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    Chemistry is a subject that can be considered a treasure trove of chemical equations, solving equations of reactions, organic and inorganic problems and so on. As the academic level of students elevates, so does the complexity of the subject and related chemistry assignments. Moreover, at one point, these papers also deal with a combination of other science subjects like physics and biology. In terms of theories, derivations and concepts, chemistry subject is an immeasurable entity. Therefore, to tackle chemistry homework questions, coming from such a strong conceptual background, it is necessary to seek chemistry assignment help from experts like us. PhD specialists in our team will help untangle the difficulties surrounding the concepts and prepare a grade-winning paper for you. 

    Why Do You Need Homework Help in Chemistry from Our Subject Experts?

    Facing difficulty in understanding the concepts and the lack of skill in the analytics aspects of the subject, results in the inability to write chemistry hw. However, being a subject that has a huge role even in our daily lives, requires significant attention. Therefore, one cannot ignore the fact that our lives revolve around chemistry, and it is something that must be learned. SOPC is the chemistry assignment helper you need in your student life. Through our expert guidance and correct resources, we will help you deliver a chemistry homework paper that crosses all levels of high-profile standards. Additionally, you will be receiving:

    Step-wise answers

    Unlimited revisions

    Individual attention

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    Complete breakdown of questions and on-point solutions

    Extra inputs from us to make your paper better

    Fields We Consider Under Our Online Chemistry Homework Help Services

    Our enthusiasm for handpicking assignment experts in chemistry for our team is based on the thought of providing comprehensive topic assistance to our students. Therefore, we are now equipped enough to serve you in any field listed here: 

    Computational Chemistry

    Trust our 'assignment help chemistry' team to decode chemical problems using computer simulations. Their skill in applying apt theoretical chemistry approaches for calculations boosts the success rate of your paper.

    General Chemistry

    This is a form of general overview about the foundations of the subject. An in-depth study of chemical bonds, atomic structures, solutions, etc., can be found. Usually, you can find this theme in colleges as an introductory course, and our chemistry assignment service covers this part as well.

    Applied Chemistry

    Just like the name indicates, this field deals with the application of scientific discoveries to our lives. Separation of metals from metal ores, making laundry detergents, green chemistry, industrial chemistry, etc., are some names that can be found here.

    Nuclear Chemistry

    By travelling deep into the science of radioactivity, nuclear reactions and their properties, this field covers everything related to the changes that happen in the nucleus of atoms.


    Our chemistry homework service providers are experts in utilizing MestRec, which is a computer program for processing, visualizing, and simulating 1D and 2D NMR FID/Spectra. Being a sophisticated analytical chemistry software, if you find any confusion in using it for writing your papers, contact our experts right away!

    Polymer Chemistry

    The area that covers the chemical and physical properties of polymers, macromolecules and everything related to their in-depth study is called Polymer Chemistry.


    It is software that is considered the best for viewing the structures of crystals and molecules. Students often find it hard to understand the technique behind using this software for visualizing. But, our chemistry assignment help team are experts in it.


    This is a tool that helps students to create chemical structures, reactions, predict properties, view 3D structures, etc. Being a popular tool suggested by professors for assignments and presentations, we have strengthened the skills of our chemistry homework solvers in Chemdraw.


    As this area covers the study of chemical processes occurring within living organisms, students have to deal with a combination of core chemistry and biology concepts, making biochemistry assignments trickier than ever. But, don't worry when you are at SOPC.

    Molecular Chemistry

    This field discusses everything related to molecules. Their properties, structures, reactivity, interactions, composition, etc. Therefore, you need a strict intervention from our chemistry homework help services to produce a fine paper.


    Electrochemistry states a strong relationship between chemistry and electrical energy. The movement of electrons and concepts surrounding it sums up this field. Obtain individual chemistry hw help in this area from our PhD writers.

    Our Chemistry Assignment Helpers are Skilled in These Branches As Well!

    Organic Chemistry

    We have a separate set of PhD scholars specialized in understanding the composition of carbon, and concepts related to its structures, reactions and properties. Hence, if you need help with chemistry homework based on this branch, be confident about relying on our team.

    Inorganic chemistry

    Inorganic compounds are the vice-versa of organic compounds - without any bonds between carbon and hydrogen. This branch deals with the study of such compounds, and our chemistry homework solvers are famous for dealing with such papers.

    Physical chemistry

    This branch is a vast one that considers the interactions and alterations of particles. Additionally, you can find some amount of physics concepts coming here. Quantitative aspects of reactions, behaviour and properties of atoms and molecules, subatomic particles, etc., are some concepts dealt here.

    professional chemistry assignment writers in india

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    At SOPC, we work with some of the industry’s finest chemistry subject matter experts. Check out the profiles of our expert academic writers to learn more. Afterwards, select your writer and get your assignments done by that chosen expert! YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT! offers you the freedom to select a writing expert for your projects! Get the foremost writers of the academic industry on your case and score grades par excellence.

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    Dr. Sebastian Thomas

    Being a PhD holder in Inorganic Chemistry, Dr. Sebastian is the coolest wizard in our team. For the past 5+ years, his contributions have created a plethora of A+ to our merits. His papers reflect his sharp brain and brilliance in the subject.

    statement of purpose

    Dr. Siddhartha Reddy

    With a record of completing 1000+ orders, Dr. Siddhartha is a wordsmith when it comes to crafting chemistry papers. His comprehensive knowledge of any area of the subject makes him a unique addition to our team.

    statement of purpose

    Dr. Hiranmayi Kiran

    Dr. Hiranmayi is the queen of our chemistry assignment help team. Apart from her doctorate in organic chemistry, she is currently on a journey of making herself closer to her favourite subject, by composing solutions for diverse chemistry assignment topics.

    Do You Know the History and Basic Principles Surrounding the Chemistry Subject

    The word chemistry has a long story to tell us. An alchemist was an individual who practised the art of alchemy, which later on, changed into the term called chemist. Years later, ‘chemist’ transformed into the term Chemistry. Chemistry as a subject is taught right from the school level. The existence of doctorate degrees in various disciplines of chemistry showcases the significance of the subject. Though from an overall perspective, the subject may seem like a coverage of concepts related to matter and change, chemistry further expands its wing through areas like organic, physical, inorganic, biochemistry and so on. SOPC offers effective chemistry homework help in all categories coming under this subject. 

    Basic Principles of Chemistry


    Made up of a core known as the nucleus, an atom is constituted of protons and neutrons, further surrounded by electrons.


    Any object with mass and volume is termed as matter.


    A combination of two or more atoms connected through a bond is called as a molecule or in other words, these are the smallest elements of a compound.


    A mixture is a combination of two or more substances.

    Basic Processes of Chemistry

    Chemical Reaction

    The process where one or more substances are converted into different types of substances is called a reaction.

    Chemical Bond

    A chemical bond is an attractive force that binds molecules and crystals together. Covalent bonds and ionic bonds are examples of chemical bonds.

    Chemical Equilibrium

    The stage where the reactants and products involved in a chemical reaction exist in a concentrated form is called chemical equilibrium.


    Energy is an important element here, since its increase or decrease influences chemical structures.

    Acid-Base Reaction

    When an acid and base react together, producing salt and water, then that reaction goes by the term acid-base reaction or neutralization reaction.

    Additional Features of Our Chemistry Assignment Help Platform

    Our writers are heroes in disguise for students who find it challenging to cope with writing chemistry assignments during their hectic academics. Apart from housing intellectual and skilled subject matter experts, our additional focus in these areas promises you a help worth trying out:

    Guaranteed re-work

    If you feel like making us rewrite or edit the paper, you can go for it by discussing it with our customer care team.

    Correct delivery

    Our team will maintain complete punctuality while shouldering your work and delivering it.

    Unique papers

    Your papers will reach you with a personality of their own, reflecting your perspectives on the chemistry assignment questions.

    Free access to our previous works

    You can gain access to our samples to decide whether our writing style is fine for you.

    Discussions with our professional writers

    After discussing with our customer care team, you can gain the opportunity to directly interact with our writers.

    Free proofreading

    Multiple proofreading of your chemistry paper comes free of cost within the package you order from us.

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    Benefits of Choosing Our Chemistry Homework Help

    Our track record of serving 1.4k+ clients and delivering 9.8k+ orders is enough proof to validate the quality of our chemistry assignment services. Moreover, you can catch hold of perks like

    Accurate Solutions

    The biggest advantage of our platform is the access to accurate solutions for your questions. Utilize it to the fullest to get top grades.

    Plagiarism-Free Work

    Authentic content presented in a unique and standard manner is a guarantee from our writers.

    Unique papers

    Your papers will reach you with a personality of their own, reflecting your perspectives on the chemistry assignment questions.

    PhD Qualified Writers

    All our writers have PhD degrees in their merit, increasing their qualification to write academic assignments for students.

    Content Written From Scratch

    Your paper will be written from scratch by properly researching and studying the topic suggested in your paper.

    User-friendly Platforms

    All our platforms, including the ones used for file transferring, payment and communication, are filled with convenience and ease.

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    Assistance in Selecting Topics

    If your mentor has asked you to choose a topic by yourself, let our chemistry assignment helpers select impressive ones from a diverse pool of topics.

    Who Can Write Chemistry Assignment at Affordable Rates?

    SOPC takes special care in ensuring that our students receive their papers exactly the way they imagined. Moreover, authorities focus on checking the quality level of the paper, and the amount of adherence maintained by the papers to their guidelines. Thus, we are here for you to generate papers packed with double the precision and quality expected by your professors. Additionally, our platform offers our chemistry assignment help at affordable prices for students. At such minimal prices, you can get the opportunity to craft your papers from doctorate-level writers, elevating your chances of getting good scores. Feel free to order our services at discounted prices by contacting our customer care team.

    Subjects/Courses Covered by Our Expert Writers

    How Does Our Chemistry Homework Service Work?

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    Discussion with our team

    Speak about your requirements, guidelines and other important information about your paper. 

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    Collect your paper

    Download your paper and check for its quality. Reach out to us for any edit work. 

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    Free Revisions


    Free Revisions

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    Cash back Guarantee

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    Plagiarism Report Will Be Attached

    100% Ownership Assurance


    We have skilled chemistry assignment writers, passionate about doing their job. Firstly, they will study your requirements, and after that, they will do detailed research work. Due to their love for research and crafting the details to an assignment format, expect to receive only top-notch scores for your paper. 

    Offering chemistry homework help to different students is based on their nature of requirements. This includes submission dates, depth of research required, word count, etc. Thus, to get clarity about our turnaround time, contact our customer care team. 

    We have hired skilled chemistry assignment helpers after multiple rounds of skill tests and interviews. Moreover, our strict eligibility criteria of having a doctorate qualification make our writers beyond eligible to take up your work. 

    Your assignment paper will be prepared according to your requirements alone. Our writers will remain alert about the format, alignment and guidelines while scripting your paper. Additionally, they will be keen on ensuring your paper is free from plagiarism and AI content.

    Keep in touch

    If you have any questions, or concerns, or need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our friendly customer support team is here to help you every step of the way.

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      Vasuki Ram, senior writer and the founder of SOP Consultants is a B-tech Graduate who used to work in an MNC. Starting from 2013, she along with her team has assisted more than 10,000 students. Shift in her career was drastic. Read full story here.

      vasuki ram - professional and experienced content writer - sopconsultants
      Founder/Sr. Writer - SOP Consultants

      Vasuki Ram, senior writer and the founder of SOP Consultants is a B-tech Graduate who used to work in an MNC. Starting from 2013, she along with her team has assisted more than 10,000 students. Shift in her career was drastic. Read full story here.

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