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19th November 2018 by Varada A | SOP Writing

In spite of the extended degree of freedom with writing, the concern of scripting an appealing personal essay prevails. Why this happens is for the reason that, generally it has been misunderstood or misinterpreted.  Every person without exception is credited with quite a few experiences, which had a transformational or revamping influence on him. Particularly, something could have happened in your life too, which can be accounted as a lesson for life and you feel is worth sharing. At first, it may seem to have mere importance, but if you can build a beautiful story from that, it’s your thing.  The task of ascertaining a commendable incident is the laborious part of writing a captivating personal essay.

A related point to consider here is – you intent to write a personal essay for getting admission in an established university. Hence, significance of the identified event in this context has to be assessed beforehand. For instance, if you are submitting an application to pursue higher studies in Social Service, confine yourself in sorting out that particular, notable episode in an area closely related to that. Beyond it, anything extraordinary, could not help you.

The most common concern for students seeking an admission into any leading universities – what is the meaning of a personal essay? As the title suggests, it is a brief writing about yourself. Even then, not as simple as that. As the accompanying documents submitted are all more than enough to describe who you are, then what makes this draft distinctive and relevant? If you have an answer for this, you are well able to pen it down.  More than the perfection in writing skills and consistency, the core substance of your personal essay and its detailing is that what matters.

Countless ready–to-use personal essays and examples are available nowadays. But

Here, we have enumerated certain facts for your consideration. Give a glance.

First things first. Well begun is half done. So how to start a personal essay, is the crucial issue to handle.

Think of yourself sitting as the member of the review committee with a personal essay. How could it impress you?  Being Short? Interesting? Genuine? Clarity? Or what else?

Yes. By answering these, you could yourself comprehend how a personal essay gets qualified in flying colours. To make it easier, we have reckoned some basic characteristics of an impressive essay.

What makes you stand out amongst other applicants?

You have the resume well stuffed with your qualities, skills, and so on. Repetition invites boredom. Therefore highlight one or two outstanding traits and draw a clear image of your pertinent capacities. Every other candidate is more or less talented like you. So even if it is a common talent, sugar coat well and present it.

How to get the officer read your personal essay?

Simple. Make it brief and to the point. Admission officers have to evaluate a heap of applications each single day. They spare just a couple of minutes on these essays. To make them read and end on a high note with you, don’t give it a “too long; didn’t read” view.

What is important – quality or quantity?

Without any doubt, it can be said as quality. You are not playing games like Pokémon or Mario so as that you triumph by collecting more bits and pieces. Don’t try to fit in all kinds of elements in an essay. Despite creating an unrealistic outlook for the essay, it throws over you an impression of out-of-focus personality. You may also fail in linking all these together. Don’t risk your win.

Do I want to self-praise myself?

Actually you mean to, but be honest then. Don’t be a “boaster”. Show pride in a rightful manner. It may exemplify you as a self-centred and selfish person if ineptly presented.

Am I asked to write a story or an essay?

You are very much asked to write an essay but as a story. Show a tricky writing manoeuvre. Specificity in naming people, quoting the precise time etc. sells. Make it feel as if singing a song rather than reading the lyrics.

Then, should I cast my story as fiction or entertainment?

Rightly said; make it an infotainment. No one human is alike. Sensibly use humour. Don’t allow it be an irony. Include formal words in a very informal way. Don’t use a low or dialect language, remember you are communicating with an elite and veteran person anyhow.

 How to fit a concluding note?

Yet, you handmade a story, it needs not to end up in a moral or lesson. But don’t make it a place to show you got tired of thinking. Make a statement to prove who you are.

Here it’s not the end or we have limited the points to avoid making you feel distressed at the very beginning. Practise makes perfection. So consistently try and improve your personal essay for getting admission. Use the available personal essay samples to make some comparisons and be open for reproaches and corrections.







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