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8th November 2018 by Varada A | SOP Formats

Are you struggling in your attempt to draft a qualifying Personal Statement? Keep away stress… Here are some guidelines that can help you create an outstanding Personal Statement and abate all your stress. With some guidance, your admission to the coveted foreign university is confirmed.

While planning your SOP, ensure that the following inclusions are added.

Brief Introduction

Provide a good and convincing introduction in your Personal Statement. Your introduction should generate interests in the admission authorities and they should read through your SOP and consider it class apart from the thousands of Personal Statements presented by other candidates.

Reason For Applying To The Specific Course

What is the reason for choosing a particular program? You can include the benefits of acquiring professional qualification in the program; mention your career goals and aspirations, motivational factors for choosing the program etc.

Interests In the Course

Your personal statements should exude your interests in the chosen program. This will confirm your admission as the admission authorities are eager to identify candidates with genuine interests and provide them admission. Convince them that the program you have chosen belongs to your domain of profound interests.

Motivation For Choosing the course

You will have good motivational factors for choosing a particular course. Mention them in your personal statement. A well-motivated candidate has high chances of gaining admission in the deemed university of their choice. While screening the candidates, motivated candidates will be offered the first preference.

Reason For Confirming The University

You should essentially include the top reasons for choosing a particular university. You can highlight the amenities of the university, its special, enticing features besides mentioning the quality of education offered by the universities and the benefits of its advanced educational infrastructure.

Educational Qualification

You may have acquired notable academic achievements; include them in your personal statement. You can form a good opinion by presenting your outstanding performance and acquired the educational qualification. If you have completed graduate, postgraduate or diploma programs, then mention it in the Personal Statement and also provide the title of your specialization.

Acquired Skills and Abilities

Remember to mention your acquired skills as this can improve your profile and give you an edge over other candidates. The admission authorities are sure to favour a skilled candidate and consider them for offering admission to their university or colleges.

Academic Achievements Pertaining To The Course

If you have notable academic achievements at the graduate level in the field of your interests, mention it in the Personal Statement.

Professional Experience (if any)

If you have acquired professional experience, include it in your Personal Statement.

Technical Skills acquired

Have you acquired technical skills, mention them clearly in your personal statement.

Benefits of the course for you

Find out all the benefits of the course you are pursuing and mention it in your personal statement.

Career plans at course completion

You may be able to function in multiple designations after the successful completion of the program. Mention the career roles that you want to assume at the end of the program in the Personal Statement.

Career Goals and Ambitions in the future

Do you have clear career goals and ambitions? Mention them in your personal statement.

Good Conclusion

Provide a good conclusion for your personal statement. This should be your last strive in impressing the admission committee.

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