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15th November 2018 by Varada A | SOP Examples

Well, you have decided to continue your studies and may have confirmed the specialisation for your master’s course. A post graduate degree can give an immense boost to your career. Being realised the potential an international course could offer, presently numerous students have started to opt for foreign universities to pursue their higher studies. The facilities and infrastructure are worth their increasing demand these days. Availability of wide range and better specialisations in various disciplines is also another major factor which attracts students to foreign nations.

When the task of preparing and submitting applications to various universities has been undertaken, only then, one may be thinking of writing an essential document, a masters personal statement as required by the University. It is purely an academic text which doesn’t ask you to include your personal information. You are trying to sell yourself through the personal statement or else it’s a best chance to tell the admission committee that you are a fit candidate for them. Hence, you have to clearly describe why you opted for the course, what inspired you to pursue a master’s course, what are you planning to achieve form the course and what are your future goals? Also you have to mention the skills and achievements that prove you are capable to carry out the course.

But altogether you are only permitted to write within two sides of an A4 paper. Do refer to a masters personal statement example to see how these particulars are systematically arranged.

You can show your true interest and passion for the course by mentioning about some basic ideas you have about your masters study and how you feel the course can help you in achieving a better career prospects. Also you can add about your future plans, which means what you will do after course completion, which will give you an image of a well-organised visionary.

Besides, you can further add valid justification for any substantial gaps in your education or occupation like due to health conditions, unavoidable circumstances like death of a family member etc. Go through any masters personal statement example before writing yours.

The way you present your personal statement is very crucial in getting it read as well as rated affirmatively. For that the personal statements are also considered as writing skill assessment tool. Also, you ought to show professionalism in all facets of your personal statement, right from writing style.

It’s must to submit an error-free document, for it’s always a negative notion for the candidate, especially when applying for abroad universities.

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A personal statement is an important document that one has to submit while seeking admission in an international university. It has to be attached along with other academic certificates and application form. By submitting a personal statement, you get a chance to showcase your skills, achievements and research projects so as to prove your worth for a specific course that you are applying for. A personal statement is different for graduate program and master’s degree. Unlike the former one, personal statement for masters will have matured approach with more professional achievements to share.

Before writing, go through the instructions of the application procedure of the particular college you are applying to. As the name denotes, personal statement should carry PERSONAL information and not autobiographical details. That is, the content should be written through your own view point, about your motivation and aspirations. Take care not to copy from any online personal statement sample for master as the admission authorities will be well equipped with plagiarism checking systems.

A personal statement should convey these important factors:

  • Why do you want to do Masters?
  • Reason for applying to this particular university?
  • Your interests and achievements in support to do masters?
  • Career plans and future aspirations.
  • In what way you will benefit the university?

Take extreme care while covering all these points and follow a structured style. It is important to keep your personal statement for masters short and crisp, yet interesting so that the admission panel will be kept engaged. A good personal statement should impress any kind of selection officer; hence, the content in it matters the most.

Divide your personal statement thus – an attractive introduction, remarkable body and inspiring conclusion. Don’t write elaborate paragraphs; instead keep them concise. A long continuous body text will look boring and can put off any reader. Refer over internet for a personal statement sample for master or seek help from your professors, seniors, colleagues or better still, a professional content writing service like us.

It is advisable to write about your abilities and achievements with appropriate examples and references. Putting relevant anecdotes within your personal statement sample for masters will not only make it unique, but also make the admission officers feel that you are really eager to do this particular course.

Maintain a confident tone throughout and include maximum about your motivations, research works and abilities. Proofread before sending off your personal statement. Make sure it is error free – check for spelling mistakes, grammar and sentence formation.

Go through our personal statement sample for masters, so that you can understand how to write in a compelling manner.

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