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MBA aspirants often stumble upon a common hurdle while seeking admission at reputed institutes. You must know, that students need to develop an SOP, which resonates their academic background, skills, professional goals and interests. An SOP for MBA should have a corporate language, creating a favourable impression among the selectors. Well, competition in the academic circuit is high. If you are willing to go for an MBA course, you need a powerful SOP to qualify for the berth. Reach out to the established SOP developers for professional assistance. At SOP Consultants, we craft impactful SOPs for MBA candidates. You can get across to us for these write ups, when you seek admission at the B-schools. Whether you are applying at a graduate school, college or post-graduate program, you need a captivating SOP to make your way to the dream institute. Come to us for statement of purpose for MBA, our experts will churn out a powerful SOP for you.

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A statement of purpose is an essay, conveying the academic pursuits and professional goals of an individual to the institution where he seeks admission. Most of the reputed institutes for MBA requires the applicants to develop high-quality SOPs, that explain how the course can assist them in achieving their professional goals. Therefore, you should know how to write sop for MBA. Most of the time, students lacking experience in the domain run out of ideas. They come up with all sorts of generic information in the SOP, which leads to rejection. You can have a consultation with us regarding your SOP. Our experts will develop the SOP for you, powerful enough to convince the selection committee about your abilities. A professional tone and a thorough understanding of the selection criteria of the institution is necessary to craft a winning SOP. For more details, check out our SOP specifications.


The role of an SOP is to convey your strengths and abilities to the institution you are applying for. An MBA SOP should come with a corporate language, with the right tone and diction. We can develop a sophisticated SOP for you, leveraging your profile when you apply for admission. Our team of writers are well-versed with the preferred principles of the leading MBA institutions. They develop the SOP accordingly, ensuring a professional tone in the write up. A goal-oriented approach in these essays, focusing on your long term goals, establishes your profile as a promising MBA aspirant. Well, you can check out a sample sop for MBA to get a broader concept about its contents and structure. In a nutshell, the SOP explains how the course will help the candidate in the professional pursuits.


Tips to craft a powerful statement of purpose for MBA

It is necessary to captivate the attention of the selectors with the SOP. You need to strike the right cord in these essays, integrating a balanced information about yourself. For students, it is important to understand what the selectors want to know from them. An MBA SOP must clearly explain the academic background of the student and the long-term professional goals. You need to contextualize the benchmarks of the B-school with your strengths. The writeup must resonate your abilities, and justify that you are the right candidate to seek admission at the institution. Well, you can check out a statement of purpose sample for mba to get a better idea of the quality of services we deliver.

You should speak of your activities outside the classroom in the SOP, making them relevant to the course you are applying for. Start the writeup with a real-life story, that revolves around your career goals. Keep away the generic tone in the MBA SOP, as the essay is about your pursuits, and not the others’. You can explain the reasons behind taking certain decisions in your academic life, like choice of streams and courses. Besides, you should focus on your interests and aptitudes, that can complement your efforts in reaching your professional goals.

One of the most important tasks in developing an MBA SOP is integrating the right format in the writeup. This enhances the visual appeal of the SOP, enhancing the possibilities of your selection. Reach out to us for a seamless solution for developing your SOP for MBA.

Come to us for statement of purpose writing services for MBA

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Why to choose our SOP writing services for MBA?

Major requisites while applying for MBA courses in most of the global business universities and schools are a cluster of MBA essays. Sometimes, even for admission to management courses at bachelors and masters level needs you to submit a statement of purpose.

A student who aspires to join a management course, know that the first hurdle he should cross is the entrance exam. Once you score good in any of these MBA entrance exams, now it’s time to think of the required documents to be submitted for admission to a business school. You may have prepared your resume, score cards, recommendation letters and all such things. You have to understand that these are only proofs that who you were in these past years. There is nothing vital to show your genuine interest or the real purpose why you want to pursue this particular course. Also there is no mention about your future or career goals in any of these documents. That’s why foreign universities insist on submitting a statement of purpose for mba.

But, the admission committees like to evaluate a student from past, present and future perspectives. Thus they want to know why he wants to join the course and how he will be utilising it in his future career or how he thinks the course will be of a great help in realising his long and short term life goals.  This is the basic theme you want to reflect in your sop for mba, besides some other relevant information.

Before going into the details of writing a SoP for MBA, let’s first see how it is different from that for MS. Initially, both are intended to serve the same purpose that to show the interest and passion of a student to join and pursue a particular course.

Now to mention the dissimilarities, the fundamental difference lies when the profile of the applicant is compared. Mostly freshers choose MS whereas candidates with at least 2-3 years of work experience apply for MBA. Hence, there will be much more to include in the statement of purpose for mba than MS. And is quite challenging as well.

However, there will be few fresher candidates applying for management courses. Take reference from examples for statement of purpose for mba without work experience to get better understanding about the content in such Sops.

The next difference to point out is that MS is relatively a technical course and thus the SOP tends to be talking more about technical aspects. Whereas, the SOP for MBA has to be a balanced draft showcasing both your technical and managerial capabilities. You have to speak as a mature and executive professional in your MBA sop.

Now let’s see what the format of a sop for general mba is…. Mostly the business schools will be providing admission prospects and guidelines about what all information they are seeking from each candidate. Obviously, they may be giving proper data about writing a statement of purpose. Though, there are some schools who ask for open SOPs, meaning the candidate is free to decide on what topic he should write. But here is the most challenging element; for that you have to guess what the University wants you to address in the SOP and write it in a very convincing manner.

Coming to the format of an SOP, it’s not like a CV where you enlist your qualities, strengths, achievements etc. It is more like an essay or story where the matter is spread across some logically connected paragraphs.

Next, we move on to answer the common query – what are the contents to be included in a statement of purpose for mba…?

Your SOP is not a fantasy story, so it needs to be more realistic. Thus you are ought to talk something about your past before getting in-depth into future aspects. Yet, remember that your resume is more than enough to serve this purpose. So don’t talk elaborative about the past academic pursuits. Mention merely about your academic background and the most relevant accomplishments in your career life. Also, if you have any notable life experience which made you more inclined towards opting this particular course, do mention it in your statement of purpose for mba.

Then in the following paragraphs, describe with evidences that why you wanted to join MBA at that University. Also why you aspires to continue your studies and what are your future goals.

But, the challenge here is related to the length of the statement of purpose for mba. As stated earlier, some schools individually provide the rules and guidelines, else if not, it’s good to adhere to a standard word count.

Here, you need to think from the perspective of an admission officer.  Nobody will encourage long written essays when they are already running out of time. So, it is advised to keep your SOP not more than 2 pages long with sufficient spacing. Or draft it within, not more than 1000 words.

Also, if you write a too short essay, the admission officers evaluate yourself negatively thinking you are not an organised person and have no self-awareness.

It is always better to start with a rough copy of the statement of purpose for mba and do the necessary modifications till you reach the final document as required. Because, there is a much harder post-writing phase where you have to proof read your document mercilessly and make it refined and polished in all terms. So a rough draft can be of great help from the very beginning.

The major mistake students make in their SOP is that they copy the statement of purpose examples and ignore the fact that, the SOP should be reflecting oneself eventually, more than anything. Not only that, the universities are very particular about the plagiarism and by copying an example, you are risking your opportunity.

But, to understand about the contents and structure you can refer any sample statement of purpose for mba in international business.

You have succeeded in deciding how you want your future to be. Now, by taking some positive initiative, do achieve it and be happy. We will be pleased to know if you want us to help you in writing your MBA essays. Feel free to contact us…..

Educational analysts observed that Masters in Business administration or MBA is the most preferred course by students across the globe. With the course having great potential and lucrative opportunities, MBA, thus, is a well-defined calculative move made by business aspirants.

What is it all about?

While applying for MBA, the statement of purpose or SoP is a very vital document that one has to submit. Therefore, you must take extreme care to if see your SoP summarises all your academic experiences and objectives for pursuing MBA.  Especially, while applying for the course overseas, it is mandatory to include the sop for mba along with educational certificates and applications.

First Impressions

When writing sop for mba admission process, you have to make sure to impress the reader right away. And in doing so you have better chances to attract the admission offer.  While there are numerous ways to write sop for mba, here we have picked out major points that will help you make “first impression as the best impression”.

Must-Have Points in a SOP


Now that you have rough idea about what should go in a sop, let’s get into further details on this document. There are three main aspects that one has to focus while writing a sop for mba….

  • Good and compelling writing style: Focus of reflecting an impressive quality of writing. With strong command on your language and use of accurate words, you can simply win over the admission panel as well as easy get the ticket into your dream college. By following a clear writing style, it will be much easier to convey your ideas and plans to the reader.
  • Being unique counts: There is only one chance to prove yourself, unless you are willing to take it easy and rely on second chances. Be unique and creative! Don’t give the selection committee an opportunity to flip through your letter for being boring or dull. Incorporate experiences and anecdotes that will make your sop catchy and interesting that will remain with the reader. For instance, a sop for mba with engineering background will have different learning experiences and innovative projects to share extensively that sets itself apart from the rest.
  • Mention goals and objectives: It is very essential to share your aspirations and long term plans so that the admission panel will have a clear idea what is your exact purpose and understand your objectives of pursuing this particular course and its specialisation. By conveying your real motives of what and why you want study, the reader will be quite impressed with your research attempts. In additionally, if possible try to put name of the respective professor under whom you are keen to study and special inclination to specific subjects – this will take more interest in your application and feel that you are very serious about this MBA decision.

These points might have helped you to create a rough sample sop for mba. Now let’s move on to check the things which can be best avoided.

  • Poor content and errors: Never compromise on quality. It is better to spend exhaustive time in coming up with a well written sop that is free from spelling mistakes, misinformation and grammatical errors. There are high chances to lose the admission opportunity if you have not written the statement of purpose for mba in proper way, which will in turn fail the admission committee to understand you.
  • Don’t be repetitive: Always write a personalised content. Even though you might have taken many references and read sop for mba samples, it is important to maintain a distinct style for your letter. An admission committee is well experienced to understand a genuine sop from duplicate ones. Don’t sound repetitive and monotonous; for the selection panel would have gone through lots of other applications with similar information. Similarly, do not include those information and details which are already mentioned in your CV.
  • Do not exaggerate: Stay clear of overstatement and false promises. In the sop for mba write down your qualities and abilities with relevant examples and experiences to make them sound believable. Take care that you do not go overboard in being creative.
  • Too much is not good: Try your maximum to cover all the important points of your career graph and professional pursuits. But take care you do not exceed more than two pages or go beyond 900 words. Lengthy letters might put off the reader. Be concise and crisp.

Always have a concrete career plan and professional goals while writing a sop. If not, the reader will get the wrong impression that you are not serious about your course and are clueless about your future plans. Focus on sharing positive aspects of your journey so far and cover up negative points in refined manner.

As a final note, it is better to seek assistance before and after writing a statement of purpose for mba. Be it teacher, your senior, colleague or mentor… never hesitate to get help and tips on writing a perfect application letter. Get them to proof read and edit your SoP. In case you are looking out for professional guidance, then feel free to get in touch with us….

Understanding the benefits of pursuing MBA degree from foreign nations, more and more business students and working aspirants are seeking admission to the top leading global business schools or universities. As the admission application process is approached, a major hurdle they have to cross is getting done with an appealing statement of purpose (SOP). This article mainly gives on the topic of writing an sop for mba.

Generally, professionals who have been in the industry for at least 2-3 years are seen to apply for management courses, especially MBA. Whereas, nowadays fresher candidates are also applying for this reputed course, because of its higher job prospects and exposure provided for career within a very short span of time. In today’s industrial world, where globalisation has surpassed even the corners of business procedures, acquiring an international degree in management studies is not a big deal. The educational structure and environment provided by the international B-schools precisely aids students to mould them as business professionals by themselves. However in order to secure an admission in the best learning ground one must first craft an exceptionally good sop for mba.


SOP is a personal essay the applicants have to submit along with their admission application. This document is a great opportunity for the student to communicate with the admission committee of the University about your personal interests and inspirations to pursue this particular course in their school. You can get wide variety of sample sops for mba online, but it’s essential not to copy edit these references while you submit one of yours.

You also need to specify your academic background and work/professional experience in the SOP. Yet, don’t repeat any info anywhere in the other application documents, you are submitting along with it. The abounding sample sop for mba can be made use of here to understand the basic structure and format.

You have to clearly understand the various DO’s and Don’ts about writing an sop for mba before composing one. There may be given a specific guideline for SOP writing format and content to be included by many universities. So, before generally writing your personal draft, do a thorough research about these core matters first.

Giving a clue about your future plans will benefit you greatly by enhancing your chances of securing a seat in your dream institution. We have been in the field of content writing for past long years and are well-aware of the demands and challenges that the students have to face in getting admissions to global B-schools or international Universities. We are fortified with a team of expert and experienced content writers who help aspirants in all their admission related essay writing needs.

Here are included few exceptionally rated sample sops for mba for easy reference. For further assistance, you can contact us at anytime from anywhere….

In most cases, international universities may ask for personal essays or a statement of purpose (SoP) for business management programs.
But what does statement of purpose actually mean and how to write a sop for MBA? Will sop samples alone help one in writing an effective statement? Are there any set rules while writing a sop? What should be written in this document? Is sop for mba different from the one that is used while applying for any other Master’s degree? Through this blog, we will help you deal with all kinds of queries related to sop including how to write a sop for MBA….

statement of purpose sample for mba
What’s MBA Statement of Purpose?

Before you get down to writing, you must take into consideration the initial process of an international admission application – that will include attaching your MBA entrance exam mark sheet, resume, recommendation letters and other allied details. These are to convey the selection committee about your achievements so far. However these does not reveal the actual idea behind pursuing a business management course or about your purpose in life or career plans. This is exactly what sop for mba is intended for.
Now let’s move on to understand it in much detail and more elaborate way.

How MBA SoP is different from other SOPs?

Agreed that they all share same name i.e. SoP. But MBA Sop varies from sop for ms in more than one way. The differences are obvious, when one compares the individual profiles of MBA and Master of Science (MS) applicants. Another main factor is that mostly MS applicants are freshers, whereas MBA applicants are older and have stronger work experience. So naturally, MBA SoP will have more details and information to be included, which makes it be a daunting task. Similarly, MS SoP is more technical oriented while sop for mba should reflect both technical roles as well as managerial capabilities which inclines you towards foreign MBA institutions. Thus, being an experienced individual, your MBA SoP should clearly reflect your maturity level and educational idea.

Statement of Purpose Format for SoP

Some of the MBA schools may specify their requirements as to what they need in a SoP while others might just assume that the applicant will have general idea about this application practice.
For the uninitiated, the mba sop format is different from the resume. Unlike the latter which comprises your background information in bullet-points, MBA SoP is more like an essay based, where you have to describe your qualifications and achievements in well-proportioned paragraphs.
The following pointers will help you to elaborate on different sections of the SoP content:

  • Career Goals
  • Reason for pursuing MBA
  • Why you feel it is important to go for higher education at this juncture?
  • Your Background
  • Professional Achievements
  • What makes you think that this particular university will help you to achieve your future goals?

Remember that the admission panel will be having your resume and hence, it will be a waste of time in repeating what they already read about your profile. But there is no problem in issuing a brief summary about yourself to set the pace.

How long should a MBA SoP be?
Best sop for graduate school

Mostly, MBA colleges do not have set rules regarding the length and word count for sop for mba. In this case, it is mostly left on the applicant to decide how much he wants to share and what. Some may take this as a chance to be overzealous and write down elaborately, describing everything about themselves – which might end up as long, boring essay that will tend the reader to just give it a full-length glance and move on to next application. 

While some may be writing a statement just for the sake of it and put down random points and submit it. However, both these approaches are not fine and it wouldn’t attract any brownie points either.
If there is no specification given by the university, you should try to maintain the sop for mba within 1000 words. But yet, here the word count doesn’t matter. What is more important is the content, its order and layout.

Final Dos and Don’ts

There are various online resources that allows one to download sop for mba samples and modify them accordingly. But it is not advisable to do so.
One has to sit and give a considerable thought about how to write a sop for MBA and what are the details that you are going to put in it. You should be able to stand out from the rest, since the admission panel will have thousands of applications coming to them.
If you have no idea as to how to write an mba sop, then it is completely fine to seek help from SoP examples. But take utmost care not to duplicate any of the content provided in them. For, plagiarism is taken to account very seriously by international universities. So if you put down fake information or copy other’s work, then you will have to soon regret the actions.
Even if you are referring any standard SoP format, just take efforts and customise the content suiting your profile – including your interests, motivations, academic and professional achievements, career plans and future goals. While taking notes from the sop for mba examples, be extremely careful kinds of ideas you are going to choose from them and how it is related to your profile.
On the other hand, if you are taking professional assistance from a foreign counsellor to write sop for mba, you still have to read through the entire contents to see that the final draft is genuine and accurate.
It is always a good idea to make a fresh beginning and develop a SoP that completely reflects you. Keep in mind that it is better to write an attractive and compelling introduction, followed by strong summary which will make your sop for mba very impressive.

We really hope this article regarding how to write a sop for MBA has provided you with enough guidelines.

If you want more assistance, do get in touch with our SOP writing services team, who will be more than glad to help you…