the Art of writing Effective letter of recommendation for scholarship

Are you trying to write a foolproof letter of recommendation for scholarship? Well, you might have made your way to your dream university, and now what holds you back from pursuing the desired course is a powerful reference letter for scholarship. With a personalized endorsement letter, you should qualify for the financial aid.

As a student, it’s crucial to follow the right format for developing your recommendation letter for scholarship? How comfortable are you in developing a scholarship LOR from scratch?

If you are not sure how to write your letter of recommendation for scholarship, you will find our guide beneficial.

learn how to write best scholarship letter of recommendation
What is a scholarship recommendation letter

What is a scholarship recommendation letter? Why is it important?

A scholarship LOR, or a reference letter for scholarship is an endorsement letter. It is written by the HOD or departmental head of your previous organization.

Writing a powerful recommendation letter for student scholarship is crucial. The quality, authenticity, and depth of the letter determine whether you can qualify for the scholarship.

Questions You Should Answer Before Writing a scholarship LOR

Have you checked out a sample recommendation letter for scholarship? When you go through this reference scholarship letter, you should understand its depth and message.

Before you try to get a letter of recommendation for scholarship drafted, it’s crucial to delve into the following questions.

How well-poised are you to apply for the program?

Before proceeding to get your letter of recommendation for scholarship drafted, consider how you stand amidst the competition in the academic front. Does your past academic profile complement the program you are planning to undertake? consulting a academic writing professional can help to reduce rejection risks. 

Is the course in sync with your academic goals?

On checking out a sample request for letter of recommendation for scholarship, you will find that these letters convey a link between the desired course and overall academic goals of a candidate. So, make sure to establish how your accomplishments make you the right candidate for the course.

Who would be drafting your scholarship LOR?

Remember, the best recommendation letter for scholarship comes from the person who is perfectly deemed to draft it for you. So, consider reaching out to your HOD, professor, or mentor rather than friends or colleagues.

What are the outlined rules?

Have you checked whether or not the institute you are applying for has outlined any guidelines to write your letter of recommendation for scholarship? The authorities might want you to follow a specific format, or adhere to a particular word count. Comply with their outlines regarding font, typography, and other particulars.

By when should you submit your scholarship LOR?

Closely keep an eye for the deadline before which you need to submit your reference letter for scholarship. It’s wise to play safe and not to wait till the last hour to get the document drafted.

Important Elements in Your Scholarship LOR to Impress the Authorities

Before crafting a letter of recommendation for scholarship, it’s crucial to understand what the authorities expect the document to carry. Reading a sample recommendation letter for student scholarship will help you understand these aspects better.

Here are some crucial aspects that the authorities look for in scholarship LORs.

A strong character:

A prime reason why authorities ask for endorsement letters is to understand the character of the applicant. Your endorsement letter for scholarship should carry your persona clearly.

Practical knowledge:

Rather than focussing solely on the theoretical skills in your discipline, your LOR should reflect your practical understanding of the matter.

Clarity and flow:

The language in which you write a recommendation letter determines its quality. As given in the sample recommendation letter for scholarship, make sure to logically connect all the paragraphs and maintain proper flow.

Professional skills:

If you are getting your recommendation letter drafted for scholarship to study a practical course, make sure that the document conveys your professional skills.

Powerful reasoning:

The LOR should convey with adequate justification why the candidate should pursue the course at the given time. For instance, your recommendation letter for PhD scholarship must convey your research interests in the desired field.

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statement of purpose
learn how to write reference letter for scholarship

What is the Ideal Length of Your LOR Recommendation Letters?

While drafting your reference letter for scholarship, make sure to use the standardized format or customize the document if specified by your institute. Exceeding the recommended word count or writing an LOR too brief can lead to your scholarship getting declined. If you are not sure how long this document should be, check out an example of recommendation letter for scholarship for better clarity.

Have a look at the standard length and format of a scholarship LOR.

Scholarship Recommendation or scholarship reference Letter Sample

Scholarship Recommendation Letter Sample

Are you yet to grasp the style and format to use in your scholarship recommendation letter? Check out this sample recommendation letter for scholarship that will clarify the matter for you.

However, make sure not to copy this sample LOR. Each recommendation letter for scholarship should be unique. Admission authorities use sophisticated tools to detect whether you submitted an original LOR. Trying to modify this sample will lead to the rejection of your scholarship application.

Scholarship LOR sample

To whom it may concern,


I am pleased to endorse one of my most diligent students, Ms. Anisha Ray for a grant under the Fulbright Scholarship program. In my position as the project mentor at Delhi University, I have known Anisha since the second year of her BBA course.

It’s all due to my long-term association with Anisha in the position of her mentor that I am well-acquainted with her academic profile and professional goals. Academically, she has always impressed me with her insightful nature, commitment to mastering skills, and keep learning to fulfill industry standards. I found evidence of her commitment to learn even outside the classroom. She used to indulge in a wide range of extracurricular activities, while exercising her scholastic pursuits.

In the last couple of years, Anisha has actively been a part of different academic projects. Besides, she has been equally active in cultural programs and events in our university. Her association with social works and NGOs also deserves mention. I was pleased with her versatility, tenacity, and the way she moulded her profile to different situations inside and outside her academic circuit.

Considering Anisha’s leadership skills and the ability to keep programs organized, we selected her as the leader as we dispatched our student team for annual inter-college competition. As expected, we emerged as the winner under her able leadership.

We all appreciate Anisha for being a meritorious student who seamlessly balances her lifestyle, ambitions, and academics. She remains committed to her studies, and hopefully, she will continue to be a valuable asset at the university in the US.

I am confident that she will a perfect candidate for the scholarship, given that she has already qualified for one of the top global universities. Her research interests are also different from most of her peers, and I have evaluated her project to get an idea on what she intends to do during her postgraduates. Anisha is a promising student and deserves the Fulbright Scholarship. Therefore, I strongly endorse her for the grant and wish her all the very best for her future endeavours.

I remain open to providing further information as per your requirements. Feel free to reach out to me on my contact details furnished below.



Dr. Umesh Shankar Pradhan

HOD, Business Studies,

Delhi University,



How to Use Scholarship LOR Samples?

Now that you have checked out the recommendation letter for scholarship doc, here are some crucial aspects to look into. Observing these details will help you further enhance the quality of your LOR.

Scholarship Recommendation Letter Sample

Write Your Scholarship LOR in 6 steps

If you are finding it challenging to draft your letter of recommendation for scholarship, follow these six steps to simplify the process.

Choose your endorser

In the first place, select someone authentic to endorse you for your scholarship. The admission authorities should consider his/her voice seriously, which should do the magic for you.

Establish an association

In the introductory paragraph of your reference letter for scholarship, the endorser should establish a clear association with you. The person should also mention for how long he/she knows you.

Focus on your skills

In the next paragraph of your scholarship recommendation letter, the endorser should highlight your strengths. In this context, the LOR should convey why you are a good fit for the program.

Demonstrate practical abilities

Now that the reader is aware of your strengths, the LOR should convey your practical abilities lucidly. Your recommender should demonstrate your abilities through practical instances.

Share personal experiences

In the sample letter of recommendation for scholarship, you must have noticed how the recommender shared his personal experiences with the candidate. A brief account of these interactions can highlight the student’s character and profile.

Crafting the conclusion

As evident from your recommendation letter sample for scholarship, the conclusion of your LOR should be impactful. This is where the creative expertise of the recommender comes into play. The conclusion should inspire the admission committee to accept the student and grant the scholarship.

Who Should Write Scholarship Recommendation Letter?

In most cases, approach your HOD, principal, professor, or mentor to write the scholarship recommendation letter for you. However, if you are applying for practical courses that call for prior professional experience, you can get the endorsement letter drafted by your manager, co-workers, or colleagues.

Final Checklist for drafting your LOR for scholarship

Final Checklist for drafting your LOR for scholarship

Before submitting your letter of recommendation for scholarship, make sure to check the following.

  • Did the endorser introduce himself/herself properly?
  • Have you considered the length, format, and font?
  • Is the tone and pitch of the LOR professional?
  • Are the ideas organized and logically flowing?
  • How impactful are the introduction and the conclusion?
  • Has the recommender highlighted your practical skills?
Final Checklist for drafting your LOR for scholarship

Dos and Don'ts in Your scholarship LOR



Tips for Writing an Scholarship LOR

Tips for Writing an Scholarship LOR


Given that you have carefully scrutinized the recommendation letter sample for scholarship, you should be better poised to draft the document for yourself. However, most students prefer hiring professional LOR writing services. You may consider reaching out to a creative agency to get your letter of recommendation for scholarship drafted. Experienced writers can develop flawless LORs that should click for you.


Scholarship recommendation letters provide insights into your character, achievements, and potential. They help scholarship committees assess your suitability for the scholarship and can strengthen your application.

Choose individuals who can vouch for your academic excellence, character, and extracurricular involvement. Teachers, mentors, employers, or community leaders are good options.

Reach out to potential recommenders well in advance. Politely explain the scholarship you’re applying for, your goals, and provide any necessary details. Request if they could write a strong, personalized letter on your behalf.

A scholarship recommendation letter should highlight your academic achievements, leadership qualities, community involvement, and any other relevant attributes. Specific examples can make the letter more compelling.

Yes, offering your recommenders your resume, a brief about your achievements, and your future goals can help them craft a more tailored and effective recommendation letter.

Generally, waiving your right to see the letters demonstrates your confidence in the recommender’s honesty. Scholarship committees often value confidential, unbiased input.

Check the scholarship guidelines to know the required number of recommendation letters. Typically, 2-3 letters are common. Focus on quality over quantity.

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vasuki ram - professional and experienced content writer - sopconsultants
Founder/Sr. Writer - SOP Consultants

Vasuki Ram, senior writer and the founder of SOP Consultants is a B-tech Graduate who used to work in an MNC. Starting from 2013, she along with her team has assisted more than 10,000 students. Shift in her career was drastic. Read full story here.

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