How to Write an SOP for MBA in Canada Step by Step – A Complete Roadmap

Are you considering MBA in Canada? Well, you have come to the right place. This blog discusses everything that one must know to write an SOP for MBA in Canada.

statement of purpose
statement of purpose

SOP for MBA in Canada – An Overview

In this chapter, you will learn what is SOP for MBA in Canada and why you are required to write it for your admission in a Canadian institute.

What is SOP for MBA in Canada?

SOP for MBA in Canada is an essay that you will hand over to the admission panel of a Canadian institute with an aim to convince them that you are eligible to study MBA in their institute.

Importance of SOP for MBA In Canada

As a country whose landscape is rapidly changing, one might find Canada as the best place to pursue a highly competitive program like MBA. To secure your seat at the best institute in Canada, you will inevitably require a powerful statement of purpose. MBA SOP shouldn’t be taken lightly as it is one of the conditions for your selection.

statement of purpose

Sample Statements of Purpose for MBA in Canada

You may want to check out MBA SOP samples for Canada before writing it for your admission. Doing so is a wise decision because:

statement of purpose

How to Write SOP for MBA in Canada?

In SOP writing, understanding the SOP format and drafting the final copy in the proper way are the most crucial steps. This chapter takes you through both of these.

Statement of Purpose Format for MBA In Canada

Your MBA SOP for Canada should have a smooth flow sentence after sentence and be logically organized into paragraphs. Here is a general formatting procedure, which you can use, if you are not specifically asked to adhere to a particular format issued by the desired institute.


The introduction of your SOP should introduce you and briefly tell what ignited your interest in pursuing MBA for your higher education. Remember that the introduction is what attracts the first impression about your SOP.

Second paragraph

In the second paragraph of your SOP, speak about your academic and professional backgrounds. Highlight your relevant achievements which align with your MBA aspirations. Don’t forget to back up your claims with supporting details or proofs.

Third paragraph

Here, you can elaborate your motivations for choosing MBA, with more emphasize on the specialization. Explain how this program will benefit your future career.

Fourth paragraph

Talk about your decision to study at a particular university. You must do some intense research about the institute’s unique features, course structure, etc. to write this part more impactfully and convincingly.

Fifth Paragraph

Specifying your reasons for ‘Why Canada’ is an important part in your SOP for Canada. Study about the Canadian education system, internship opportunities there, and other specific aspects of Canada that make you want to study there.

Sixth paragraph

In this paragraph, talk about your future plans – especially what you want to do immediately after finishing your studies in Canada and then in the five years down the line.


To conclude, write a boiled down version of the whole writeup in one or two sentences. Also, thank the selection committee for taking the time to read your document.

Guidelines for Writing MBA SOP for Canada

Writing an MBA SOP for Canada visa or university admission can be tough at times, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Here are some useful guidelines to follow.

Customize your SOP

Remember that you are writing the SOP for MBA in Canada. Hence, customize it accordingly, giving convincing explanation for the questions ‘why MBA’ and ‘why Canada.’

Keep a checklist of points

Prepare a checklist for all the points you must cover in the SOP. Refer to the university SOP writing instructions for this as well as well-constructed SOP samples.

Be effective with your language

Your tone of writing has so much impact on your SOP. Use your words carefully. Do not stuff in technical jargons. Write straight to the point and be engaging.

Follow the guidelines

Strictly adhere to any specific instructions you have got from your college or university to write the SOP. Go with a generally accepted format in case of no writing directions.

Proofread and edit

Don’t be complacent with just one proofreading. Do it several times. If possible, have someone else to review your SOP and give you feedback. A flawless SOP will show that you have been serious about its writing.

statement of purpose

Things to Remember During SOP Writing

In this chapter, we will introduce you to a few important things to keep in mind while drafting your statement of purpose for MBA in Canada.

Five Things to Keep in Mind If You Want to Write the Best SOP

Apart from the format, writing tone and the institutional directions, here are five most important things to keep in mind in order to write an SOP for MBA in Canada that stands out.

Show your passion for the subject

Demonstrate how much motivated you are towards choosing MBA as your higher education program. Explain how you got drawn to it and how you became so passionate about it.

Make your SOP stand out

Selection committee reviews hundreds of SOPs daily. If your SOP sounds too generic, chances are that it will not create an impression and will not likely be considered.

Substantiate with proof

It is good to talk about your achievements but don’t let them be empty. Substantiate each achievement with supporting information that can be referenced elsewhere or with sound proofs.

Outline and elaborate

Rather than attempt to write a perfect copy at first, it is good to outline your essay first and then develop it by adding relevant points. This way, you can bring about a logical sequencing of points in your writeup.

Reflect your personality

Your SOP should be unique and reflect your personality. No other documents can show your personality and perspective but the SOP. Try to leave your identity in it by making it truthful to yourself.

statement of purpose

Common Mistakes in SOP Writing

No one makes mistakes knowingly in their SOPs. Often, it is due to the ignorance of the writer that these mistakes make their way into the SOP. This chapter discusses a few such mistakes.

Five Mistakes That Lead to SOP Rejection

Below analyzed are the five common mistakes that often cause the rejection of statement of purpose for MBA admission in Canada.


Plagiarizing your SOP is a big mistake. It would lead you to getting blacklisted. If you have referred to any SOP samples, make sure you don’t get influenced by its content or theme.


Canadian institutes are very particular about the language proficiency of the applicants. They won’t approve SOPs with grammatical or spelling errors. So, proofread and edit your writeup carefully.

Flashy words

Write in simple sentences. It is important that your SOP reviewer understands it well. Using simple vocabulary is the best way to ensure that the message you are trying to convey is getting communicated easily.

Too short or too long

Be careful not to make your SOP too lengthy with irrelevant points. Likewise, don’t let be too short. Maintaining a good balance is highly recommended.

Last minute writing

If you are waiting for the last day to write your SOP, you are most likely to miss out some points, which will eventually lead to getting your SOP rejected.

statement of purpose

Top 20 Institutes and Specializations for MBA in Canada

Canada offers an enormous number of institutes for you to choose from and study MBA in your preferred specialization. This chapter lists down the top universities as well as most popular MBA specializations.

Top 20 Canadian Universities and Colleges for MBA

Research about the institute carefully before you write your statement of purpose for MBA admission in Canada. Each institute follows its own unique selection criteria and may have different program features.

20 Popular MBA Specializations in Canada

statement of purpose

Soft Skills to List in SOP for MBA

MBA is a highly competitive program today. Institutes, while selecting candidates, keep an eye out for certain soft skills. This chapter looks at the essential soft skills that MBA applicants must possess and highlight in their SOPs.

Five Essential Soft Skills to Highlight in your MBA SOP for Canada

Here discussed are five important guidelines for writing your SOP from the scratch.


A good business management professional need to be a good leader too. Talk about your leadership qualities and how it helped you and will help you in the future.

People Management

People management is a skill to control a team and have them work in collaboration to achieve a common goal. As a student, you might have used this skill in group activities.


Being good at communication means being able to convey a message exactly as you have conceived it to another person. Good communication skills are valued immensely in the business world.

Problem Solving

Are you good at coming up with viable solutions to problems under a strict timeline? If so, write about that in your statement of purpose for MBA in Canada.

Critical thinking

It is the ability to analyze a problem or situation objectively and make an impartial judgement. This is an essential skill to have as a business administrator.

statement of purpose


Congratulations. You have learnt how to write a powerful statement of purpose for MBA admission in Canada.


If you still have any questions regarding this or want to give us any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.


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