How To Write A Convincing SOP for Canada Study Visa After Refusal?

Worried about facing another Canada visa rejection ? We can Help you with writing a convincing SOP that will increase your selection, This guide written by 13+ Years Experienced professionals. 

statement of purpose

Mistakes To Avoid In A Canada Student Visa SOP After Refusal

When writing a sop, it must address specific areas. Failing to include certain points will lead to immediate rejection. Our guidelines will help you write a strong sop. After reading our blog, you will know:

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Start with an attention-grabbing introduction

Start with an attention-grabbing introduction

The first few lines of a strong Canada SOP will set the tone for the entire essay. This starts with a strong introduction explaining who you are and the program you wish to study. Our professional SOP writers can fulfill your complete introduction sets the tone for the entire sop and creates a first impression in the visa officer’s mind. 

Here is a sample sop for that you should avoid:

Dear Visa Officer,


My name is Sachin Tendulkar. I am very appreciative of having the chance to apply for the Canada student visa. I am a highly qualified person with lots of work experience in the manufacturing industry. After finishing the program, I will apply for a work permit to gain Canadian work experience. After completing that I will be returning home.  I am a single person who wants to become very successful in a high paying job. 

I humbly request you to please review my case and grant me the Canadian student visa.

Let’s discuss the mistakes made in the introduction above:

This particular student may receive a Canada study visa refusal letter like the sample listed below:

statement of purpose
Background What makes you a good candidate sopconsultants

Background-What makes you a good candidate?

Explain your academic and professional details, including hobbies and extra-curricular activities, etc. The sample below shows how you should not write your background details: Get here and Chontact us rl

I am a studious and hard-working person. I always got top marks in school. Since I was having deep interest in chess, I participated in many chess tournaments. At XYZ College in the technology program, I built a circuit board for a solar panel to improve its efficiency. Once I graduated, I was able to find a decent job in my field. I gained three years of experience in this company in Bangalore. Then I moved to my next company as a Junior Engineer. Although I am liking my job, the experience is not allowing me to go forward in my career. I think that studying the ABC program in Canada will help me to get a great job in India with a better salary package. After completing my studies, I hope to apply for a temporary work permit to gain valuable work experience. 

Let’s discuss the mistakes this student made in his background that will lead to a Canada sop after refusal.

His may receive the following refusal letter:


statement of purpose
Why do you wish to pursue the xyz program at ABC University sopconsultants

Why do you wish to pursue the xyz program at ABC University?

This is one of the most important sections of the student visa sop Canada. It explains your motivation for taking a particular course. 

Here is an Example of How NOT to Write This Section:

I want to pursue the program in Canada because I want to gain a better job opportunity in India. Having a Canadian degree will make me more competitive. Indian employers prefer to hire foreign trained candidates. The course in at XYZ University is a two-year program. I will learn subject a, subject b, subject c, etc. After graduating from the course, I want to gain Canadian work experience through a work permit. This will help me get a high-paying job in India. 

Listed below, are the mistakes this student made in this section:

Based on these reasons, the student may receive a refusal letter from the Canadian immigration authorities citing that the proposed studies are not in light with the candidates previous studies, work experience, qualifications, etc. 

The candidate may also receive a second refusal stating that the motivation to pursue this course at this time does not indicate that he will leave Canada at the end of his studies. 

Career goals- How this program will improve your career prospects in India

Career goals- How this program will improve your career prospects in India?

This section will talk about what jobs or positions you hope to achieve after taking the intended course in Canada. 

Here is an example of a poorly written career goals section:

After completing the course, I plan to acquire work experience by applying for a work permit. Following suit, I will return to India and launch my own enterprise in X. This will help me make lots more money compared to my salaried job that I had earlier. Since I will have Canadian exposure, I will be more likely to get international clients. 

I could also work for a company in India, but I won’t get an opportunity to climb as high as I would like. I plan to make the most out of my Canadian education.

Let’s discuss the mistakes made in the above example.

This candidate may receive a refusal letter citing the following reasons:

statement of purpose
Why did you select this universit, sop guidelines

Why did you select this university?

Explain what stood out about this university. 

Here is an example of how not to write this section:

I selected University XYZ because it is one of the best in the world. Many international students with my academic background prefer to go here, so I have a good chance of doing well here. The university has exciting extra-curricular activities that will help me relax after my studies. I like the location as well because it will enable me to take photographs, which is my hobby. The tuition fees are also quite affordable and better than other Canadian universities. 

Let’s discuss the mistakes made by this student:

Based on these reasons alone, the application will lead to a Canada sop after refusal. The candidate will not convince the visa officer that he plans to leave Canada at the end of his studies and that his qualifications/experience meets the requirements of the proposed program. 

Conclusion-Sum up your points about how to write a impressing letter for canada student visa after refusal

Conclusion-Sum up your points

This section brings your application together and lists your final appeal. 

Here is an example of a poorly written conclusion:

I will restate that I am eager to go to Canada to study the program. It will be the highlight of my life. I hope you will see that I am a genuine student. I have also received a scholarship from the university which I don’t want to lose out on. 

Thanking you,


Sachin T. 

Let’s discuss the mistakes made by this student:

I am not satisfied that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay, as stipulated in Section 216 (1) based on the purpose of your visit. 

What does a good sample sop for Canada after refusal look like . sop for canada after refusal

What does a good sample sop for Canada after refusal look like?

Wonder how to write a strong visa sop? Check out our sample sop for Canada after refusal.

A strong sop explains all the following sections in a clear way:

In addition to the above, your sop must stick to formatting guidelines. Keep in mind that your goal is to convince the visa officer that you are a bonafide student, with a genuine motivation to pursue the course, and who also has plenty of incentives for returning home. 


The Visa Officer

The High Commission of Canada

New Delhi, India


Respected Madam/Sir,

My name is Minie Singh, an Indian citizen. I am a Research Analyst with a deep-seated interest in business and data. My professional journey thus far has prompted me to advance my competence in the data analytics niche. As a result, I decided to seek a higher learning opportunity that will enhance my career prospects in India. I received admission to the post-graduate certificate program in Business Analytics at Conestoga College. The program will commence on January 9, 2023. 

My academic history and IELTS score

I always had a penchant for business. Reading motivational, self-help books by acclaimed authors and business tycoons such as Bill Gates, Richard Branson, and Jessica Livingstone motivated me to work very hard during my schooling. Reading their books inspired me to take the business stream in higher secondary.  I completed my schooling (until Grade 12) at Thakur Public School in Mumbai.  I attained X in my secondary and X in my senior secondary years. I graduated from high school in 2016. My interest in business prompted me to continue studying this subject in my undergraduate years. I pursued the Bachelor of Commerce program at the University of Mumbai. While studying the course, the subjects in economics, accounting, and consumer behaviour piqued my interest. I graduated from the program in May, 2019 with an X cGPA.

In preparation for the graduate certificate course in Canada, I took the IELTS exam on January 15, 2022. I attained an overall band score of 6.5, with 7.5 in listening, 7 in speaking, and 6 in reading and writing. 

My professional experience

Shortly after graduation, I was hired as a Research Analyst at Capgemini in September 2021. The company is headquartered in New York. During my tenure, I worked on a prospect which led to the acquisition of the client for the company. In addition, I worked on various market projects. Due to my outstanding performance, I was promoted to Research Analyst 2, with a 100% appraisal. In this new role, I manage all the new issuances made by global syndications and federations. I am tasked with finalizing them for final consumption by customers. Working in this capacity, I have learned the specific processes for managing and retrieving data. My other responsibilities include validating the accuracy fo the data and ensuring correct storage of information in databases, responding to data queries from clients, researching market events to anticipate changes, working with cross functional teams to provide Root Cause Analysis, and identifying data quality improvement projects. In addition, I obtained additional training in SQL, Python and Excel.  I thoroughly enjoy every aspect of my work. 

I have reached a point in my career where I need to upskill my knowledge and skills in the business analytics domain. Hence, I chose a value-adding, career-boosting, higher learning opportunity via the Business Analytics program at Conestoga College, Doon Campus. 

What is the reason for selecting the post-graduate certificate program in Business Analytics?

I would like to pursue this program because it is a perfect adjunct to my academic and professional experience. My work as a Research Analyst 2 at Capgemini requires me to work with data on a daily basis. Although I enjoy working in this capacity, my lack of expertise in data analytics will prevent me from progressing further in my career. Therefore, I decided to study this program so that I would be equipped with the right skills, knowledge, and technological insight to investigate past company performance to gain valuable insights into the company’s future performance. Having this acumen will transform me into a business planner and change driver within my organization. Through the insights attained in the program, I will have the skills to know how to describe, inform, and interpret data. The course will also enhance my data literacy skills. I will develop an analytic thought process that will aid me in making strategic, data-driven decisions. The program focuses on descriptive and diagnostic analytics. Using these two methods, I will become adept at summarizing data to communicate current ongoing in the business.  


 This is a 1-year program that will expose me to subjects such as Data Analytics, SQL and Data Analysis, Business Intelligence Tools, Big Data Analytics, Project Management, Career Management, Big Data Architecture, Data Acquisition, Analysis, & Visualization, Descriptive Analysis, Diagnostic Analysis, and Management & Leadership Essentials. 

After graduating from the program, I will be equipped with the skills to work with mined data to create applicable insights that meet company needs. I will be able to recommend data storage technologies and systems architectures to support data analysis. The practical components in the program will enable me to customize data models, and shape data into usable information to meet company processes. In addition, I will know how to create and present data visualizations to convey information to stakeholders. Using business intelligence tools, I will formulate decisions. Lastly, I will know how to apply entrepreneurial methods to identify new business opportunities. 

Why Conestoga College?

I selected Conestoga College because it is one of the leading colleges in Canada. Conestoga College offers some of the best technical programs that reflect the latest trends and practices in the industry. The courses have an experiential component to equip students like me with employable skills. While researching about the university, I learned that students give Conestoga College top rankings for graduate employment prospects, overall learning experience, and facilities. The learning resources offered at Conestoga impressed me. I am also looking forward to learning with peers from all over the world. It will greatly enhance my cultural sensitivity and interpersonal skills. 

What made me choose Canada? Why not India or any other country?

I wanted to study this course in Canada because it has a world-renowned data analytics industry. Moreover, Canadian programs are renowned for their academic rigour and career preparedness. Graduates are immediately hired because they are equipped with hands-on skills in the program. Furthermore, Canada receives positive ratings for parameters such as standards of living, cost of living, and safety. Before considering Canada, I thought about pursuing this program in India. However, the programs in India are mostly theoretical with very few opportunities to develop practical expertise. 

Next, I looked into similar programs in the United Kingdom and Australia. Although the programs were excellent, I found the cost of living and tuition fees were exorbitant. I feel the program in Canada will give me the best learning experience and value for my investment. 

My family and sponsorship details

I belong to a supportive nuclear family, consisting of my parents, brother, and me. My father, Paramvir Singh, was a Mechanic. He retired on January 10, 2022. My mother Dina is a talented housewife. I have an elder brother Rohan. He is the CEO of his company Semantic Inc.

My father will be funding the program and my stay in Canada. He has already paid the first year’s tuition fees of $17,910 CAD and purchased the GIC in the amount of $10,000 CAD to cover my living expenses. In addition, I have sanctioned an education loan of approximately INR 15 lakhs. My family is well-established and financially secure. We have INR 90 lakhs, equivalent to approximately $xx,xxx CAD in a post office savings account and an additional $16,393 CAD in another savings account. To prove my claims and demonstrate my suitability for the program, I am attaching a copy of my parents’ bank account statements, my loan documents, fees paid, and GIC receipts. 

Future Goals and Incentives for returning to India

After completing the program in Canada, I intend to return to India and build a rewarding career for myself in the business data analytics niche. My Canadian certificate and exposure will add immense value to my career prospects. I will be qualified to work as a Business Analyst, Business System Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, or Data Analyst. I aspire to work for top-tier multinational companies in India where there are numerous opportunities for growth such as Boston Consulting Group, Amazon, Tata Consultancy Services, and Capgemini. In the long term, I would like to climb the career ladder and become an Operations Analyst or Quantitative Analyst. 

In addition to the amazing career opportunities, my family is my other incentive for returning to India. I am very attached to my family. My father recently retired and being his youngest child, I feel it is my responsibility to support him mentally and emotionally in his old age. After returning to India, I plan to continue living with my parents. Since my Canadian education will help me find a decent-paying position, I will use part of my income to pay off my education loan. 

I would like to conclude my application by restating that my visit to Canada is temporary and for academic purposes only. I do not have any ties in Canada that will prolong my stay. If given an opportunity to study in that country, I promise to adhere to the rules stated by the Canadian immigration authorities. 

I thank you for granting me the opportunity to present my case. Hoping to hear a positive reply from your end. 


Minnie Singh

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Points to remember after receiving a sop rejection from canada, visa refusal from canada

Points to remember after receiving a sop rejection

When writing a sop for a Canada study visa after refusal, study the refusal reasons given. It will help you understand where your application was weak and the additional information you will need to strengthen your chances of getting a visa. Contact us for more than 1000+ SOP Samples.

It is important to address the refusal reasons in your Canada sop after refusal. After reading this chapter, you will learn how to write a convincing Canada visa sop and the common mistakes you should avoid to increase your chances of acceptance. 

Do the Canadian immigration authorities track your old visa application if you are applying for the second time?

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) issues all student visas. Each time you submit an application, it is recorded in their system


If you are applying for the second time, the record of your old visa application will be kept on file. Your application is assigned a tracking number. This is linked to previous applications in their system. This is why it is very important to include all the missing information from your previous application. It will increase your chance of getting a Canada Student Visa. 

What is the format of a SOP for a Study Visa After Refusal?

The format of a sop for a study visa after refusal addresses the concerns raised by the visa officer. It also mentions all important information related to your personal, professional, and academic background. The course motivation, career goals, and incentives to return need to mentioned. 

A sop for study visa after refusal includes the following:


Start your sop with a warm greeting/acknowledgment of the officer. Then proceed to introduce yourself, where you’re from, and what course you are applying to. Other points to include in the introduction are:

  • the university/college name of the course
  • campus name, location of the course in Canada
  • a sentence about why you want to pursue this course
  • mention your refusal, refusal reasons (from the official letter) and how you will provide justification for the refusal reason



In this section, you will explain why you are the best candidate for the program in Canada. Explain your early schooling, and progress to your latest academic achievements. You must include the dates you graduated and the marks you received. Then go on to mention extra-curricular activities and hobbies. Ensure these are related to the program you wish to study. If they are not related, mention how it strengthened certain skills, i.e. analytical, critical thinking, teamwork, etc. You may also include additional training, certification courses, etc. 

Finish this section with a couple of lines about what led you to pursue the higher learning opportunity in Canada. You may state points such as

  • to advance skills in a particular area because the course is not offered in India
  • the training is in India but is advanced
  • to improve your career prospects
  • to gain better academic exposure, etc.


Why this program?

It answers ‘why’ you want to study this course. This section follows the background section. You need to explain why you want to pursue a particular program and how it is relevant to what you studied earlier or your work experience. If the program in Canada is different from your academic/professional experience, provide strong reasons. Explain your reasons thoughtfully. It may refer to points such as lack of career growth, lack of opportunity to up-skill, dream of studying abroad and gaining advanced training, etc. This section must also mention the course duration, curriculum, and learning outcomes of the intended program. 


Career Prospects

Here, you must explain how taking this course will improve your employment prospects in India. Will it help you get higher positions or a better salary? Will you get a promotion? Mention short-term and long term goals in this section. Don’t forget to state the positions you will qualify for, the companies where you aspire to work, and the salary range you expect to receive after taking the course in Canada. Avoid making general statements. It will lead to a Canada visa study refusal sop. Also avoid mentioning plans to get a work permit in Canada.


Why this university?


In this section, you have to state the unique/attractive points about this university that convinced you to study there. Here, you may mention points about the university’s rankings, faculty, curriculum, facilities, student reviews, etc. Failing to explain why you chose this particular university will lead to a refusal of your Canada student visa application.




In this paragraph, you will sum up the entire sop for Canada after refusal. You need to declare your intention to return to India. State what this opportunity means to you. Avoid mentioning anything to do with financial assistantship. Close the essay with a statement of thanks and appreciation. 



Now you have a good understanding of the requirements of a Canada Study Visa after refusal format. You will be able to draft a compelling sop. 

We hope this blog boosted your confidence level.

Are you ready to craft a convincing sop for Canada after refusal?

Did you find the contents of this blog helpful?

We would love to hear from you.

Let us know your feedback!


An SOP (Statement of Purpose) for a Canada study visa is a written document that outlines your intentions, motivations, and goals for studying in Canada. It is a crucial component of your visa application and provides insight into your academic background, career aspirations, and reasons for choosing Canada as your study destination.

If your Canada study visa application has been refused, it’s important to understand the reasons for the refusal. One course of action is to carefully review the refusal letter and identify any areas that need improvement. Rewriting your SOP with stronger and more compelling content, addressing the concerns raised in the refusal letter, can greatly increase your chances of a successful reapplication.

 To improve your SOP after a study visa refusal, consider the following steps:

Analyze the refusal letter to identify the specific weaknesses in your initial application.

Clearly address the concerns raised in the refusal letter in your revised SOP.

Highlight any relevant changes or updates to your academic or personal circumstances since the initial application.

Emphasize your strong academic background, genuine intentions to study, and ties to your home country.Seek professional assistance or guidance to ensure your revised SOP effectively addresses the previous refusal reasons.

 When writing an SOP for a Canada study visa, it’s important to avoid common mistakes such as:

Plagiarism or using template-based SOPs.

Providing vague or generic statements that lack personalization.

Failing to showcase your genuine interest in the chosen field of study.

Ignoring the specific requirements and guidelines provided by the Canadian visa authorities.

Overemphasizing financial capabilities rather than focusing on academic goals and future plans.

Yes, seeking professional assistance from experienced consultants or visa application experts can be beneficial when rewriting your SOP after a study visa refusal. They can provide valuable insights, review your previous application, and guide you in crafting a strong and persuasive SOP that addresses the concerns raised during the refusal.

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vasuki ram - professional and experienced content writer - sopconsultants
Founder/Sr. Writer - SOP Consultants

Vasuki Ram, senior writer and the founder of SOP Consultants is a B-tech Graduate who used to work in an MNC. Starting from 2013, she along with her team has assisted more than 10,000 students. Shift in her career was drastic. Read full story here.

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