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Are you anxious over getting an admission in a foreign institution? Are you anxious about how to write a statement of purpose for scholarship? Are you worried about funding the course, and planning to avail scholarship from the institution? Then spare a few minutes to read some important points before proceeding further. 

You may be having top grades and stunning scorecards, but that alone won’t win you a scholarship from an overseas institution since all the potential candidates applying for the same will have magnificent academic background more or less like you. So your high GPA is not what going to make you distinguished among the rest. Also, the admission officers face the problem to choose a few from a vast sea of identically qualified and proficient candidates. Here is where the statement of purpose for scholarship comes into light. Right in the beginning itself, we would like to clarify the most vital point that is a big mistake which most candidates repeat unknowingly. 

statement of purpose for scholarship

Clearly note that the statement of purpose for graduate school or a masters or doctors is entirely different from a statement of purpose for scholarship application. The very next reminder is that there are a number of scholarships provided these days and thus one has to custom-make his each SOP to suit the type of scholarship, he applies.

Thirdly, understand that committees will be definitely having a set guidelines for writing a statement of purpose for scholarship and they expect each candidate to fulfil their requirements. So you are ought to write in allying with these rules even though they are not explicitly given.

And finally, the scholarship committee also scrutinises submitted applications to understand the real needy applicants and provide aid to those genuine and potential candidates.

What to write?

The title itself explains that “state the purpose for scholarship”. And so it is the major content in this personal statement for scholarship. But merely by writing like

“As I am really good at my studies and is passionate to continue my higher in ABC but is short of funding, I have applied for the scholarship.”

This may be the genuine plea of a candidate, but the review officer doesn’t know this candidate in person and hence rejects the application stating it lacks the real purpose. Also they should be convinced that the applicant is capable to meet university expectations and will be a favourable candidature for them, if approved him with a financial aid.

So there are certain mandatory contents to be included in a SOP for scholarship. Look at some best statement of purpose for scholarship samples.

Begin to pen down the document keeping in mind the questions below.
  1. If selected, how you think you will be benefitting the college?
  2. Why do you want the scholarship? And what makes you a deserving applicant?
  1. What are your relevant experiences and how they helped you to apply for the course?
  2. Why you choose the particular college?

The general norm of writing a statement of purpose for scholarship in 250 words has to be followed if not particularly prescribed.

The major hurdle of knowing what to write is now expounded. The next is to know what streamers to add to make it a noticeable SOP. Here we have a very precise yet most vital tips which will help significantly.

  • Start with a rough draft – pen down whatever you want to write without any specified order. Then sort the relevant and un-related stuffs and again make a fresh copy. Repeat this until you find you have answered to the above four questions in a very elaborative and convincing manner.
  • Don’t postpone to last date – start as early as possible to draft a sop for scholarship so that you can edit and modify it a number of times to make it the perfect one and also can check whether it adheres with provided guidelines, if any.
  • Stay cautious about grammatical and spelling mistakes – this is not a silly thing when it comes to a SOP of any kind. You can use informal language in a very polite and decent manner or creativity in writing style, but be sure not to make errors in grammar, sentence construction or spelling mistakes. Also check the whole document and ensure a natural logical connection throughout the contents in document. Make use of your friends, teachers or even digital resources to get your essay faultless and flawless.
  • Reflect yourself and be honest – As you have been applying for a genuine cause, there is no need to showcase yourself to be extraordinary to get positive affirmations. The admission committee officers are experienced enough to easily figure out the fake or true characters. So be honest and be yourself.
  • Show your genuine passion for the course of study – Even if the officer found the reason you have stated to avail the scholarship genuine, and they cannot find any strong object showing your true inspiration and interest towards the course they are forced to reject you on the spot, for above all they value the institution and its prospects.

We hope you have had a better and clear idea about writing a statement of purpose for scholarship application. If you want reference, download statement of purpose for scholarship sample pdf here. For further assistance, contact us…

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