Master the art of writing statement of intent |Guidelines & Examples

30th November 2018 by Varada A | SOP Writing

It would be better, if you can first understand what a statement of intent is. In simple words, here we have explained it to help you in the process.

Whether you are applying for any academic subject, say an M.A. in Psychology, or a Ph.D. in Computer Science, most of the foreign universities will be requiring to submit a statement of intent. It preferably talks about an applicant’s vision and goals for a future career. The presentation also weighs equally, for which it is through the way of narration, the university judges the candidate’s focus and seriousness towards the course of study. A statement of intent needs precision, clarity and quality. It should demonstrate and prove that, the candidate had taken a solid decision to pursue the course program from the particular university, with a definite plan for the future and true passion for chosen field of study.

Apart from personal essays, which need to be submitted for admissions, statement of intent should have an academic perspective rather than a biographical outlook. Hence, the candidate must talk about his preparedness and motivation to pursue the course. It is in fact an opportunity to sell oneself in a very polite and professional manner.

The knowledge about what to write and how to write in order to convince the college authority and comprehend an applicant as a promising candidature for them. And also, you have to address these subject matters within 2 pages with sufficient spacing. There is no general guideline about the structure or format of this document, unless if schools specify it in their admission prospects. You can adopt any approach while drafting it.

But logically you should narrate the particulars with utmost honesty and accuracy. Collect and read some statement of intent examples, before you draft one.

Understanding about the course program and the areas of interest of the college is a must, while you write your statement of intent. Because, you have to present yourself as a fit candidate with relative to the requisites of the particular course and university. Hence, the need to individually draft statement of intent for different courses individually and uniquely.

It is always nice to refer ample statement of intent examples, in order to develop correct idea about how to write a copy, but, it’s advised not to imitate them. Plagiarism and errors pertaining to spelling or grammar are two main factors that need detailed attention.

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