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Statement of Purpose for Masters: Effective Writing Tips!

9th July 2018 by Varada A | Uncategorized
statement of purpose for masters

Unlike Indian schools where the admission applications consist of a few scorecards, certificates and a CV, foreign universities are a step ahead in further collecting a set of documents like SOPs, Letter of intent etc. There the admission committees evaluate the candidates based on both academic accomplishments and personal achievements. They are very keen to identify the best candidate for them by equally weighing their past and present life and the future goals.

One among the application documents, which indeed is the most important one is the statement of purpose (SOP). Every applicant submits his mark sheets and resume in which all his abilities are clearly stated. But they are not enough to show the real intent or purpose of the aspirant in undergoing the master’s course. SOP is an easy document, which I would like to compare with the “Introduce about yourself” question one faces in interviews. It encompasses one’s academic interests, motivation to pursue a master’s degree and his future prospects he plans to earn by pursuing the course along with his basic understanding about the university.

Character of the Master’s SOP

A personal touch is an essential fitment of your statement of purpose for masters which helps one to connect with the review officers very easily. Mostly, it is recommended to have a story nature and thus needs to be engaging and interesting.

Logically frame a story that conveys the reasons that made you to choose this masters course, your motivational factors or incidents which supported your decision and your real life experiences that made you fascinated about this field of study.

Element of academic achievements

Within your statement of purpose for masters include a small section to highlight your academic achievements, but don’t make it elaborative and repeat all what is there in your score cards. Talk about the particular subject you had been passionate about and your related achievements like took part in quiz, workshops or debates in that subject area. Also summarise about your related internship or training programs without going into their in-depth details.

Non-school activities

Although you are not required to be an all-rounder to get admission in foreign universities, they especially look for students who can be worthy of their institutions. Hence they are eager to know about your character or personality, which can be indirectly stated through your extra-curricular accomplishments. It also gives a notion about your management quality to handle both academic and non-academic activities at same time along with showcasing your goal-oriented personality.

Why this particular Course?

This is the most important part of sop format. Why is important for you to pursue this course? This way the admission officers can understand about the real interest or passion of an applicant in selecting the course. The question, How you think that the course will be of any benefit in your career also needs to be addressed here.

Why this University?

Answering to this question is very crucial and the statement of purpose for masters must carry some genuine reasons. The admission committee wants to know whether the candidate have a basic understanding about the university and its activities, the curriculum and educational culture etc. For which you need to have done enough research to write this part. Just by going through the University website you will get the idea about it and points to include in this section. Also find the faculty information in the department you have applied to and try to align your research interests with any of their research areas, if found. Also add in your statement of purpose for masters why you choose the location or country without much exaggeration.

Career or future Goals

This is another most important and a vital part of the statement of purpose for masters. Your goals show that you are focussed and disciplined person. Your past pursuits when aligned with your future goals can bag you a positive image from the admission officers. It also helps you to make it clear why you have chosen the course and how much important is it for you? Also you can talk about your short term goals separately in this part.

Here you can insert an optimistic plan that after completing your course what you plan to do like either join any workplace or continue higher studies or start a new venture etc. Get a good picture about this, by referring any sample masters SOP on internet.

Concluding Notes

This part of the statement of purpose for masters is your last chance to impress the committee. So make it worth by summarising the document without merely repeating any of the above facts.

Write everything in paragraphs and keep them linked without having a feel of jumping from one to other. After final draft is prepared, get it proof-read several times to avoid all possible kinds of mistakes in spelling or grammar or any unappropriated phrases. There is no mandate regarding the structure or format of a statement of purpose for masters. But it is advised to check the university guidelines about the document format. If not prescribed try to follow the general standard format.

Keep the sop for masters short, recommended to limit it within two pages, or not more than 800 words.

Hope you got an idea about what a statement of purpose for masters is, what are its content and what are the safeguards to be taken care of about it? Let us know, if you want any further assistance by dropping us a mail.

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