Learn How to Write Motivation Letters for Volunteer Work

Looking for help in drafting a strong motivation letter writing service for volunteering? Consider your task done! This is the roadmap to assist you with enhancing your volunteer applications. As you scroll, you will find various resources in the form of tips, guidelines and step-by-step process of writing an effective LOM.

how to write letter of motivation for volunteer
letter of motivation for volunteer

What is the purpose of a motivation letter?

A motivation letter is an opportunity for applicants to explain their eligibility to apply for a study program, job position or scholarship. Below given are the key purposes of a motivation letter:

Expressing passion: 

A motivation letter can be instrumental in conveying your enthusiasm to the reviewers. A strong LOM will clearly reflect the applicant’s genuine interest for the desired opportunity.


Showcasing achievements:

You can elaborate on your achievements, skills and other qualifications in a motivation letter. This includes both academic, professional or research credentials that are relevant to the opportunity.

Making your application stand out:

A motivation letter is a personal account of your academic, professional and other co-curricular experiences. This makes you unique as you can explain how these learning opportunities make you the perfect candidate.

Supplementing other documents:

Your motivation letter is a brief description of your academic and professional experiences. Thus, it is an adequate addition to your resume and other application materials giving the reviewer a deeper look at your profile.

What is a Motivation Letter for Volunteer Work?

A motivation letter for volunteering is a detailed description of your motivation to perform social work or contribute to a particular cause or organisation. It ideally highlights your passion and eligibility for the volunteering program.

why letter of motivation for volunteer

Why Should You Include a Motivation Letter for Volunteering?

A motivation letter can be submitted to enhance your application and land that volunteering position. Here are a couple of reasons in favour of writing a motivation letter:

motivation letter for volunteer - how,why

Highlight your motivation:

A motivation letter gives you the chance to demonstrate your genuine interest in the volunteering opportunity. By explaining your source of inspiration, you let the reviewers recognize your energy and commitment.

Showcase your commitment:

You can explain your suitability for volunteering opportunity through your LOM. This can be achieved by stating previous experiences and contributions that have created impact.

Demonstrating your communication skills:

Your motivation letter will be assessed by the reviewers in terms of structure, clarity and articulation. Hence, by presenting a well-written motivation letter you can express your capability to communicate with stakeholders, beneficiaries or other team members.

Making your application unique:

Your motivation letter is an elaboration of your personal achievements and experiences that makes you unique. This can convince the reviewers to give you a green signal.

Mentioning your previous experiences:

You can express your foundation knowledge or expertise in the specific field. This can be instrumental in deciding if the applicant is the right fit for the program.

how to write letter of motivation for volunteer

How to Write a Motivation Letter for a Volunteer?

Writing a motivation letter for a volunteering position is not a tedious task if you plan well. We suggest you follow these steps:

Conduct research:

Before writing, start by learning about the organisation’s mission, vision, values, etc. This will help you customise your letter in accordance with these facts.


Start your letter with an interesting and engaging introduction. You can include insights regarding your name, personal background, the position you are applying to, etc.

Highlight your motivation:

Elaborate briefly about the reason why you want to pursue the opportunity. You should explain why you are interested in the cause and how you can contribute to the same.

Academic and professional qualifications:

State your competence by mentioning your academic background, prior volunteering experience, personal traits etc. You can use these to explain how you can benefit the cause or organisation.

Connect to the organisation's mission:

Together with expressing a genuine interest in the cause, you can showcase your research skills in your motivation letter. Explain what about the organisation motivates you and how you intend to contribute. 

Mention your availability:

You should also state your availability in terms of number of hours, your start date, together with the willingness to commit. Also mention why you are reliable and trustworthy to take up the opportunity.


Conclude by providing contact information and expressing interest in pursuing the volunteering opportunity. Thank the reviewer for their time and close the letter on a positive note.

Revise and edit:

Once you are done, go through the overall structure, clarity and relevance of the letter. Make sure to run the same through spelling checks and grammar checks.

Tell us about your unique LOM requirements. We will sort it out at the earliest.

    how a motivation letter for volunteer can help

    How can a well-written motivation letter help you with volunteer applications?

    A well articulated motivation letter for volunteering can prove to be the perfect addition for your application. Below are some reasons why it benefit the applicants:

    • Convey enthusiasm: A well-articulated motivation letter can effectively portray your passion for the volunteering program. You can create a positive impression by explaining why you are interested in working towards that cause.
    • Highlight commitment: A well crafted motivation letter can showcase your commitment and dedication for the program. Your efforts to communicate your skills, articulate your thoughts and present them in a structure will convince the reviewers of your willingness to commit as a volunteer.
    • Alignment with organisation: You can explain your interest in the cause and the alignment with the organisation’s mission in a well-written motivation letter. By establishing a strong connection with the offerings of the opportunity, you stand a better chance of landing the position.
    • Showcase relevant skills and experiences: A motivation letter must include academic and professional experiences, top skills, volunteering experience, etc. If written well, it can help applicants explain how your skills can benefit the cause.
    • Proof of communication skills: Your ability to put across your thoughts with clarity, relevance and genuinity is assessed by reviewers. This is to gauge your communication and writing skills that are significant in a volunteering position.

    Key Elements of An Effective Motivation Letter for Volunteer

    A Motivation Letter has various components that explain the applicant’s reason and potential to pursue the volunteering opportunity. It will ideally comprise of the below given elements:

    1. Introduction

    Introduce yourself to the reviewers and mention the position that you are applying for. You can explain how your previous education, volunteering experience, etc. makes you a perfect fit for the opportunity.

    2. Motivation and passion

    Explain how the particular cause resonates with your interests and why you are interested in this opportunity. You can use your previous experiences to demonstrate your passion for volunteering.

    3. Reason for choosing organisation

    Highlight why you are the best fit for the organisation. Explain how its mission, vision or values connect with you.

    4. Relevant skills and qualities

    Focus on your transferable skills like communication skills, problem solving skills, team building skills, etc. together with examples to prove your claims. Explain how these skills can help in effectively contributing to the cause.

    5. Willingness to learn:

    Together with clearly stating your availability and commitment, you can express your openness towards new learning experiences. You can highlight the specific skills you wish to polish through the volunteering experience.

    6. Conclusion:

    Summarise and close the letter by expressing gratitude for the opportunity to apply for the position. You can also provide contact information for further communication.

    sample motivation letter for volunteer example

    Sample Motivation Letter for Volunteer

    Now that you have a vague idea about the drill, let us take you through a strong motivation letter for volunteering sample. This can help you position and structure your LOM in an effective way:

    Dear (Name of recipient),

    I am writing this letter of motivation to express my interest in the Volunteering position at your esteemed organisation. I am quite impressed by the impact radar and projects initiated by your esteemed organisation in supporting underprivileged communities. My thorough research and deep self reflection convinced me that this opportunity is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to broaden my perspective and explore the depths of sustainable development.


    I completed my Bachelor’s program in Social Work and earned my Master’s degree in International Development Studies. These study programs helped me gain research skills and practical learning experiences through field visits and internships. I volunteered at a local shelter and community outreach program during my undergraduate years. This opportunity gave me a deep insight into the transformative power of community empowerment. This experience motivated me to undertake my Master’s to broaden my horizon to an international level.


    During my Master’s program, I was exposed to various topics like Foreign Policy, International Political Economy, Emerging Economies, Conflict Management, etc. Alongside these comprehensive courses, I volunteered at the Refugee Camp at “location”. I helped organise and host educational workshops on basic hygiene. Additionally, I organised a recruitment drive to provide children with mentors and tutors. These experiences helped me cement my position on education being the greatest antidote to initiate positive change.


    On earning my degree, I joined AgroSatya to help build and implement sustainable gardening systems for disadvantaged communities in “location”. I led a team of six volunteers who mobilised the community, conducted live workshops on organic farming and involved them in the process. Together with creating a community gardening system, we were able to establish strong bonds among the people. This helped me realise the significance of grassroot level involvement in combating food insecurity.


    I resonate with the educational and healthcare projects of “name of organisation”. The most recent initiative in “location” called Bloodline is known for its efficient operations and far reaching impact. The project aims to provide the infrastructure to store rare blood groups and revive old blood banks. This initiative inspires me and I am looking forward to contributing to this serious social issue in underdeveloped nations.


    I have excellent communication skills and team building capabilities as I was involved in various fundraising and event management initiatives since my schooling. As the president of the student council, I led the Children’s Day fundraising campaign in YYYY. I successfully coordinated with sponsors, volunteers, students and local authorities to raise a handsome total of XXXXX for rescuing children affiliated to streets.


    I am available from DD.MM.YYYY for XX hours per week. I can adjust my schedule to accommodate the requirements of the company and am determined to do so. I am also looking forward to the chance to evolve into an impact agent through the experiences I gain working with “name of organisation”. I am certain that collaborating with development experts incubated by your organisation can help me in understanding community development practices better.


    I am concluding by expressing my gratitude for your time and consideration for the Volunteer position at “name of organisation”. I am looking forward to showcasing my interest and enthusiasm in an interview. I am hereby attaching my CV for your kind evaluation. Thank you.



    “Name of applicant”

    How a Sample Motivation Letter Can Help You

    A sample motivation letter can act as an important tool while drafting your own motivation letter. Below we have pointed out the main reasons why you should refer to one:
    • A sample motivation letter can help you understand the basic structure starting from how to begin, what to include and how to present the same.
    • Going through a sample motivation letter can help you identify key points like relevant skills, experiences, or qualifications that make you a perfect fit.
    • Referring to a sample motivation letter will give you the correct tone and writing style that is preferred for your specific opportunity.
    • You can address the specific requirements and criteria more effectively if you have an idea of how it is generally done.
    • Keeping a sample motivation letter by your side as you start writing yours will give you the reassurance and confidence that you are on the right track.

    Structure of the Motivation Letter For Volunteer Application

    A motivation letter for volunteering must ideally be in an official business letter format. Thus, it includes the following sections as given below:
    1. Salutation: Start by addressing and greeting the reviewer. Use the name of the person if available or simply use “To whom it may concern”.
    2. Introduction: Introduce yourself and explain the reason for applying to the position. Explain how you came across the opportunity and why you are drawn towards the same.
    3. Educational credentials: Give a brief explanation about your academic experiences and research interests if they are relevant to the opportunity. You can connect the same with the opportunity in question.
    4. Volunteering experience: State your previous experiences in this domain. This can help the reviewers learn your exposure to the sector and where your experience lies.
    5. Motivation: Explain why this cause is important to you and what the key motivation factors are. You can do this with the help of any previous experiences that influenced you.
    6. Fit for organisation: You can explain your interest in the organisation by explaining how its mission, vision, values and projects resonate with you.
    7. Conclusion: Close the letter by conveying gratitude for the reviewers’ time. You also provide your contact information at the end to show openness to connect further.

    Expert advices to consider before writing LOM for Volunteer

    Your motivation letter for volunteering can be improved significantly if you follow these guidelines that were proposed by professional content writers:
    • Understand the role: Make sure that you do go through the job description enough number of times. You should be aware of the job responsibilities to correctly align your motivation with the same.
    • Conduct research: You can easily tailor your motivation letter by conducting intensive research to learn about the organisation. This includes its mission, vision and projects which you can connect with.
    • Be clear and specific: Make sure that you provide clear and vivid details to support your claims. This will avoid any confusion in the minds of the reviewers.
    • Demonstrate growth mindset: You must showcase that you are willing to evolve with the organisation. You can explain the same by mentioning the skills you want to work on, the opportunities presented by the organisation, etc.
    • Keep it brief: Your motivation letter must be well-structured and must only include relevant inputs. This can ensure that you do not wear the reviewers out with lengthy paragraphs and unnecessary details.

    Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Motivation Letter for Volunteer


    • Personalise the letter
    • Highlight skills and qualifications
    • Showcase willingness to learn
    • Add anecdotes or real-life examples
    • Seek feedback from others if needed


    • Use a generic template
    • Copy or plagiarise from other sources
    • Exaggerate or manipulate facts
    • Use an informal tone
    • Forget to proofread

    Who should write Your LOM for Volunteering

    A motivation letter for volunteering is a personal account and thus must be crafted by the applicant themselves. This is because he/she is the perfect judge of their passion, qualifications and personality traits required for the particular volunteering position.


    The applicant can better tailor the letter with the experiences and produce a strong LOM that can convince the reviewers. By writing your own LOM, you can display a sense of commitment and dedication that is required for the volunteering program.

    tips for motivation letter for volunteer

    Tips for Writing an Impressive Motivation Letter for Volunteer

    • Start your motivation letter with a strong and interesting opening paragraph. This will create a good impression from the beginning, encouraging them to read more.
    • In case the opportunity involves engagement with various ethnic groups, you can exhibit your cultural sensitivity and flexibility to adapt.
    • Make sure that your motivation letter is concise and has a logical flow of thoughts. It must include only relevant information that is directly portraying your eligibility.
    • To give it a personal touch, connect it with your ambitions and previous experiences that influenced you. This will increase the authenticity of the motivation letter.
    • Showcase how your existing skills and knowledge can benefit the organisation or cause. This will increase the chance of your selection for the volunteering program.
    • Do not forget to proofread and edit grammar, plagiarism or spelling mistakes. You can take a second opinion from any trusted person.

    Now that you have got to the bottom of this, we are confident that you will produce a strong motivation letter for your volunteer applications.


    We are certain that these tips, guidelines, format, sample and expert advice will help you get started on your writing process.


    Wishing you the best for your application!


    In case you require further assistance or have any queries, you mention the same in the comment box below.

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    vasuki ram - professional and experienced content writer - sopconsultants
    Founder/Sr. Writer - SOP Consultants

    Vasuki Ram, senior writer and the founder of SOP Consultants is a B-tech Graduate who used to work in an MNC. Starting from 2013, she along with her team has assisted more than 10,000 students. Shift in her career was drastic. Read full story here.

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