Writing Your SOP for MS in Canada – Step-by-Step Guide

Though there are so much in common when it comes to writing an SOP for any country or course, there are differences too, particularly when you think of SOP for MS in Canada. This blog takes you through everything you need to know about the document.

statement of purpose
statement of purpose

SOP for MS in Canada – An Overview

In this chapter, we will discuss what SOP for masters in Canada means and why so much weightage is given to this document by the university selection committees.

Meaning of SOP for Masters in Canada

SOP for masters in Canada is a cause-specific document that you will require when you file your application for postgraduate or masters (MS) programs in Canada. The document should convey:

Why is SOP So Much Important for MS Aspirants in Canada?

Your statement of purpose for masters in Canada is your entry ticket to make your way into the best Canadian university or college. 

The document shows how much preparations you have made so far to deserve the seat.

With a tailor-made Canadian SOP in your application, selectors could easily match your profile with their expectations and take steps to approve your application.

statement of purpose

How to Write an Impressive SOP for MS In Canada?

This chapter deals with the important guidelines to follow while writing a statement of purpose for MS in Canada. Followed by this, the key points that should appear in your writeup are discussed.

Guidelines for Writing a Powerful SOP for MS In Canada

Here discussed are five important guidelines for writing your SOP from the scratch.

Plan your SOP

First of all, get answers to these questions – which university to apply and which MS program to choose. Once you have clarity on these, check if there are any guidelines by the institute. Fix a time when you can sit and work on your SOP.

Prepare an outline

Make a general outline for your SOP including elements of the theme, main points – achievements, motivations, future plans, introduction and conclusion etc. This outline will keep you in control while you are writing.

Work on the first draft

The first draft of your SOP is to be developed from your outline. You have points for your SOP in the outline. You just need to piece together everything in a proper format and wording.

Review your draft

After the first draft is ready, review it. This is a very important phase in the SOP writing because this is when you finalize it. Read it several times by yourself as well as have someone else also to read and give feedback.

Send on time

Make sure that you send your application on time. Some institutes follow early bird policy so if you are late, you would not get considered. Start your SOP preparation as early as possible so that you won’t miss the chance.

What Information Should I Include in my MS SOP for Canada?

When you start writing your SOP, you might be inundated with a lot of ideas and get confused as to what to include and what to omit. SOP is not a document to write everything. Here is a checklist of information that you shouldn’t miss out on your writeup.

Academic background

Institutes are interested in knowing about your academic background and how it formed you. Give details about your graduation course and how it triggered your interest in the chosen program. If there is a course change, specify the reasons.

Professional experiences

Experience in relevant field is plus point in your SOP. It makes selectors assume that you have chosen the higher study program with true intentions and that you will be a real asset to the institute’s reputation.

Why this specific MS program

Talk about your motivations behind choosing the particular masters program. Elaborate how your interest in the field got ignited and how it evolved over time to the point of thinking of a career in the field.

Why Canada

Write about your reasons behind the selection of Canada as your higher education destination. This should be rooted to your researched insights about Canada’s specialties in the global academic sphere and scope of research, internships and other aspects.

Why this particular university/college

Here too, you need to do a little bit of homework to find out about the institute and its special features – maybe it is the library or affiliation with internship institutes that attract you.

statement of purpose

Samples for SOP for MS in Canada

You cannot write an SOP without ever seeing what a real SOP is like. SOP samples for masters in Canada would provide you with lots of insights to the questions:

Take a look at the sample SOP for MS in Canada here.

statement of purpose

Choosing the Right SOP format for MS in Canada

A well-formatted SOP will make it easier for the selectors to scan for particular information in it. Moreover, it will give your SOP a competitive edge over other SOPs. Here are the few basic steps to format your SOP.

Text formatting

Keep the following things to format the text in your SOP for MS in Canada.

Font style

Review your draft

Use any academically acceptable font styles, for instance, Times New Roman, Helvetica or Arial. Use the same font style consistently in the document.

Font size

Use 12-points size, which is the ideal academic writing font size, in your SOP for MS in Canada.

Line spacing

Use double or 1.5 line spacing.


Indent the first line of each paragraph or leave a single line space between paragraphs.

Paragraph Organization

Divide your SOP into multiple paragraphs and speak only about a particular theme in each paragraph.

1st paragraph


2nd paragraph

Academic background

3rd paragraph

Professional experience

4th paragraph

Why this MS program

5th paragraph

Why this university

6th paragraph

Why Canada

7th paragraph


Cohesion and coherence

If your SOP has to be read with enthusiasm by your selectors, it must have coherence and cohesion. While the former is about the logical unity of ideas presented in the writeup as a whole, the latter is about the unity of linguistic elements– linking words, synonym etc.

Order of points

It is recommended to order your points chronologically in the writeup. This will make it easier for your selectors to understand your story and pinpoint specific areas.

statement of purpose

Where to Study Masters in Canada?

Where you want to pursue your master degree in Canada? This brings us to the list of top 20 institutes in the country. Don’t forget to apply with a customized SOP for MS in each of these institute, if you are applying at multiple places at a time.

Top 20 Canadian Universities & Colleges for MS in Canada

statement of purpose

Top Master Degree Programs in Canada

In this chapter, we will introduce you to the major master degree programs in Canada. Again, it is important to customize your writeup according to the program you are choosing. A course-specific SOP assumes more weightage.

Popular Master Programs in Canada

Research about the program itself first and then how your preferred institute is dishing it out to you. Use your findings in your statement of purpose for MS in Canada.

Other SOP's for Canada
statement of purpose


A customized SOP for MS in Canada is the best way to impress the admission committee and make your way into your dream academy in Canada.

The step-by-step SOP writing process discussed in this blog would prepare you for the same.

Let us know your thoughts about this blog in the comment section below.

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vasuki ram - professional and experienced content writer - sopconsultants
Founder/Sr. Writer - SOP Consultants

Vasuki Ram, senior writer and the founder of SOP Consultants is a B-tech Graduate who used to work in an MNC. Starting from 2013, she along with her team has assisted more than 10,000 students. Shift in her career was drastic. Read full story here.

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