Writing tips on personal statement for graduate school: With Samples

27th November 2018 by Varada A | SOP For Graduate School

You may have in front of you all your GRE score card, proofs for academic achievements, recommendation letters, visa, resume etc. and have chosen the best suited graduate courses from among world-class universities.

Now the only cause of concern can be the personal statement for graduate school. Stop worrying now. Let’s help you to breakdown this tedious task into small steps.

Ask yourself, what we have given below.

  1. What is a personal statement, which the particular University is asking for?

No clue? Then refer the college website and note down the guidelines.

  1. Do I have those relevant personal skills or life experiences as needed by the course and college to which I am applying?

Brainstorm and self-check to find what you were doing in past academic years and in personal life.

  1. What are my career goals? Can this course aid me in attaining them?

Get your goals listed and think how the course is related with each of them.

  1. Is it necessary for me to get admission to this course and this university?

Evaluate is there any alternative choice which can better suit you.

Go through some samples personal statement for graduate school and understand how to organise the ideas you developed.

At the beginning, get a framework or outline prepared and check at each stage whether you adhere with the guidelines and the prepared plan. Care should be given to submit the final draft adhering to the specified word count else a general limit of not more than 500 words.

It’s always better to maintain a positive and inspiring tone throughout the draft. But, ensure that you use only formal language and standard vocabulary. Creativity can be utilised to an extent where your artistic expression tends to irritate the reader. Old-custom of starting the application essays with a famous quote or proverb is not much entertained these days. Every university admission officer wants to know about you and not something in general.

Update yourself by going online and referring to the latest style of writing and by reading sample personal statement for graduate school. Also ask for help from your tutors, friends, family or acquaintances in each stage of your writing, for which you will find it easy to develop ideas and edit them in the way along.

For free sample essay for graduate school admission, click here.

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