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Looking for a complete guide on how to write SOP for MS in Computer Science in Canada? This blog is for you.

In this blog, you will learn how to customize an SOP in order to apply for an advanced level program in computing, MS in Computer Science, in Canada.

Learn everything you need to know about sop for ms in computer science in Canada
SOP for Masters in Computer Science in Canada

SOP for Masters in Computer Science in Canada – An Overview

MS in Computer Science is an advanced education program in the field of computing. The course prepares students to get familiar with the latest developments taking place in the domain. If you are eying admission for MS in CS in Canada, an outstanding SOP for MS in computer science in Canada is mandatory.  In this blog, you will learn:

What is SOP for Masters in CS in Canada?

A statement of purpose for MS in Computer science is an admission requirement demanded by universities from the applicants. Through this document, institutes gather a fair idea about an applicant such as what his academic background and professional interests are and how he will contribute to the institute and the program.

Why is SOP for MS in CS in Canada Given a Heavy Weightage by Institutions?

Statement of purpose for Masters in Computer Science is one of the basic criteria set by universities while selecting a candidate.

MS in Computer Science – Program Objective

IT sector is one of the fastest evolving industries out there. The students graduating in MS in Computer Science are the ones who will be filling up prestigious and highly skilled positions in industries, academic institutes and government departments across the world.  The key objective of the program is to prepare interested students in various computing domains for the same.

SOP for Masters in Computer Science in Canada

Sample SOP for MS in Computer Science in Canada

This sample SOP for MS in Computer in Canada is especially meant to help you understand the unique structure and writing tone that must be followed in your writeup.

However, the sample is only for reference purpose.

Copying it will lead to plagiarism which will result in the rejection of your application.

Sample SOP for MS in Computer Science in Canada

How to Write SOP for Masters in Computer Science in Canada?

This chapter covers a recommended format to use in the SOP for MS in Computer Science. It also discusses some important guidelines for writing your SOP, common mistakes that will lead to rejection and five essential tips to solidify your SOP.

Recommended Format to Use in Your SOP for MS In Computer Science

Your SOP must convince the selection panel about your uniqueness and fitness to be considered for the computer science program. Use the following format to make your writeup appear professional and easily scannable.


Write between 1000 and 1500 words. Check if the institute demands specific word count for the SOP. If so, adhere to that. You can find out about it from the official website or sometimes in the application instruction brochure.


SOP for MS in CS must be divided into multiple paragraphs. Each paragraph should serve specific purpose. A generally recognized paragraphing structure across Canadian institutes is given below for reference.

First paragraph

Introduce yourself in the first paragraph. Also, tell what made you interested in computing and choose advanced academic program in it. Make the introduction count because it is what leaves the first and best impression about you in the reader.

Second and third paragraphs

Use the second and third paragraphs to write about your academic and professional backgrounds and various achievements you have made during the period. Explain how they shaped your focus in computing. If there is any backlog, course change or gaps, justify them towards the end of this paragraph.

Fifth and sixth paragraphs

In these paragraphs, talk about your motivations for selecting masters in computer science and the given institute for the same respectively. Research about computing, IT industry and your specialization focus. Spill these details logically in the essay.

Seventh Paragraph

Say why you chose Canada and not any other country for studying the program. Find out the scope of IT in Canada and how the unique features of the country will benefit your formation, internship and career back in your home country.

Eighth Paragraph

Explain what your future plans are after finishing your computer science graduation in Canada. Specify that you will go back to your home country and start your own business or hop into the IT sector sporting your preferred professional role.


Summarize the whole content in one or two sentences. It should serve as a reminder for your cause and end on a thankful note.

Basic SOP Writing Guidelines You Must Know

It is important not to sound generic when you write your SOP for MS in Computer Science. Follow the below guidelines to draft a customized and course-specific SOP.

Know the course

Try to know about the computer science course you are taking in as much details as possible. Be clear about the core computing courses and the electives you want to focus on. Referring the institute’s sources such as website or brochure will help.

Know about the institute

In your SOP, you should sound like you are talking exclusively to the selection panel of the concerned institute. Be thorough about their training pattern, internship options, research scope, and other key benefits and align your goals accordingly.

Make your points clear and supported

This applies especially when you write about any accomplishments. Don’t let them appear empty. Give examples that show how your skills or insights made a change or simplified something in a particular context.

Find out the deadline

Find out the deadline for submitting your application and submit it at least a few days before the last date. Early applications are given the first priority by many institutes. Only if you have the SOP ready, you can file your application in time.

Check contradictions

Verify that your SOP is not contradicting with any other documents in your application bundle. For instance, LOR or personal statement. Contrasting details will lead to suspicion and sometimes result in rejection.

Mistakes in SOP for MS in Computer Science That Will Lead to Rejection

SOPs with the following mistakes are likely to get less attention or probably get ignored as institutes get an overwhelming number of good writeups without them.

Not customized

Writing your SOP for MS in Computer Science without any research and sounding too generic will fail to impress the selectors. Make it count by writing it specifically for the computer science program by including lots of contextual details in it.

Not mentioning about gaps

All the obvious gaps in your profile must be explained. Write how you made use of the time instead of wasting it. For instance, by learning a new programming language or working in an NGO as an IT technician. Turn your gaps into positives.

Not engaging

Make your SOP interesting to read from start to end. Write it in the backdrop of an interesting anecdote to get reader’s quick attention and utilize that to keep them engaged in the writeup till the end.

Too many mistakes

Mistakes, factual or grammatical, are not taken lightly. Even minor mistakes can take you a long way back in a highly competitive scenario. Proofread your writeup and verify the information multiple times. Seek professional sop writing help in case of any doubts.


Even if you don’t deliberately copy content from other SOPs, there can be plagiarism, for instance, when you get too much influenced by a colleague’s SOP. It is recommended to run a plagiarism test on your writeup and see how it performs.

5 - Expert Tips to Make Your SOP for MS In CS Powerful

Your SOP is your finest chance to convince the selectors and make them really offer you a place in the course. Use the following tips for writing a great sounding SOP for MS in Computer Science.

Make it focused

The more focus you bring into your statement of purpose, the better it is. In-depth knowledge about what you are writing and how you must write it will help you ensure this.

Sound positive

Reflect your enthusiasm and interest for the course in your choice of worlds. Include lots of positive sounding words, for instance, achievement, fascination, energy etc.

Leave a personal touch

Try to strike a chord with the readers by giving your SOP a personal touch. But, be careful not to use chatty words or colloquial idioms for this.

Avoid jargons

Computing involves too many technical jargons but, in the SOP, you shall not use them to impress the selectors. Write your SOP in such a way that it’s understood by anyone.

Be genuine

Honesty is the best policy when you write your SOP. It is not impossible these days for the institutes to cross-check the information you write in the statement of purpose.

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Institutes in Canada Look for in An SOP for MS In CS

What Do Institutes in Canada Look for in An SOP for MS In CS?

SOP helps institutes verify whether their prospective candidates meet their expectations. So, when they go through the writeup, they will be keeping an eye out for the below details.

Top universities, Popular Specializations and Preferred Backgrounds for MS in CS in Canada

Top universities, Popular Specializations and Preferred Backgrounds for MS in CS in Canada

In this chapter, we will discuss about SOPs for top fifteen institutions in Canada that offer MS in Computer Science programs and popular MS in CS specializations. We will also see some of the preferred academic backgrounds that certain institutions require for the applicants.

Top 15 Canadian universities for MS in Computer Science

Popular MS in Computer Science Specializations

Preferred Academic Backgrounds for MS in CS in Canada

complete information about courses for ms in computer science in canada


Congratulations. If you have read this blog carefully till here, you now have a profound understanding about how to write an SOP for MS in CS in Canada. Do additional research, take your time and write a perfect SOP that sells.

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vasuki ram - professional and experienced content writer - sopconsultants
Founder/Sr. Writer - SOP Consultants

Vasuki Ram, senior writer and the founder of SOP Consultants is a B-tech Graduate who used to work in an MNC. Starting from 2013, she along with her team has assisted more than 10,000 students. Shift in her career was drastic. Read full story here.

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