SOP for Spouse Visa Canada - All You Need to Know In 2022

Did you know that your spouse can accompany you when you make a study trip to Canada?

Your spouse can be with you as long as you stay in Canada as part of your academic formation and be of your strong support.

statement of purpose
statement of purpose

What is SOP for Canada Spouse Visa and why is it of paramount importance?

In this chapter, you will learn what the statement of purpose for spouse Visa Canada is and how important it is.  

What is SOP for Canada Spouse Visa?

SOP for spouse visa Canada is a document you will submit to the visa-issuing authority to get permission for your spouse to accompany you during your study tour in Canada.

The document should substantiate that both of you are above the age of eighteen, married and are emotionally attached that you cannot live apart. It should also highlight the fact that you are a full-time student in a recognized university or college in Canada.

Importance of SOP for Spouse visa in Canada

Every year, thousands of students travel to Canada for academic purposes. They stay in Canada for not less than a couple of years to complete their education. For students who are married, it will be hard to stay alone in Canada, leaving behind their partners in their home country.

statement of purpose

How to Write an SOP for Canada Spouse Visa?

Although Canada appreciates students’ decision to take their partners along, the refusal rate of Canadian spouse visas is the highest due to mismatching information or incomplete documentation. By writing a case-specific SOP for spouse visa Canada, you can beat the odds. Here are the basic guidelines on how to write a spouse visa SOP.

Write about your relationship

Write about all the key dates leading up to your marriage such as when you first met, started dating, got engaged and got married. Talking about them in your SOP will make your spouse’s visa application stronger.

Include evidence in the application

The number one reason for spouse visa rejection is discrepancies in the documents. While it is important to include as many proofs in the application as possible, it is also important to ensure that they are matching.

Describe your emotional attachment to the spouse

Describe how important it is for you to be with your spouse and support him or her during their study duration in Canada. Your serious and genuine emotional connectedness is a factor that makes selectors take a favourable decision.

Describe how hard the time spent separated was

If you have spent any time away from each other, describe how hard it was for both of you to communicate and to be an emotional support to each other. Be ready to include backing details like travel docs to make your case more profound.

Make your essay simple and easy to understand

Use simple and easy-to-understand words to describe your points in your spouse visa SOP. It is very important that your points are not misread or misunderstood. Also, be careful to avoid mistakes in your SOP.

statement of purpose

SOP Sample for Spouse Visa Canada

Here is a sample SOP for spouse visa Canada to help you figure out the nuances of its writing. Make your SOP as special and unique as your relationship. It will certainly stand out and be a winning factor for getting the spouse visa issued.

statement of purpose

Things to Consider While Writing SOP For Canadian Spouse Visa

The Canada spouse visa SOP should be comprehensive and transparent. In this chapter, we will discuss a few important things to cover in the write-up as well as the essential documents to include in the application.

Details Required in The Canada Spouse Visa SOP

Make your SOP for Canada spouse visa a comprehensive and transparent one by covering the following key points.

Documents required for student spouse visa Canada

While writing the spouse visa SOP, make sure that you point to all relevant documents as each document that you are able to produce will add more weightage to your application. The following are the most important documents in this regard.

statement of purpose


The SOP for spouse visa Canada must be convincing and carefully drafted given the high scale of visa rejections lately.


Reading this blog and reviewing the sample given, you would get clear insights as to how to draft this document perfectly.


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