Draft Qualifying Statement of Purpose for Computer Science

23rd July 2018 by Varada A | SOP For Computer Science

You have confirmed to pursue a program abroad in Computer Science. The admission process requires you to submit a qualifying Statement Of Purpose. It is your first attempt in drafting SOP and you are puzzled. Bust your stress… With some good guidelines, tested and  proven tips, you can draft a qualifying SOP for Computer Science. With an impressive SOP, you can gain admission to the graduate or post graduate program in foreign universities or deemed colleges and universities in India, whichever is your choice.

There are plenty of considerations to abide while drafting a Statement Of purpose. Here are few important ones that can help you attempt your SOP.

Plan a good introduction and conclusion for your personal statement

Provide an intriguing introduction and an impactful conclusion for your Statement Of Purpose. With a good introduction, you can win the attention of the admission authorities and they will consider you for admission. So, provide an informative introduction with rich content. You can start your introduction with emphatic statements that reflect your determination and strong career objectives. At the end of the paragraph, include the name of the program that you intend to pursue and also the name of the university where you are planning your graduate or post graduate program in Computer Science.

statement of purpose for computer science
Plans on completing the course

Have you decided on your plans at course completion? Mention your specific plans at the completion of the course. A well-focused candidate is the primary preference for admission.

The admission committee is in search of a candidate who is articulate, clear, and knows where he wants to head in life.

Benefits of the course

What are the benefits of the course that you intend to complete. Mention them clearly in your SOP. If there are best benefits for the program, mention how it can evolve your career and transform it. If you are well-informed on the career prospects of the course, it will create a positive impression in the minds of the admission authorities.

Professional qualifications

You may have acquired professional qualifications. Remember to include these qualifications in your Statement Of Purpose especially if they are related to the program that you are pursuing.

Future goals and ambitions

Do you have specific future goals and ambitions? Mention them in your Statement Of Purpose. With well-defined goals and ambitions, you can win the approval of the admission committee.

Maintain the length of your SOP

Create brief SOP rich in content. You can maintain the length of your SOP as 700-1000 words depending on the criterion mentioned by the university. With a lengthy SOP containing less information, you will be losing the interests of the admission authorities. However, brief SOP with relevant content can impress the admission authorities, they will be eager to read through a well-drafted brief SOP providing all pertinent information about the candidates and their accomplishments acquired. While there are thousands of SOPs to be perused, the authorities have no time to spare for lengthy SOPs and search for relevant information in them.

Why do foreign universities or deemed institutions in your home country emphasize on SOPs? Personal evaluation… Yes, the admission authorities assess the candidates, provides equal emphasis on their academic achievements, skills, abilities, qualifications and traits. They procure an insight on the candidates through their SOPs. They want to understand the aptitude of their candidates, motivational factors, career aspirations and goals than merely gauge them based on their academics or grades.

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