How to write a Statement of Intent in Professional way?

30th November 2018 by Varada A | SOP Writing

A statement of intent unlike the personal statement have to address the questions – Why selected the specific course program at that particular school? What are you planning to do in future, once you complete the course? It is very much similar to a statement of purpose, but essentially not the same.

The statement of intent holds a serious tone where the admission officers are very keen to check the true aspiration of the candidate in opting to pursue this course of study in their university. They wanted to know whether the candidate is academically fit for their institution. It is no doubt a professional document highlighting the applicant’s passion and interests towards the program and his intention in choosing it.

Basic guiding principles

Through these essays the university not only checks for your personal interests and goals, but it analyses your writing skills and your gravity of thinking. Hence, writing a precise and clear statement of intent is important. That provides you with a perspective of focused and oriented candidate, what every university expects in each student to have.

To be a successful writer, initially he has to step into the shoes of the reader. Understand what they expect you to tell. Below are some of the important points, most of the admission committees are looking for.

  • Drive and dedication towards the course program
  • Vital reason to choose the course and the particular university
  • Future career prospects and anticipations about the course
  • Writing and language skills and abilities
  • Candidate’s extents of interest and research areas
  • Work experience
  • Academic background
  • Long-term and short-term goals
  • Seriousness and maturity of the applicant
  • How the candidate can be a promising student to the university? Or what makes him personally unique?

Straightaway, getting the points on the paper is not a good idea. Outline the essay first with the important details and then fill it with the contents. Thus, starting with a rough draft can be of great help. Seek help from others or else try yourself and eliminate and modify the information. As a matter of fact, there is no a definite statement of intent format. You have the complete freedom and control to answer the above questions in your own style and in any manner.

But it’s recommended to write it within 2-page with single or double spacing and left justified to give it a professional outlook.

A solid tactic that can prevent you from losing the place is to avoid any particulars providing bad reflection on you, like low grades or GPA, if not explicitly asked for. Your statement of intent must have a positive and dynamic character.

Remember the main theme of a statement of intent is to describe how you think you are suitable for a course. Hence, you have to be careful while drafting your statement of intent for different courses and different schools. For say, if you are applying for a Ph.D. program, you are should answer

  • Whether the institution can meet your research needs?
  • Can you align your interests with the research areas of the institution or faculties?

While writing a statement of intent for art, you have to showcase varied skills of yours apart from what are needed for science or maths courses. Before attempting to write any statement of intent, frame some general questions as given below and find their answers.

  1. How you became interested in this field of study?
  2. What did you learn about it till now?
  3. What are your goals and what are the factors responsible for shaping them?
  4. What influence did you have from your family, teachers, school life, work place or any agencies or experiences in deciding to pursue the course?
  5. Is there any hurdles you had to overcome to reach what you are now?
  6. What are your strengths or skills?
  7. What makes you unique?

This task, although tedious, will help you to channelize your thoughts and stay focussed on the core theme of this statement.

Now let’s see the major dos and don’ts to be take care of while writing a statement of intent.

Begin with a catchy introduction and grab the reader’s attention.Repetition of particulars in resume and other application documents.
Follow the prescribed word count. If else not given, stick to the general limit of not more than two pages.Repetition of words and use of unfamiliar and difficult vocabulary
While typing in word document, use spell-check. But keep an eye on it.Use of idioms, phrases and clinches.
Use standard font size and style. Provide ample spacing (1 or double space) and wide margins.Using third person.
Write in paragraphs and maintain a logical flow between them.Attaching irrelevant presentation, thesis work etc.
Be yourself, honest and precise.Philosophical tone.
Always ensure that the information in your statement is backed by the rest of the documents submitted.Bragging and boasting.
State a negative instance sugar coated or   positively.Being offensive, witty and cynical.
Get it proof-read several times before submitting.Misleads and grammatical errors.

Most useful tip I have to share with you is that besides proof-reading done by our peers, teachers or friends, get someone who doesn’t know you well personally and ask them read it and tell what they understood about you. This will benefit you in modifying your statement of intent to truly reflect the real you.

Start the brainstorming and writing task as early as possible, so that you will get ample time to get it written and corrected before submitting.

Hope you got a thorough understanding about how to write a statement of intent. To know further about its contents and more, kindly do contact us….

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