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16th December 2018 by Varada A | SOP Writing

If you have decided to apply for a graduate program, then you would be required to attach a statement of purpose (SOP) along with your application form and other certificates. The SOP by an applicant needs to summarise one’s qualifications, reasons for choosing a particular course in the college that they have applied for. Also, their interests and skills should be in line with the requirements of the course.

For sure, you would have already gone through various statement of purpose sample formats online, before starting to write one of your own. It is advisable, however, to stay unique and be yourself while writing SOP as the admission officers are looking out for the right candidate who is worthy enough and eligible for the course in their university; given the fact there are thousands other applicants in the line.  

While there are different ways to write a SOP, it is important to convey the admission panel your main reason and objective behind taking this particular course and college. Choose any one of the statement of purpose sample given by us below, to get a fair idea of how to write in an effective manner.

Usually a SOP is written within 600-700 words and should not exceed more than one and half pages. Break your content in short paragraphs, making it pleasing on eyes and easy to read. Maintain a good, consistent flow throughout, without hampering the chronological order of the events that took place. Try to avoid inserting irrelevant information that do not support your prospective course or future aspirations. The main reason for writing this statement is to show your worth to the concerned college authorities, your motivation for taking up the graduate program in their institution, and how it will all benefit in your career. If you go through any statement of purpose sample, you will understand how things have been arranged and what kind of tone the letter has used. Accordingly you can write yours; but take care to personalise it entirely.

Be clear in your writing and specific as to what are you looking forward to by doing the course at the university you applied at. And how it is going to serve its purpose in your professional side? If you are successful in conveying these factors, the admission officers will understand how serious you are with your choice and place you on their priority list.

Before submitting your SOP make sure you have rechecked and proofread it, so that you have not missed any important fact or there is any kind of mistake. Take care about spelling, grammar and sentence formation. Without sounding too bossy or persuasive, maintain a confident tone throughout the statement. Keep your reader engaged from first to last; by writing in an interesting and compelling manner.

Don’t feel shy to take help from your teachers, seniors or anyone who is well qualified to read your SOP and give their feedback. Given below are few examples of statement of purpose sample which will make you understand how a SOP is written.

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