Make your Personal statement for UK University impressive with these tips HERE!

22nd November 2018 by Varada A | SOP For University

How to make your personal statement for UK university impressive?

Mostly personal statements are required to be submitted while applying for undergraduate courses at educational institutions in foreign nations. Those candidates who wish to study at UK universities, the admission applications along with a personal statement have to be submitted through the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) system, whereas it’s via Common Application, the US schools accept the applications.

It’s not merely the high grades that will make admission committees to select the best candidates for their university. The merit is now accounted from the individual capabilities as well. Hence, a written affidavit stating one’s personal suitability for the high demanded seats of these universities is expected to be showcased in his personal statement.

Within a limit of 700-800 words, an applicant through his personal statement has to communicate his motivation behind choosing the course, what he expects to gain from the course and what he anticipates to do after completion of the course. As you are applying to the UK University, specifically mention the precise reason why you have chosen UK for your higher studies, emphasising your English language skills.

Also a note about your relevant academic achievements and passions affirmative to your personality and character can be included. The other relevant areas to cover are the extra-curricular activities and social work experiences that can definitely bring a different perspective to your personal statement.

It is your introduction paragraph that will make or break your personal essay at the very onset. So, be precise to have a worthy opening. In either direct or indirect way, one can tell about the course which he is applying for. But care should be given not to get deviated from the core intension. Use formal and clear-cut sentences to avoid ambiguity.

Then write on your basic understanding about the course of study and related experiences, internships, projects etc. if you have had done in your previous academic pursuits. Don’t simply list out qualities or random points, try to tailor them as a story or a readable material by adding some artistic elements into it.

Always respect the experience of admission staffs and don’t try to mislead, provoke or challenge them. Use a humble yet confident tone while articulating your achievements.

Through the main part of your personal statement uk structure, you should have made the admission officers convinced and the concluding paragraph must be able to cap a positive outcome. It should serve as a short recap, in which your story will be running logically through the minds of officers.

Praising the university again can also benefit you, if precisely fused with the concluding statements.

Proof-read and editing are the essential tools that can transform your essay and make your personal statement perfect by cropping away all the faults and flaws relating to grammar, spelling and even any misleads.

Be open to genuine criticisms and suggestions from a friend, professor or a counsellor and make the alterations as necessary to end up in drafting a resounding personal statement.

Always try to state even a negative connotation in a positive manner and impress the admission officer with your optimistic attitude.

Generally, the usage of short forms and unfamiliar abbreviations are not permitted. It’s always recommended to follow standard vocabulary.

It’s reasonable to refer ample resources like personal statement uk examples which are available online, but it will cost you heavily, if you try to copy paste these samples.

Irrelevant facts at the expense of your word count, is not going to help you anyway. Besides, if time permits, you can attach your CV to the personal statement. But, the facts and figures in CV need not to be repeated in your personal essay.

Before starting to write a personal essay for uk application, do enough research, specifically relating to the university, course, college and brainstorm to form clear ideas about what to write in your personal essay.

To recall, the important points to note while writing a personal statement are

  1. Research
  2. Brainstorm
  3. Introduction
  4. Body part
  5. Conclusion
  6. Word count

Now a days, selling a product is a tricky task. Hence, the trend of customisation is availed with each and every single product available in the market. Similarly through your personal essay you are trying to sell yourself to the admission officers. So, be competitive and engrave your personal statement as to make it get you a sure placement.

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