How to make your statement of purpose for MBA impressive?

29th November 2018 by Varada A | SOP For MBA

Educational analysts observed that Masters in Business administration or MBA is the most preferred course by students across the globe. With the course having great potential and lucrative opportunities, MBA, thus, is a well-defined calculative move made by business aspirants.

What is it all about?

While applying for MBA, the statement of purpose or SoP is a very vital document that one has to submit. Therefore, you must take extreme care to if see your SoP summarises all your academic experiences and objectives for pursuing MBA.  Especially, while applying for the course overseas, it is mandatory to include the sop for mba along with educational certificates and applications.

First Impressions

When writing sop for mba admission process, you have to make sure to impress the reader right away. And in doing so you have better chances to attract the admission offer.  While there are numerous ways to write sop for mba, here we have picked out major points that will help you make “first impression as the best impression”.

Must-Have Points in a SOP


Now that you have rough idea about what should go in a sop, let’s get into further details on this document. There are three main aspects that one has to focus while writing a sop for mba….

  • Good and compelling writing style: Focus of reflecting an impressive quality of writing. With strong command on your language and use of accurate words, you can simply win over the admission panel as well as easy get the ticket into your dream college. By following a clear writing style, it will be much easier to convey your ideas and plans to the reader.
  • Being unique counts: There is only one chance to prove yourself, unless you are willing to take it easy and rely on second chances. Be unique and creative! Don’t give the selection committee an opportunity to flip through your letter for being boring or dull. Incorporate experiences and anecdotes that will make your sop catchy and interesting that will remain with the reader. For instance, a sop for mba with engineering background will have different learning experiences and innovative projects to share extensively that sets itself apart from the rest.
  • Mention goals and objectives: It is very essential to share your aspirations and long term plans so that the admission panel will have a clear idea what is your exact purpose and understand your objectives of pursuing this particular course and its specialisation. By conveying your real motives of what and why you want study, the reader will be quite impressed with your research attempts. In additionally, if possible try to put name of the respective professor under whom you are keen to study and special inclination to specific subjects – this will take more interest in your application and feel that you are very serious about this MBA decision.

These points might have helped you to create a rough sample sop for mba. Now let’s move on to check the things which can be best avoided.

  • Poor content and errors: Never compromise on quality. It is better to spend exhaustive time in coming up with a well written sop that is free from spelling mistakes, misinformation and grammatical errors. There are high chances to lose the admission opportunity if you have not written the statement of purpose for mba in proper way, which will in turn fail the admission committee to understand you.
  • Don’t be repetitive: Always write a personalised content. Even though you might have taken many references and read sop for mba samples, it is important to maintain a distinct style for your letter. An admission committee is well experienced to understand a genuine sop from duplicate ones. Don’t sound repetitive and monotonous; for the selection panel would have gone through lots of other applications with similar information. Similarly, do not include those information and details which are already mentioned in your CV.
  • Do not exaggerate: Stay clear of overstatement and false promises. In the sop for mba write down your qualities and abilities with relevant examples and experiences to make them sound believable. Take care that you do not go overboard in being creative.
  • Too much is not good: Try your maximum to cover all the important points of your career graph and professional pursuits. But take care you do not exceed more than two pages or go beyond 900 words. Lengthy letters might put off the reader. Be concise and crisp.

Always have a concrete career plan and professional goals while writing a sop. If not, the reader will get the wrong impression that you are not serious about your course and are clueless about your future plans. Focus on sharing positive aspects of your journey so far and cover up negative points in refined manner.

As a final note, it is better to seek assistance before and after writing a statement of purpose for mba. Be it teacher, your senior, colleague or mentor… never hesitate to get help and tips on writing a perfect application letter. Get them to proof read and edit your SoP. In case you are looking out for professional guidance, then feel free to get in touch with us….




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