Terms of Services

  SOP Consultants Welcomes You! We are immensely grateful for choosing our SOP writing services. Before commencing this business voyage, we would like to make you aware of our Terms of Services. Abiding to our terms and conditions will help you to make the optimal utilisation of our services and website as well as maintain a healthy, professional relationship.  Kindly note that the terminology – ‘We’, ‘Us’, ‘Service Provider’ and ‘Website’ – refers to ourselves, the company. Whereas, ‘You’, ‘User’, ‘Their’, ‘They’ and ‘Client’ is referred to you, the person using our website and services.  We have the rights to review our Terms of Services and update them at any given point of time. The User is responsible to refer to the most recent updated terms and adhere to the same when hiring us. If you have chosen to stay on this website, we assume that you understand and agree to our following Terms of Services: 

General Terms of Services

  1. When hiring our SOP writing services, the user must submit all essential information and details requested by us. This will enable us to comprehensively meet the project requirement as well as user’s expectations. 
  2. In our role as a service provider, we would require you to share documents and resources relevant to the project during the initial, discussion stage.   
  3. The client can expect his project to be delivered within 3 to 4 days, once the advance payment is received by us. The advance amount needs to be discussed and fixed after finalising the project deal by the client. 
  4. Our writing services come at a fixed price. In any given circumstances, change in costs cannot be expected once both the parties have discussed and agreed upon the payment via mail. 
  5. The entire ownership of the project, including the content in the document, solely belongs to us, until the User makes the full payment. Till then, we have the rights to use the document for whatever purpose we want.  

Terms of Service for Statement of Purpose Documents

  1. In order to make your Statement of Purpose meet your requirements, we need to have all the required information and relevant resources from you. We will essentially assist you by offering appropriate support and guidance in regards to the structure and format of the Statement of Purpose. It is your responsibility to make us aware about the format cited by the college or university so that we can develop the document accordingly. Unless and until we receive all the inputs and specifications from you, we won’t begin the development process of the Statement of Purpose. It can hamper the delivery status of project. 
  2. For us to start working on your document, making complete payment in advance is a must. Once we receive the agreed amount, we would begin the project. Delay in payment will directly lead to delay in beginning of the writing process of the document. 
  3. We won’t entertain any request for change or alteration of format in the Statement of Purpose or its structure, after you have finalised on the same before starting the work. If the change is insisted upon, then it will be considered as a fresh project with a new payment, in order to incorporate the said changes. 
  4. You have to submit your request for editing, if any, within 48 hours of receiving the completed document from us. We wouldn’t consider or entertain requests for editing or changes later than 48 hours. 
  5. There is no space for requests for editing or changes that are unclear or hard for us to understand. For instance, comments like ‘its bad’, ‘unsatisfactory’, ‘sop doesn’t match my expectations’ and so on, are unacceptable. You must provide valid feedback or justifiable comments that clearly cite your issue with the Statement of Purpose developed by us, for us to undertake its editing or review.  
  6. We reserve the rights of using the professional and global standard format of Statement of Purpose based on the best of our understanding, if the User has not submitted us any particular format choice or the university or college that they have chosen doesn’t have any set format. We won’t consider or entertain the request of changing the format, once we have fixed it. 
  7. On receiving the Statement of Purpose from us for the first time, the client must thoroughly check the document. In case of changes or editing, they must put forth such requirements all at once. Changes or editing will be done only within the content that has been already written or in certain portions where required. Any addition of new content to the existing statement will be taken as an extra work, that comes with an additional cost. 
  8. You must convey any particular request or specification for your Statement, during the initial discussion stage, that is, before we start working on the document. We won’t consider any addition of information once we begin the project. 
  9. SOP Consultants cannot be held responsible for not getting admission in your chosen university or college and course in any country. We are not liable for any kind of loss, including finance, job or admission by anyone through the Statement of Purpose that was developed by us. We stand protected by the assurance given to us by the client, from financial liabilities or anything for that matter, due to the document that was written by us.  
With this, we consider that you have fully understood all the mentioned terms of services and agreed by the same, while associating with us and hiring our services. 


Founder/Sr. Writer - SOP Consultants

Vasuki Ram, senior writer and the founder of SOP Consultants is a B-tech Graduate who used to work in an MNC. Starting from 2013, she along with her team has assisted more than 10,000 students. Shift in her career was drastic. Read full story here.