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1st December 2018 by Varada A | SOP Writing Guidelines

A widely misunderstood form of writing pieces for abroad university admission is the statement of interest. Students take it very lightly and craft it in as a regular essay about themselves that too in a boring way. The universities assess this dullness and uninterested writing as a result of one’s abhorrence towards the course. Because, the admission panel in every university has given these statement of intent documents a hefty weight for which they convey the true passion and drive of an applicant in opting the course program in their university.

Thus the students need to take it seriously and write it with that heavy enthusiasm and let the university officers know how much interested are you to pursue your studies.

Read as many statement of interest examples as you can and get inspired, but don’t copy.

Ensure that you have comprehended the form of personal piece of writing – say, here statement of interest or else an admission essay in the same way as the university wanted it. Because, many a times the schools itself use the titles of these various kinds of personal essays interchanged. Thus, the first task is to thoroughly read and understand what you should write in the draft and what you should name it from the university guidelines.

Refer only relevant statement of interest examples, specific to your course and the University to which you seek admission, because sometimes these reference sources may misguide you and risk your great opportunity.

Also, don’t forget to make your piece of writing finely polished and flawless, by giving it some re-reads and edits throughout the writing process. Brainstorm and re-collect most relevant and significant facts about yourself. Write them with most accuracy and honesty.

Even though, you have to speak about yourself, remember you are communicating with an expert in the field and thus be genuine while you share your knowledge and details.

If you come across some best sources for statement of interest examples online, get them downloaded and use as a framework or outline on which you can build your own essay.

All throughout our journey in helping students get into their dream courses and colleges, we have been gathering the knowledge to further aid future candidates and continue creating success stories for both our clients and us.  Here it is a small endeavour in getting compiled some best statement of interest examples and make it easy for aspirants to avail them.




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