Motivation letter for PHD: Motivate yourself with these writing tips

16th November 2018 by Varada A | SOP For PhD

One of the toughest thing under the letter-writing category is forming a motivation letter for phd. It weighs more than other types of official documents since it belongs to more professional level and is of much superior grade. Although it is challenging to write, this document is very important while applying for higher studies or research work.

It summarises your entire profile – personal, academic and professional, that will assist influencing the admission body of the prospective college or university. 

motivation letter for phd

Don’t fret out as we are here, to share some essential tips for writing a motivation letter for phd.

The Beginning

This one is tricky. You would be clueless as to how to make a start. The secret is to stay simple, straightforward and to the point. After the usual courtesy greeting, give a brief introduction about yourself, outlining who you are, your purpose of applying this phd motivation letter, your reference source (if any), work experiences, career objectives, future plans and how this PhD programme will be useful for in your professional field.

Seamlessly give detailed information about your educational qualifications, then moving on to next part of the letter by including training programmes, achievements, about your skills and abilities, technical knowledge and so on. Don’t sound as a show-off; be confident yet humble in your writing style. But keep in mind that whatever details you are sharing are closely linked or follow your interests of pursuing PhD ultimately. The reader should feel the strong vibes from you, reflecting your innate drive to chase your goal.

Gradually elaborate on the main body of the motivation letter for phd. This content should give a brief about:

  • Your main motivation behind to purse a PhD
  • How it will benefit you – in terms of academic and profession
  • Your interests and passions in related to this field
  • What measures did you take to undertake this journey
  • Your dreams, aspirations and goals
phd scholarship motivation letter

In the course of this letter content, you have to give a clear idea about your preparations, your learning practices and the final outcome of your achievements. Moreover you also have to stress on the points as to how the prospective institution will serve as a great platform to exercise your research work. Take reference from any online sample motivation letter for phd scholarship application, so that you will have a better understanding about this. Reflect a positive approach towards the university you are applying. 

Try to convey how you could be an asset for the university. Sound like you are very confident to overcome all the challenges and competitions pertaining to admission. But take care not to point out any negatives of your past institution, experiences and associates.

The next section should highlight few academic, research and professional experiences which had greatly influenced you throughout. Your observations will give an impression about your innate desire towards researching field. It is okay if you first concentrate on jotting down all the vital points of your journey so far in the motivation letter for phd. There is absolutely no issues if you don’t take care about grammar or sentence formation as well. For, this should be considered as a rough base of your letter and you would have to eventually write another one as a final copy, free of any kind of errors – be in grammar, spellings, information, factual details or anything for that matter to make your motivation letter presentable.

Coming to the important part… Try to include minimum three to four major reasons as to what motivated you to do a PhD. Be clear in describing how you are motivated and what your expectations are through your studies.  Take into account all your research papers and try to connect with your future research work that you are planning to do through the prospective institution.

Read and re-read the whole motivation letter for phd so as to make sure you are in sync with your main research objective and your content in the letter. What is in your mind should be put to paper and present effectively so that the reader can catch the exact purpose of this letter. Don’t be reluctant to seek help – you need to get the letter proofread from another person.  A third party will be able to review it accurately, point out any mistakes and even help you to fill up any particular missing detail and edit in a right way.

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Hope this article would have served your purpose… As a finale note, never compromise on your career and professional goals. Seek expert’s help in writing an effective motivation letter for phd. Get in touch with us now!

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