Submit a Professional Personal Statement with THESE Writing Guidelines and Tips

27th November 2018 by Varada A | SOP Writing Guidelines

This article is a humble effort to make clear about some most vital characteristics of a professional personal statement. It is also written in a simple manner so as to make you feel comfortable and relaxed and truly understand about this challenging, yet modest document.

Hope you have read autobiographies. You have had the real feel of certain illustrations as the narrator speaks about it. Now think as a student like you who is applying for an abroad course, you can share your own experiences and inspirations via personal statement and submit along with admission applications. The review panel can clearly infer that the applicant is honest and serious about his future.

I think with this you have understood that a personal statement is not a resume or a list of your achievements and honours.

You enjoy a complete freedom in choosing the topic to write in your personal statement, but it’s also not like a casual letter that is written to your best friend. So select a relevant incident or theme that can add value to your suitability for the course been applied for.

Also it is not intended to write everything in a single stretch. It has to be an indirect appeal demonstrating that you are fit for their course and university. A real life incident if written well can make the reader watch it as happening before him. The writing skills can help you in presenting a normal thing in an extra ordinary way.

Instead of using general phrases like a person, stranger etc. name the characters to make it lively.

Some of the common topics covered in a professional personal statement include:

  • Any real life experiences that motivated you to undergo the course
  • Influence or encouraging instances from like family, friends or teachers
  • Lessons you gained from your extra-curricular or social work experiences
  • Your personal motto or moral that helps you to envisage a better future

The challenge is but with the limitation of word count. You are very specifically wanted to adhere with a prescribed or either with the standard character count.

You should force your mind to search the incidents that are of positive and dynamic nature. It must be a big no to excuses, shortcomings, complaints, regrets etc. in your essay.

Don’t say your achievement directly. Instead demonstrate it through a story or an experience.

Blowing your own whistle is what you have to do in a personal statement. For this you have to understand both the purpose of writing a personal statement and your unique qualities. The personal statement can be accorded as your “conduct certificate” on a broader sense, it reveals your character over all your other applications.

Starting at the earliest is a must requisite. Limitation with time can make you more stressed and also can border yourself from getting your draft edited properly. Check thoroughly and rectify all spelling and grammatical errors. Always nice to use clear and precise language.

You will get ample professional personal statement examples online, read them. If you can differentiate the ‘make it’ and ‘break it’ ones of your own, you are quite ready to start writing your personal statement. Here you have to remember that you are reading someone else’s personal statement, so it cannot be copied or the same does not suit you. Both of you are different, so does your personal essays.

The professional personal statement adopts this tactic of writing in short paragraphs, which is actually a good tactic. But keep a logical flow along them. Try writing like introduce a thing in first paragraph, down the draft make the thing more clear by using strong evidences and features and last summarise the whole matter.

You are what you are. You cannot change your basic character. Appreciate and apprehend it. Most of the professional personal statement samples stress on the fact to showcase the real you and speak honestly. Because the admission officers have experience and shrewdness to distinguish a fake and real face.

No need either to brag or boost. While you may have those qualities to apply for their course, you cannot force or compel them to admit you into their university. Rather you should make them convinced by reading your personal statement. Hence, restrict the use of word “I”, else required to emphasise.

Never give a generalising perception to your essay. Tell about you and not the common public. Avoid using offensive or defending instances.

Even if you are a genius at vocabulary, don’t use hard cracking words in your personal statement. It can not only make it difficult to understand but reduces the readability of your essay as well.

Your ultimate aim should only be that, when the admission committee members hear your name they can remember your experience as you could.

Happy to see you here….. Wishing you all the best…

Hope your purpose is served by reading the article… If you are looking out to get a professional personal statement done, let us know and we will help you right away.


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