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3rd December 2018 by Varada A | SOP Writing

A statement of interest is a crucial document required for admissions into most of the graduate schools. It makes evident an applicant’s propensity and drive for the course of study. Present applications are digital in form and hence this is intended to be uploaded online.

It is sometimes referred to as “statement of intent”, “depiction of research interests” or something analogous. Anyhow, it is an opportunity for the applicant to tell the admission committee,

  • Area of academic interest or the research field you like to work on
  • Past academic and work experiences that paved the way to select the course of study
  • How the course will be helping you to achieve your future or career plans
  • Why chosen the course and this particular university

Also, it must necessarily include reasons for choosing

  1. The course program
  2. This particular university
  3. Dummy text is also known as ‘fill text’. It is said that song composers of the past used dummy texts as lyrics when writing 

Then, if you are writing a statement of intent for graduate school, you can also include

  • Any awards or honours you received during the previous academic years
  • Expound about interested research areas
  • Back up your poor grades with valid reasons.

And if you are applying for masters programs:

  • Explain your understanding and awareness about the career field what the course paves for.

And if you are applying for PhD. programs, your statement of interest should:

  • Specify about any work experience who have had in the field of research and mention about the qualities you gained from them.
  • Mention any publications you published and seminars, conferences or presentations you attended related to the particular field.

Read some appealing statement of interest sample for research to understand the major areas to consider while writing for a PhD. program.

It is obvious that the statement has to be short and most recommended length is not more than three pages written in double-spacing. Thus it is very essential that you have to carefully examine the specifications given by the university and make sure that you are writing in that accordance. Feel free to contact the college authority and confirm about the same if you have any uncertainties. Some universities have their own set guidelines to be followed while crafting these type of essays. For instance check about writing statement of interest ubc, (for the University of British Columbia).


Here in this article certain points are provided to help you to verify whether your statement of interest is adhering the standard dos and don’ts.

It’s a YES to

  • State and prove your managerial skills, motivation and passion for the course of study.
  • Showcase your true self.
  • Figure out the most important and relevant academic achievements in terms of what you have gained or helped you to enhance the interest in the field.
  • Show that you are self-disciplined and focussed and you have a thorough knowledge about the course applied for.
  • Explain your anticipatory thoughts about what you would like to gain from the course
  • Always begin your statement with a broader view of your field of interest and then slowly land at the specific area of concern.

Important note: if you could find any faculty members with similar field of interest as that of you, get them contacted and specifically mention about them in your statement of interest.

  • Clarify why you think the course is better than the alternatives and how you find it best suitable for achieving your career goals.
  • Explain about what you are planning to do after completing the course

It’s a definite NO to:

  • Writing it in more than a couple of pages and reducing it to only one or two paragraphs. The former is not advised because, the admission officers have not much time to read a novel like document however the latter creates an impression that you have no awareness about the course and about yourself.
  • Submitting without proofreading. There will be a number of typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in your draft. Poorly written statement are accounted as less-readable and hence it paves way to rejection of your application.
  • Being informal beyond an extent. Stating your childhood interests to back your decision to choose the course. This gives you an amateur image.
  • Generalising and showing yourself over involved in world’s issues.
  • Offensive and cynical phrases
  • Over-confidence and talking like an expert in the field. Admit that admission officers are well experienced and qualified than you.
  • Negative connotations, about yourself, or anyone else like your manager in office, a teacher in your school etc.

In writing a statement of interest, your ultimate aim should be to exhibit yourself as a dedicated, accomplished, fervent, and a right fit for the program you have applied for. Also focus should be on your relevant skills particularly pertaining to the course program. The statement of intent for internship is not same as that for a university graduate course.

These are the general information which I found vital and worthy to share with the aspiring applicants. Hope you found them helpful too.

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