A Complete Handbook on SOP for LLM in the UK

While applying for highly regarded courses like LLM, you will require a strong and catchy SOP which confirms your admission at the University. This blog will clear all your doubts and help you prepare a compelling SOP for LLM in the UK.

statement of purpose
statement of purpose

An overview of SOP for Masters in Law in the UK

Confused on what‘s the difference between normal SOP and SOP for Masters in Law?

You may also be in doubt why we discuss SOP for Masters in Law for the UK specifically. Scroll down and find the answers to all your questions, and guidelines to choose a perfect statement of purpose writer.

SOP for LLM in the UK- What is it?

SOP for LLM in the UK is a document that portrays your interest and aspiration to study law and become a lawyer. It must answer all the basic questions like why law, why this university and why the UK.

Need of an SOP for Doing LLM in the UK

SOP is a pivotal document for law admission in the UK.

how to write sop for llm in uk - infographics complete steps
statement of purpose

Steps to write SOP for LLM in the UK

Writing an SOP for LLM in the UK can be tiresome and difficult but with the right guidance, you can tackle your problems.

Your Instructions to write SOP for LLM in the UK

You must be very careful when you draft an SOP for LLM in the UK. There are some guidelines to be followed to make it attractive and acceptable.

It is always advisable to begin early to write your SOP for LLM in the UK to avoid last minute rush. Give yourself enough time to write, rewrite and edit.

Don’t overwrite your SOP for LLM in the UK. It must be short and crisp. Never forget the purpose of your write up.

It is always advisable not to keep your SOP personal. Rather try to present yourself in the light of your interest in Law.

Since your SOP for LLM in the UK is an official document, try to keep it formal.  You must use formal language to draft an SOP for LLM in the UK.

Rather than giving focus to extracurricular activities unless it has relevance in your Law career, try to avoid it and give focus to academics and work experience.

Always be honest and genuine and never give wrong information or boast.

Your SOP for LLM in the UK must be plagiarism free and provide fresh content. Of course you can refer but never copy.

Always proofread the document for spelling or grammatical errors and seek feedback from others.

Correct format to write SOP for LLM in the UK

Following a perfect format for SOP can bag you a seat in your desired university. Following the correct format of SOP matching your chosen country, university and course is very crucial.

Try to start your introduction by writing down about your interest in the course, your vision and the reason to opt for the UK and the University for your higher studies. Highlight your interest in the course.

Tell briefly about your academic qualifications and your proficiency in the same. Explain how your academic background molded an interest in you for law. Explain your academic milestones.

If you have any extracurricular activities related to your choice of LLM, please do mention that in this paragraph. Try to connect the dots to make it relevant to the choice of LLM.

If you have any professional experience, add it here. If it is not related to law, give account for your career change. State your take away from your professional experience.

Mention briefly why you choose the UK as your study destination. Explain what attracted you and why you avoided other countries. Give an account of why you choose a particular university, give a reasonable explanation rather than general answers.

Explain where you wish to see yourself in the next 5 or 10 years. Elaborate upon your career goals and be specific here.

Conclude with a sense of hope to get selected for the course at the university. Say thank you in advance. Concluding paragraph must also be attractive to compel the panel to relook at your document.

Points to ponder while writing an SOP for LLM in the UK

There are many things you must take care of before writing down a Statement of Purpose for LLM in the United Kingdom.


  • Link every information mentioned in the SOP to your choice of Law.
  • Do conduct a thorough research about the course and university before you start to write the SOP.
  • Mention some books or concepts related to law rather than stating facts; this can reflect your knowledge and passion.
  • Do check for plagiarism and seek feedback from others.
  • Try to connect your academics to your choice of law.
  • Give a valid reason for your passion in law.


  • Don’t give any quotes unless they have significance in your life and you can link it to a lesson learned from your experiences.
  • Don’t copy anything from anywhere.
  • Don’t state your experience vaguely, rather explain how it influenced you to get interested in law.
  • Don’t mention any extracurricular activities that don’t have any significance to your choice of law.
  • Don’t forget to proofread for any spelling or grammatical errors.
statement of purpose

Sample SOP for LLM in UK

This chapter will give you an idea on how to write an SOP for LLM in the UK by referring to various Statement of purpose samples provided.

SOP samples for masters in law UK

Referring to this sample can provide you with an idea on how to structure your entire document. Read the same with points discussed so far. Don’t copy anything from the sample. Use the sample only for reference.

statement of purpose

Requisites of SOP for Law in Major Universities in UK

Requirements for studying law in UK universities may vary according to the type of the University. However care must be given to applications to each university to meet specific demands.

Number of essays required:

Two essays are required; one as an SOP and other on a legal topic.

Word limit:

For SOP it is 300 words whereas for the legal essay it can be up to 2000 words.

Content for the SOP:

Reason for the choice of law and Oxford University, academic history, professional experience and reason for the interest in the field of law.

Word Limit:

SOP for the University of Edinburgh can be up to 500 words or 3500 characters.

Prompts for Statement of Purpose:

Reason to choose the university and the course. How this program will help you in your career advancements and your relevant professional experience, if any.

Character Limit:

Maximum of 4000 characters or 2 page length.

Ways of uploading: 

SOP can either be entered directly in the online application form or uploaded alongside the form.

Character Limit:

Personal statement can be up to 5000 characters.

Format of uploading: 

SOP can either be typed in the application form or can be uploaded in either PDF/Microsoft Word format.

Word limit: 

Though the university doesn’t specify number of words, the SOP could be about one side of an A4 sheet.

Prompts for the SOP:

Reason for the choice of the program and how you can benefit from the teachings of the program offered in this university.

Top 20 English Universities & Colleges to consider for LLM in UK

Here we have listed the top 20 universities and colleges to consider in the United Kingdom for your masters in law. Have a glance at each university and choose the one that best matches you.

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statement of purpose


Writing an SOP for LLM for the UK can be easy if right guidance is received. We have discussed the structure of SOP for LLM in the UK, steps to write down an SOP and its requirements. Hope the information mentioned was useful to you.


An SOP for LLM in the UK is a written essay that outlines your academic background, professional experiences, career aspirations, and reasons for pursuing a Master of Laws degree in the UK. It is a crucial component of your application as it allows the admissions committee to assess your motivation, suitability, and potential contributions to the LLM program.

An ideal SOP for LLM in the UK is typically around 500 to 750 words long and follows a clear structure, including an engaging introduction, a well-organized body that highlights your experiences and aspirations, and a strong conclusion that reinforces your commitment to the field of law.

Certainly, we can offer sample SOPs that have helped previous clients gain admission to reputable LLM programs in the UK. These examples demonstrate the quality of our writing and how we tailor each statement to the individual applicant.

Yes, our team of professional writers has significant experience in crafting effective SOPs specifically for LLM programs in the UK. They are familiar with the expectations of UK universities and legal institutions.

We begin by conducting a personalized consultation to gather relevant information about your academic background, legal experiences, and career goals. Our writers use this information to craft a customized SOP that highlights your uniqueness and aligns with your aspirations

Absolutely! Mentioning specific legal specializations and research interests in your SOP demonstrates your passion for a particular area of law and shows the admissions committee that you have a clear focus for your studies.

Yes, we offer one-on-one consultations to understand your individual background, experiences, and goals better. These consultations help us create a personalized and compelling SOP that showcases your strengths.

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vasuki ram - professional and experienced content writer - sopconsultants
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Vasuki Ram, senior writer and the founder of SOP Consultants is a B-tech Graduate who used to work in an MNC. Starting from 2013, she along with her team has assisted more than 10,000 students. Shift in her career was drastic. Read full story here.

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