Writing Effective Statement of Purpose Graduate School | Example With Tips

11th December 2018 by Varada A | SOP For Graduate School

It is now mandatory for universities to request a specific type of letter from the applicant who is applying for a graduate course. This particular letter is called as statement of purpose or SOP and is even referred as personal statement.

The SOP written by the applicant should include educational background, interests, achievements, personal skills and professional experiences – all of which should be seamlessly blended and conveyed in effective manner; after reading which the selection officers will be impressed to provide an admission to that applicant in their respective college.

A SOP is very vital element within an admission process, besides one’s academic and professional certificates and application form. Basing the content within this, a college’s admission team will decide whether a particular candidate is eligible to study a specific course in their institution or not. The statement helps the admission officers to make a perspective about certain applicant and by reading this, can differentiate their worth from many other applicants. Hence it is important to write an effective statement of purpose, to make right impression at the very first attempt of application process.

One has to spend considerable time on deciding how to write a statement of purpose and what are the particulars that they will put within its content. One can even refer to a statement of purpose graduate school example that is easily available on internet, before starting to write.

While every college has their own set of admission rules and specifications to write a SOP, the main objective of this letter is for the applicant to convey their main reason for applying a particular course and motivation behind their career choice. One can take help from their teachers, seniors or colleagues while writing a SOP or ask them to check what you have already written to seek their feedback. However, don’t copy from any statement of purpose graduate school example; either from online or from anyone else. Because, the admission officers are well qualified and experienced to differentiate original from fake one. Moreover they would have plagiarism checking systems to check for authentication. It is highly advisable to write a SOP of your own, so that it will be personalised, unique and engaging. If you go through any statement of purpose graduate school example you will understand how the contents are structured and what is the tone used. Make it more interesting by adding some anecdotes and experiences which will make the reader feel that you are really serious about yours higher studies and future plans. These details will also be instrumental in conveying the admission panel about your main interests and future plans after completing the course in their college.

Most important, do check your SOP entirely before sending it off during application process. A poorly written statement with errors and improper structure can mar the chances of getting admission in the college of your choice. Reread and proof check your SOP as well as ask someone else to do the same for you, so as to not to miss out any detail and it is free from any kind of mistakes. If you want professional help, go through our statement of purpose graduate school example formats below.


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