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At SOP Consultants, our expertise lies in crafting compelling Statement of Purpose (SOP) which can help students to get admission to their dream universities.

As a literary and academic organization, we believe in serving the interests of students and individuals who are on the threshold of embarking on a life changing journey. Our expertise lies in crafting compelling Statement of Purpose (SOP) which can capture and portray the essence of an aspirant’s journey and ambitions in an impactful language.

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Almost all educational institutions and prestigious organizations have made it compulsory for opportunity seekers to present their personal, academic, professional experiences and future roadmap through legible, smoothly flowing, fact driven and engaging statements. Often the challenge of creating a cogent SOP takes its toll on the nerves of the individuals. This results in them failing to comply with the requirements of the institution despite brimming with potential.

We extend our assistance in materializing the dreams of individuals by helping them through the entire process. Our team of expert writers possess vast experience in the realm of creating persuasive statements which can bail individuals out of all sorts of dilemma in decisive manner. Our services may be availed of to create strong, credible and precise statements which would generate faith in the candidature of the students among potential application scrutinizers.

About the founder

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Vasuki Ram

Founder/Sr. Writer - SOP Consultants

They say when you are passionate about something, the pursuit can elicit your best performance. This ideology became a reality for Anusha, a B-tech Graduate known by her pen name Vasuki Ram. She quitted her IT job in an MNC to embrace a gratifying creative career. Vasuki Ram was gifted with her inherent knack for writing. However, she had never fancied becoming a professional writer, which she eventually made of herself.

It was years ago that Vasuki Ram drafted a statement of purpose (SOP) for one of her cousins. Her conceptual edge and power of words clicked for him, who smartly made his way to a reputed global institute. Well, that was simply the initial spark! While serving her MNC, Vasuki spent her leisure hours helping her cousin’s friends with recommendation letters and SOPs. The documentations worked for them, and she kept receiving more requests.
It was years later that Vasuki realized how much business potential the need for such documentations has. While she had never imagined that she could transform her passion to her career, she eventually embraced a progressive creative profession. Writing could be as lucrative as an IT job, which Vasuki realized over the years.
Currently, Vasuki leads her team of creative writers, collaborating with clients spanning the globe. All these years, she has worked with students from all sorts of academic backgrounds, helping them with personal statements, SOPs, admission essays, LORs, and similar documents needed to study abroad. Ultimately, writing has proven to be a more lucrative career to her than working in an MNC, where she can connect her passion to her profession.


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We envision becoming the one stop destination for all individuals who are at a transition stage in their lives and whose future lies in the robustness of statement of purpose being presented by them for seeking progression, either academic or professional.


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Our objective here at SOP Consultants is to become avant-garde SOP writing company on which every client can pose unmitigated trust to have his/ her aspirations fulfilled in optimal manner through strategically crafted documents for study abroad purposes.

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The success rate of SOP Consultants has been impressive. Individuals who have availed of our services are now ensconced at the summit of academic excellence and gladly vouch for the efficacy of SOPs delivered by us.

We guarantee:

100% original and unique content, written specifically for your need.

Seasoned fleet of SOP writers possessing adequate qualification.

Semantically correct SOPs with adherence to the flow required by institution.

Customer support and troubleshooting over email, phone and WhatsApp.

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We always keep ourselves updated of contemporary trends and changing requirements of institutions to ensure that our quality is never compromised.

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    Founder/Sr. Writer - SOP Consultants

    Vasuki Ram, senior writer and the founder of SOP Consultants is a B-tech Graduate who used to work in an MNC. Starting from 2013, she along with her team has assisted more than 10,000 students. Shift in her career was drastic. Read full story here.