It is addressed to the concerned admission authorities, the college in which one is applying for. This statement of purpose or SOP serves as a bridge, on which the admission panel will judge about an applicant’s eligibility for the course he/she has applied to. The panel will able to understand the applicant’s main purpose and motivation behind taking this educational decision on more personal basis. It is far more different than the CV, such that the statement of purpose will share the applicant’s overall career choice and future plans in much elaborate manner.

If you are going to apply to certain college abroad, make sure you have read their prospectus and application procedure well. So you don’t miss out any specific important requirement while providing a SOP. In fact, every university have their own set of rules when it comes to admission process and hence, it is necessary to understand what they actually need.

Before you start writing your SOP, seek help from any qualified person in your concerned school, college teaching faculty, family or friends’ circuit. You can even refer to some statement of purpose examples online to get better idea about writing one of your own. Plan before your write – as to what academic particulars are you going to put down, what are the relevant achievements and experiences that will support your prospective course, what are your future aspirations and career plans and many such things. It is advisable to make a rough draft first and then lastly, write a fair copy that you will be submitting during the application time.

Do take extreme care while writing a SOP, so that it will strike a chord with the admission panel instantly and win you a seat in your dream college. For reference, you can ask your seniors or teachers to give you few statement of purpose examples which will help you to write better. It goes unsaid, that you need to reread, proofread and check your SOP before sending it off.

Keep the tone of confidence on moderate level while the content compelling and concise. Try to maintain your SOP within 2 pages and between 700-900 words; not more than that. Also, write short paragraphs, instead of giving lengthy ones which will not look pleasing and it might put off any reader. Remember, “First impression is the last impression”. So give a striking introduction, interesting and engaging content body and an inspiring conclusion. You can never go wrong like this.

For more assistance, we have given here few statement of purpose examples that will guide you further about every writing steps…



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