Recommendation Letter for Promotion Writing Guide 2024

A powerfully written recommendation letter for promotion can do wonders in helping you move up along the career ladder. After all, what could possibly be more convincing than your superiors vouching for your skills for a higher position in the company?

However, managers and supervisors don’t always have time to write a detailed employee recommendation for promotion. Instead, you may have to draft the letter yourself and simply get it signed by the recommender

Crafting an impactful recommendation letter might appear to be a challenge if you’ve never written one before. Here’s a comprehensive writing guide for you, along with a recommendation for promotion sample to follow.

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What is a Recommendation Letter for Promotion? Why is it Important?

A letter of recommendation is a professional letter from someone in a trustable position, endorsing a candidate’s skills and capabilities. In this case, a recommendation for promotion of employee is written by someone who supervised your work and can recommend you for a promotion in the company.

A recommendation letter takes a holistic approach, covering personalized details that only someone who supervised you closely enough can offer. It assures the concerned parties that you’re a good fit for the position, based on your personality, skills, and other qualities.

Especially when seeking promotion to a coveted role that requires highly skilled professionals, you need more than just certification and experience. You need someone to vouch for you and give you an edge over other candidates. This is why a recommendation for promotion letter for employee is crucial.

Questions to Ask Before Writing a Recommendation Letter for Promotion?

Regardless of the purpose, a recommendation letter for promotion must be carefully crafted and personalized. Before you start drafting the letter, ask yourself the following questions.

What skills are valued the most in the position you’re striving for?

Your skills are your biggest asset when applying for a promotion. Consider which skills are valued the most in the position you’re trying to secure, and remember to integrate them in the letter.

How have you helped the company so far?

Naturally, employees who have been particularly beneficial to the company are prioritized. Think about the ways you may have helped the company, such as any successful projects or a notable jump in sales.

How will the company benefit from promoting you?

Let’s face it – when promoting an employee, any company would want to make sure that the promotion is worth the associated salary package. The letter should mention how promoting you will benefit the company

Who should you address the letter to?

A recommendation letter for promotion should always be addressed to the right person – usually someone in the HR department or a higher authority. If necessary, you may ask your recommender for the person’s name and designation.

5 Key factors of Writing Recommendation Letter for Promotion

How long has the recommender been supervising you?

To be able to endorse  an employee for a promotion, the recommender must supervise his/her work for long enough to understand the person’s true work ethics and personality.

complete elements of writing a letter of recommendation for promotion

Key Elements of a Recommendation Letter for Promotion

To help you bag the promotion you seek, your recommendation letter for promotion must include certain key elements. These include:

Your skills:

As mentioned earlier, your skills are the most important aspect to cover in a recommendation letter. Make sure to put emphasis on practical skills that will be relevant in your new position.


Skills alone won’t be enough – you should also have a personality befitting the position.


Rather than simply stating that the employee is an ideal candidate for the promotion and possesses the necessary qualities, the LOR should also provide justification. This means actual examples of your qualities need to be incorporated into the letter.


This is a very important aspect of every recommendation letter. The details covered in the LOR must be relevant to the position you’re applying for.


It must not appear that the recommender is endorsing you out of bias. As you’d notice in our write up for promotion justification sample, an LOR should offer unbiased opinion and insight.

How Long Should Your Promotion Recommendation Letter be?

While a recommendation letter should cover all necessary details, it must not be too long. Try to keep it within a single page of A4 size, which should be around 400 to 500 words. Refrain from using any fancy font styles – an LOR must be written using a professional font of size 11 or 12. All sides of the page should have a 1-inch margin.

letter of recommendation for promotion lor sample and example

Recommendation Letter for Promotion Sample

You might find this guide a bit overwhelming without a practical example. Here is a sample of a recommendation letter for professor promotion to help you understand how to write a powerful LOR. You may follow this sample recommendation letter for promotion for the format, tone, pitch, and language when writing your own LOR.

Dear President Lydia Greene and distinguished board of directors,

As the dean, I’d like to endorse Prof. Amanjeet Singh, PhD, for a promotion. Dr. Singh has been serving as an assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science for the last two years, and I believe that he can put his qualities to much better use as an associate professor. I’ve been working closely with his HOD, Prof. Grayson to keep track of his performance, and we both agree that Prof. Singh is a valuable asset for our esteemed college.

During his two years with us, Prof. Amanjeet Singh has greatly helped his department excel. He has proven himself to be a hardworking teacher who is willing to go an extra mile for the betterment of his students. Prof. Singh is always ready to take extra classes and sometimes even comes in on his days off to provide his students with the help they need.

I’ve also received plenty of positive feedback about him from our students, who unanimously agree that they’d like to get more classes from him. Dr. Singh is great at understanding and connecting with his students, which is a great quality for anyone in his profession. He knows exactly how to cover vast and complex topics without making the students feel overwhelmed.

Prof. Singh took several initiatives to help incorporate a more practical approach to teaching in his department. He helped us organize multiple workshops in collaboration with other institutes and organizations. Despite being an assistant professor, he has already been performing the tasks of an associate or full professor. I believe he is fully qualified to be promoted to the position of associate professor.

He has also earned a reputation in the college for his down-to-earth, yet professional personality. Prof. Singh is highly respected by his students while still being as friendly and frank with them as possible. It was under his inspiration that a majority of the department volunteered to help with several events at the college over the last year or so.

Lastly, I’d like to mention that Dr. Singh has also worked tirelessly to help his department improve and run more smoothly. As reported by his HOD, he’s always there to help out his colleagues and share the workload.

It’s a privilege for me to recommend Dr. Amanjeet Singh for the position of an associate professor in the Department of Computer Science. Should you have any questions or wish to discuss more on this matter, you may always get in touch me.

Yours respectfully,

Zachery Cooper,

Dean, University of California Berkeley

How Should You use a Recommendation for Promotion Sample?

Now you have a perfect sample recommendation letter for promotion and salary increase, but how do you put it to use? Copying it and using it as a template isn’t advisable, since that wouldn’t give you the scope to customize the letter. Here’s what you need to do.

step by step guide for writing a letter of recommendation for promotion

Write your Recommendation for Promotion of Employee in 6 Steps

You may now try to write your own promotion justification letter, following the sample shared above. Let’s break down the writing process into six easy steps.


The first paragraph would naturally be an introduction, where the recommender clearly states the intention of the letter and introduces the candidate. Also, make sure to establish how closely the recommender has supervised the candidate’s work

Second and third paragraph

Next, shed some light on how well the employee has served the organization. Focus on work-related skills and qualities in this paragraph. The sample recommendation letter for promotion, for instance, discusses how the assistant professor is great at connecting with his students.

Fourth paragraph

Now is the time to talk about any extra efforts made by the employee to help the organization fare better. If an employee is already performing tasks about his/her pay grade, it must be brought up here to justify the promotion.

Fifth paragraph

This paragraph should give a brief overview of the candidate’s personality. Superior work ethics can go a long way in helping one secure a promotion.


Finally, conclude the recommendation letter in an assertive tone without being too pushy. Simply share your final thoughts and end the letter by stating that the reader may contact the recommender for further clarification or discussion.

Final Checklist

  • Did you proofread the recommendation for promotion letter for employee to check for grammatical errors and other issues?
  • Does the letter take an unbiased approach with proper justification for the endorsement?
  • Have you personalized the recommendation letter for promotion enough with all relevant details?
  • Is it a high-quality LOR similar to the sample recommendation letter for promotion above?
  • Did you stick to the appropriate format, tone, and pitch when writing the letter?



  • Keep the tone and pitch confident and positive throughout the letter.
  • Focus on practical examples of the employee’s capabilities.
  • Make sure to write a few lines covering the employee’s personality and how it suits the job.
  • Establish credibility by mentioning how closely the recommender has observed the candidate’s performance.
  • Keep it unique and personalized.
  • Refrain from using generic templates and samples.
  • Do not brag excessively.
  • Avoid using any colloquial words or phrases.
  • Don’t heap praise without justifying it.
  • Like the sample recommendation letter for promotion, your LOR shouldn’t exceed a single A4-sized page.


Hopefully, this guide has cleared up how to write a recommendation for promotion of employee and you can now craft a good one. Make sure to tailor the letter as per your profile, experience, and goal.

If you still find it too hard to craft an LOR as good as the recommendation for a promotion sample, you may always hire professional academic writers. Experienced LOR writers can come up with highly detailed and personalized recommendation letters for any purpose.

Good luck, and whether you draft your own recommendation letter for promotion or invest in professional services, we hope you can bag the promotion.


A recommendation letter for promotion is a formal document written by a supervisor, manager, or colleague to endorse an employee’s suitability and qualifications for a higher position within the company or organization.

A recommendation letter is crucial for employees seeking a promotion as it provides evidence of their skills, accomplishments, and potential for growth. It carries the weight of a trusted professional’s endorsement, boosting their credibility.

Ideally, the letter should be written by your immediate supervisor or a higher-ranking colleague who has worked closely with you and can speak to your abilities and achievements.

A comprehensive recommendation letter should highlight your key accomplishments, leadership skills, teamwork abilities, and any specific instances that demonstrate your suitability for the new role.

A recommendation letter should generally be around one page in length, concisely capturing the most crucial points that showcase your qualifications.

A recommendation letter should have a formal structure, starting with the writer’s contact information, followed by a salutation, introduction, body paragraphs highlighting your skills, and a closing statement with their contact details.

While the core content may remain the same, it’s essential to tailor the letter to fit the specific requirements of each promotion opportunity. Highlight different skills and achievements based on the job description.

If you have performance reviews, awards, or other relevant documents that can reinforce the claims made in the recommendation letter, it’s a good idea to include them.

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vasuki ram - professional and experienced content writer - sopconsultants
Founder/Sr. Writer - SOP Consultants

Vasuki Ram, senior writer and the founder of SOP Consultants is a B-tech Graduate who used to work in an MNC. Starting from 2013, she along with her team has assisted more than 10,000 students. Shift in her career was drastic. Read full story here.

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