Tips to write an effective statement of purpose

13th November 2018 by Varada A | SOP Writing

A graduation course is not an easy cakewalk. It needs immense dedication and commitment to excel and emerge as a proficient candidate to go over the next stage of life. Therefore, the admission process of a college or university is really a feat that one has to face in order to pursue higher education. The selection committee has to go through thousands of applications in order to choose only the best applicants.  That’s why they have introduced a ticket, known as statement of purpose, which has to be produced by a student to prove why he/she has made this choice and know what the main objective behind choosing a particular institution is.

A statement of purpose or sop as it is generally called, written by a student with a view to share his/her specific career plans and how the graduation course and the college (what and where he/she is applying to) will benefit the student in achieving their goals. Now allow us to elaborate on how to write a statement of purpose in effective way. We are sure these guidelines will provide you a clear picture on writing a sop that give bring best results. There are major areas in a sop that one has to take account. Take a look at them:

  1. Understand the actual requirements of universities

Although each college/ university has different criteria, they all have similar set of questions incidentally. Like:

  • What course do you want to pursue at graduation level?
  • Why do you want to study that particular subject?
  • What is your experience relevant to this field?
  • What are your plans on completing the course?

Selection committee choose candidates who have clarity and innate interests combined with impressive experience. Keeping this in mind, your sop should reflect that you are really, very much inclined towards your choice of course and possess apt background that syncs with your aspirations and goals. It should also convey that you are very industrious candidate who will extend commitment during the long run. Instead of being over-the-top creative, one should be honest and straightforward with their approach.

  1. Choose what matters

No matter how good you are in badminton or expert in gardening. While sharing your achievements, it is very important to give the information that is related to your course or those qualities that will match in the research work. For instance, during the course of your studies, you might have to work in a team, lead a project group or develop a design application. So sharing similar experiences that you would have had in your previous school, work or extracurricular events, will add up as an advantage. For reference, go through statement of purpose sample essays that is readily available in web which will give you a clear idea about this point.

  1. Maintain the Unique Factor

Stay focused but at the same time don’t make the sop sound too monotonous. There will be hundreds and thousands of sops that the admission committee has to go through. In order to stand out from the rest, be unique by adding interesting but relevant elements. The best formula is to share an idea related to your subject that gets you excited rationally – a topic which can actually serve as a starter for your essay. In fact, this can get the reader hooked on to you straightaway as well as get to know more about on personal terms.

  1. Get it reviewed

Always go through the entire content of the sop finally to see if you have left out anything. Read and reread it to see if you have clearly conveyed your purpose of studying the specific course in your writing.  What is in your mind, in terms of your career objectives and future ambitions, should be in sync with what is written in the sop.

It is advisable to get your statement of purpose checked by someone qualified enough to review it or better still, by your teachers, professors or mentors. Get their feedback and ask them if the essay needs any changes or to additional information. Ask someone to proofread the sop for you to check for errors or grammar. A third person always tends to catch what your eyes who have missed.

Most importantly never use the same style of statement of purpose format for all the colleges or universities that you are applying for. Although you can retain same information or details, take care that you modify the entire content, to match with respective course.

On another note, for each course or educational institutions the statement of purpose template is different and have their own set of requirements. For instance, statement of purpose for mba is far different from sop for PhD.

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