Things to consider while writing university admission essay!

27th December 2018 by Varada A | SOP For University

While you would have successfully completed your high school final exams, please bear further to channelize your energy in writing a good university admission essay. It is very important since it will help in getting you a seat in your favourite college. This essay will be read by admission authorities and you have to put your entire academic life on to the white sheet. And whatever you write, it should absolutely stand out from the rest of the applicants.

We understand you will completely at loss of words as to how to start a college application essay or what are things to be written and what not…. RELAX!

Here we are to give you some effective guidelines that needs to be followed while writing a university admission essay:

Note the Instructions:

The set of instructions given beforehand, are for a reason. And let we tell you, it is very, very important to follow them.  Though you would have already come across several of them while applying to other universities, it is mandatory to give the instructions a thorough read. Reading will help you make notes for your university admission essay.

Do Reference Work

It is advisable to read those essays of students who have successfully cleared the admission process. Try to refer essays of seniors for taking notes about college admission essay examples about yourself or take help from reliable sources like internet or library. Reading will make you get an idea how you can write of your own.  Whenever an interesting topic strikes you, immediately note it down and later, think well and write down elaborately. Later ask someone to read your university admission essay and give their feedback. Next, leave the essay alone for couple of days and return to edit it and send it right away! Rereading will only leave you frustrated and guilty to write better.

Response Accurately and Planning

Admission panel would have thousands of applications to go through, and so won’t have time to go through every student’s application. Make their work easier by writing relevant points and answers that they expect rather than beating around the bush.

One has to stick to an effective plan before writing the admission essay. You would have gone through many college application essay topics for reference and got ideas as to what to put in your own essay. For this, it is vital to have a plan in place. Start writing on a subject and after finishing divide it as introduction, body content and the final part. This will give the reader a clear idea about your essay’s layout. It will be also help you to remain in sync with your basic idea.

Impactful Introduction

The trick is to capture your reader’s attention at the beginning itself! For instance, make a start by sharing an interesting story/experience that will attract the admission officer and further engage them in your content. Think all kinds of out-of-the-box phrases to make your starting line. Concentrate on telling about yourself, your personality and character. Go on to tell how an idea shaped you, motivated you and what are you seeking for.

If possible, brainstorm with your group of friends or discuss with your teachers on choosing a good topic for your university admission essay.

Impress with Attributes

While you would have successfully made bang-on start with the essay, it is important to maintain the goodness. Think about your positives including skills, abilities or achievements. Try to come up with relevant topics basing these aspects. You have to write about your qualities and interests that will have positive effect on the admission panel. Using too much flowery words or popular phrases just for the sake of it is not a good idea. Tell the reader how eager you are to chase certain career goals or how interested you are in particular subject. They should understand your seriousness towards the higher studies through your personal essay for college. Resist the urge to copy proverbs and stick to real life experiences and source of inspirations.

Don’t sound like pleading!

Agreed that, university admission essay is the ultimate chance to prove your worth to the admission panel and your content can either make of mar that chance. However, ensure that you do not go overboard and plead the reader to give you admission. It is futile to try hard and impress the selection committee, because they would be already sorting through many other so-called impressive letters. Use a confident tone and open minded approach in sharing your ideas.

Be who you are

Write about yourself, as you are and who you are! Write what is important. The authorities wants to see how well you can put across yourself through writing. No specific topic is important; what matters is how you write and express. You have to sell your worth by writing logically and sensibly.

State Examples

If you have an idea, share it. It will be good if you support it with some examples in the university admission essay. Or if you have some interesting incident, tell why it is important to you and how it is relevant to your future or career goals. Just by merely stating a random idea will not impress the selection team. The admission panel are keen to see how your mind works of various occasions or in particular situations.

On other hand, it is vital to share your purpose of aspiring for certain course or career. Be frank in conveying your personal opinion about specific topic rather than making an overstatement.

Maintain good structure

It is fine to bring out your creativity but not at the sake of building some random layout. There needs to be proper structure within your essay. Plan a topic, include its different aspects and finish off with an inspiring ending note. What counts is how you present your topic in what manner.

The university admission essay is intended to reflect your mind, your opinion about the world and your perception. So it is fine if you have had a mind blowing experience or inspiring incident to share. The final note is do not attempt to fake yourself.

It is advisable to make a rough draft of your university admission essay and then make a final one. There are chances that with each copy, you will find something missing and go on to write better version. So don’t limit yourself and write well.

On safer ground, do not hesitate to take professional assistance, in case you are in doubt about writing a good university admission essay.

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