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Sop Samples

Here, you can see one of the winning and best statement of purpose samples detailed. Before that let us start with the basics. Statement of Purpose is the most vital document when it comes to the admission of candidates in foreign universities and also in top educational institutions within India.

Not everyone can draft qualifying SOPs that win approval of the admission committee. There are several considerations for drafting SOPs. The content of the SOP, introduction, purpose, reasons and motivational factors for choosing a specific program or university, career plans, goals, objectives and conclusion are all important while planning SOPs yourself. With all such information, your SOP should be convincing and this can provide you admission in the deemed university abroad. However, you will face an adverse predicament if your SOP lacks in quality.

Based on these reasons, we are explaining the contents of the perfect SOP with one of the best statement of purpose samples elaborated paragraph by paragraph.

So, what are the inclusions of an SOP?


Introduction is the most important part of any SOP. You should provide a catchy and impressive introduction that will capture the interest of the admission committee. You can either highlight the field of your choice, mention your interests in the field and your aptitude for the program. This will ascertain you interests, motivation and focus in the field of study. For example, in the statement of purpose sample provided below, the candidate is pursuing a program in technology and the introduction is on technology, its contribution.

“Technology has become the best and integral part of human lives. We share existence with robotic innovations and other technological advances. The latest technological evolution are transforming our lives; the cutting-edge technological products, devices, apps, gadgets are all improving our convenience. We also need to stay abreast with the digital transformations that improve our global connectivity. We require such technology to stay connected with contacts across the globe, seamlessly communicate with them. Computers, laptops, smart mobile devices are all the latest offerings of technology facilitating global connectivity and tripling our convenience. “

Motivational factors

In the second paragraph, you can include your motivational factors, reasons for choosing the course and your career path. In the successive two paragraphs, trace your career path in a chronological order. See the text sample given below.

“I have always been fascinated by the offerings of the technology such as computers, latest laptops and innovative smart mobile devices. With my profound interests in this field, I joined the Bachelors in Information Science Engineering from the M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, one of the premier educational institutes in my home country. After completing the Engineering program, I wanted to transform my career dynamically and decided to seek the best opportunities available to me. With my keen interests in Computer Science, I was eager to improve my horizons of knowledge and plan progressive studies in this field. On conducting research for good universities providing premier education, I was not happy with the Indian universities offering higher education. Most of the universities had uncompetitive syllabi and repeated curriculum in their course of study. I realized that better standards of education could only benefit my career positively. “

Choice of foreign country for education

Which country have you chosen for higher education? Mention the name of the country and explain the reasons for choosing the country. Note the sample text provided below. The same method you can see in any of the best statement of purpose samples done by professionals.

This is an important aspect of an SOP that helps the admission committee determine the intensity of your motivation and how articulately you can present it.

“US is among the most developed countries in the world and a global leader in technology. I can get direct exposure to the ground-breaking technologies developed here. While planning higher education in US, I have the splendid opportunity for fulfilling my passion and interests in latest technological advances introduced in the State.

US is undoubtedly the premier choice of destination for foreign education among candidates across the globe. The excellent educational infrastructure offered by the universities, industry-focused training, internships in the best global organizations, friendly and warm culture, high standards of living are all among the best attributes of the country enticing students from across the globe to opt education in US. Every year, thousands of students complete their education successfully from the deemed universities of the State. I am motivated to be another successful candidate completing the Master’s Degree in Computer Science from a reputed University.”

Name of university chosen and its highlights, reasons for the choice

You have confirmed on pursuing education in a particular university. Mention the highlights of the university and the reasons for choosing the university.

“I planned to find the better University that would offer me high standards of education, good training to develop professional skills through career-oriented programs. Based on my research, I found San Jose University in California best meeting my requirements. The deemed university is among the oldest Public Research Universities in the West Coast, US. The university is ranked top 10 among the public colleges and universities in the state. The coursework is designed to offer students experience as they are trained to work on real projects and prepare them for employment. “

Financial support and funding of the program

How have you decided to fund the program? Have you decided on bank loans or other financial options? Mention them in the SOP. An excerpt from a qualifying SOP is provided below.

“After understanding my interests and aptitude for the program, my parents have decided to fund my foreign education program. I also want to avail scholarships provided to meritorious students as I have acquired stellar marks in all qualifying exams. “

Career plans

You may have best career plans at the completion of the course. Include them in your Statement of Purpose. Have a look at the text mentioned below.

“I want to complete the Master’s program in Computer Science with good results and plan a futuristic career. After the successful completion of the course, I plan to attend internships in leading organizations in US that will offer me pragmatic exposure and good experience. This will help me settle in global career roles, provide me invaluable experience in networking and other domains. Certainly, a good Master’s program in Computer Science can boost my career growth. I have some futuristic plans that will scale my career to good heights. A short-term goal would be to seek good employment in the reputed global organizations at my home country. Most of the global IT organizations located in the country are eager to offer best opportunities to a candidate equipped with a Master’s degree program from top US University. Hence, I will have no trouble in seeking employment in the IT field. “


Provide a good conclusion for your Statement of Purpose. A sample of simple conclusion is mentioned below.

“I am also planning a research in the field of Computer Science in future. Mostly, I will plan research as a long-term goal and initially accept the good employment opportunities offered to me. This will enrich my experience and help me implement the skills that I have acquired during my professional qualification and shine in the IT domain. I will also able to support well my family settled in my home country. “

Have you understood the inclusions of a perfect SOP through this statement of purpose sample provided for your reference? Go ahead and get your SOPs drafted by experts and qualify for admission. How to find the best SOP writers drafting flawless SOPs. A simple idea is to peruse the samples of various SOP writers and confirm on the best statement of purpose samples. Get you statement drafted by the top, professional writers! We have years of experience in the same. Get in touch with us, if you want our professionals to craft a winning SOP.