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15th November 2018 by Varada A | SOP Writing Guidelines

The escalating nature of contemporary business world justifies the overwhelming applications in the Business and Management universities at global or even national arena. Most of the candidates have got much in common like an outstanding score card, excellent academic achievements and an appealing resume. Hence, it is as challenging as rewarding to bag the admission into a reputed institution of your choice. Where then the ultimate distinction lies? A genuine management personal statement can be the best answer, in which one has to cite and prove his prospective beyond the grades.

The expertise in having served many candidates to secure a place in the University of their Choice, we list some of the important requisites, the admission committee at business schools are mostly looking for in an applicant’s management personal statement:

  • an self-determined and enthusiastic learner;
  • a person with good communication and presentation skills;
  • a strategic thinker capable of comprehensive execution;
  • an visionary in business related fields
  • Pacing at momentum with the dynamic nature of the business world.

By trying to anecdote a recent or a remarkable business or management related event to express your passion, winning the reader’s attention will not be difficult.

How to be impressive?

One really needs to be aware of, what he is getting himself into, before doing something in that regard. Similarly, understanding about the purpose and intention of writing a management personal statement is indispensable before attempting to draft it. Yet, more challenge is to know what is meant to be really known.

Be the interviewer first and then the interviewee. That is, frame a possible question he could ask if it was a personal interview; then find the best answer for it. But, as it’s not to be stuffed, to taste good as a sandwich; be certain with the ingredients you add. Knowing what to ask and then come up with an answer, please do try to visit the university website and glance through their vision, mission, culture and future prospects. Also understand the basic and essential requisites each particular course and department looks for. For this you can refer to some personal statement examples on internet.

It’s not just about applying for a management course…. Show your managerial skills even while drafting the personal statement too. For which, always try to have a definite and organised structure for your essay. Self-management is reflected thereby. Without exception business management personal statement, also calls for an engaging introduction.

From associating with both admission committee members and aspiring candidates, we have gained some valuable and factual information to be considered while writing management personal statement.

Below given are some major points gathered from among them:

  • Starting line itself should reflect your desire and interests in business or management field.
  • Wisely add the most relevant abilities and practical experiences to demonstrate your managerial skills.
  • Show an optimistic and self-starting attitude all along the essay.
  • Brief about the course and university in a manner that will benefit you by indicating your true intention and passion for the course of study.
  • Conclude with a statement to make them accept you with discretion.

The major mistake as experts opined is about the aspect of work or business experience in the draft. We will like to mention certain important points to be noted in this regard. Make your each relevant experience to be counted, but not in a disturbing manner. Don’t merely enumerate the experiences like,

“I have assisted the manager of ABC Company in devising a new model for their future marketing plans.”

“I have worked as part time SEO analyst in XYZ.”

Instead, back your experiences with what you gained personally from them, that you think is appropriate with the course which you apply.

For example, “working as an assistant of the manager in ABC Company for devising new model for their future marketing plans helped me to gain more confidence and get organised.”

Another solid tactic that won many average candidates their admission is their strategy of connecting the real life experience with a known theoretical concept related to the course which they have applied or even linking a relevant editorial from any newspapers or journals, websites etc.

Be cautious about the plagiarism check, for it is a check for your credibility as well. Always refer for the easily available online management personal statement samples or one collected from your senior fellows, but be precise about not copy editing it.

Also, if you are applying to more than a single organisation, tailor-made your personal statement in a way to impress the reviewing officers praising their institutional values and morals.

Research about the particulars of the school to which you are applying and draft the statement in their format or template if any, and mould it to suit their guidelines.

No need to have extra ordinary language skills to get done with a sure-win management personal statement, utilise your genuine skills to make it extra ordinary. Also be creative while detailing and logically linking your aspirations and interests with that of organisation and if possible to the present day business world.

Last but not the least, go for an extensive proofread and edit process until the document is error-free and flawless in all manner. Check for all the Do’s and Don’ts all along the essay draft.

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