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28th November 2018 by Varada A | SOP For MS

A master’s degree from an international university will add feathers to your resume. And also it can provide a boost to your future career life. Being known with these facts, today most graduates opt for abroad universities when they decide to pursue a post graduate course. But, there are some hurdles you need to cross if you desire to get admission in these world-class universities. The entrance exams and English language skill tests are major ones among them. However, the universities ask for a number of documents like score cards, CV, recommendation letters, authorisations etc. to submit along the mundane application form. Among them the most vital one is a statement of purpose or sop. Many a times, it is mandatory as well. Hence, you have to be very serious about drafting a sop for ms.

The significance of a SoP lies where it sometimes acts to as the make or break factor for an applicant. It is thus very important for a candidate to do submit his/her SoP with utmost care and responsibility.

As the name indicates, it is a document where the applicant has to simply state his purpose behind choosing a particular field of study. But, the tricky part is in making his/her past academic skills, professional or extra-curricular accomplishments and future goals to align with the presently chosen course program. The sop for ms should clearly demonstrate the applicant as motivated and truly passionate about the academic discipline he is currently going to get into.

Don’t start writing before checking online and read some sample sops for ms. This will prepare your mind and come up with good ideas on what you are about to write.

The universities employ admission committees to review and select applicants for their various courses who have to constantly read and evaluate thousands of application daily. Hence, they want short and precise essays to be submitted although it needs to cover almost all academic and work details of an aspirant. And thus, generally the SoP has to be written within 1000 words and not more than 2 pages.

Below there are some sample sops for ms. Get them read and know the structure and content organisation.

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