SOP for Hotel Management in Australia – The Ultimate Guide

Does writing an SOP for Hotel Management in Australia appear challenging to you?

Are you confused about which aspects of you will impress selectors about your suitability for the program?

Are you not sure about the format and the writing tone?

Don’t worry. This blog will be the answer to all your concerns.

This blog provides a detailed analysis of professional SOP writing for hotel management in Australia. It will help you in:

Understanding SOP for Hotel Management in Australia

Understanding SOP for Hotel Management in Australia

In this chapter, we will define what an SOP for Hotel management in Australia is and what roles it has in a student’s admission process.

What is the SOP for MS in Hotel Management in Australia?

SOP for Hotel Management course in Australia is an admission requirement that each applicant has to fulfil. This document, written by the students themselves, will help the admission panel figure out whether the applicants truly deserve admission. To do that, they will assess a few criteria such as the applicant’s understanding of hotel management and exposure to it.

Role of an SOP in the Admission Process

Like SOP for most other countries and programs, SOP for Hotel Management in Australia plays a significant role in your admission to the best college or university in Australia. Hence, it is important to dish out the right information that the selectors are expecting from you. Take a look at the below components.

How to Write an SOP for Hotel Management Course in Australia?

How to Write an SOP for Hotel Management Course in Australia?

You have got an overview of what SOP for Hotel management in Australia is. Now, let’s try to see how to approach its writing. Unlike other pieces of writing, you are required to have a proper plan and strategy in order to write your SOP. This chapter discusses the same along with a few expert tips.

Pragmatic Guidelines for Writing Hotel Management SOP for Australia

The following guidelines will tell you how to prepare before, during and after writing your hotel management SOP for Australia.

Understand the hospitality industry:

In order to write a good SOP, you need to know about the hotel industry in general and its scope and growth in Australia in particular. Read a lot of resources to enhance your knowledge in these areas.

Read university guidelines:

Your university may want you to address specific questions in the SOP such as your future plans, how you will contribute to the institute etc. So, read the application guidelines carefully before starting to write your SOP.

Review a few samples:

Next, read a couple of the best SOP samples for hotel management in Australia. This will increase your knowledge about the writing format, tone, points, etc. While reading the samples, try to brainstorm points on your own.

Write an SOP outline:

An outline will enable you to stick to the word count, relevant points and paragraph structure. So, draw an outline. Consider the format and structure we have shared while making the outline. 

Compose your first draft:

Go through the outline and complete each section with content. Make sure to provide enough examples and evidence when you write certain points like motivation, achievements, skills and strengths etc.

Validate your write-up:

Once you are done with the first draft, validate it against a few criteria such as the format, structure and points. Ensure that your essay is smooth to read from beginning to end. 

Proofread and finalize:

It is recommended to proofread your SOP at least five times. This will help you come up with a 100% error-free write-up in the end. Additionally, we highly recommend that you seek a second opinion about your SOP.

How to Make Your SOP Compelling – Pro Tips

In addition to the above steps, follow these expert tips to make your SOP more compelling. During a tight admission screening, having the most compelling SOP for cookery course in Australia will help you have a competitive edge.

  • ➮  Prove that you will be a great addition to the institute by highlighting your knowledge of the institute’s vision, mission and motto.
  • ➮  Begin working on your SOP before the deadline. Having enough time will enable you to proofread your SOP multiple times and get rid of mistakes.
  • ➮  Don’t include any technical jargon in your SOP. Ensure that all your points are quickly and easily communicated to the reader.
  • ➮  Do not copy from SOP samples. Admission panels use advanced plagiarism testers to test the originality of SOPs that their applicants submit.
  • ➮  Write in simple language with a friendly tone and without losing the professional nature of the essay. This will trigger the reader’s interest and make your write-up appear unique to him.
SOP for Hotel Management Australia Example

SOP for Hotel Management Australia Example

Here is the sample SOP for hotel management in Australia that you have been looking for. 

Go through it carefully.

Note down the points that you are able to identify with.

Take note of the writing tone and format.

Growing up in a small village in India, I was always curious about luxurious things, particularly hotels.  Compared to other typical hotels in my neighborhood, their glitz and luxury stood out. My family’s low income prevented us from even having a meal at such five-star hotels. My parents have always wanted to provide me with the tools to achieve my dreams. They couldn’t though. We were content despite the difficult and trying conditions we were in. My decision to get a bachelor’s in Hotel Management was motivated by my observation of the hotel and the realization that I had a lengthy journey to get there. To do it, assistance and direction from experts are required and for that reason, I decided to attend XYZ University in Australia to earn a bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management.

Due to our precarious financial situation, my parents have always emphasized the importance of education and how it might help improve our condition. I also thought that if I had done well in school, I would be given the same chance as everyone else to continue my education. I therefore focused on my academics and I received assistance from my instructors and classmates. At ABC School, I earned a xx for my SSC. I eventually made the decision to finish my higher secondary school at XXX School and did well on my exams.

During my intermediate studies, the school held a career workshop where many career prospects were laid out for us. I registered for a hotel management class and learned what the profession entailed in its truest sense. India is a well-liked travel destination, and the hospitality and tourism industries in our nation are both continuously growing. Hotel management has more responsibilities than I initially believed; I had assumed it was only about managing hotels. It is extensive and covers a wide range of topics, including dining, drinking, accommodation, management, recreation, and services. Both textual and hands-on instruction was provided to pupils in the hotel industry. I got to understand that it doesn’t matter where we come from after speaking with the speaker who was invited for the discussion.

 I had many opportunities at school to improve and put my transferable skills to the test. I improved my presentation and communication skills by taking part in elocutions and debates. In addition, I played on the school’s cricket and football teams and received numerous awards. In the previous year’s interschool cricket competition, I received the Man of the Match award. Every endeavor in which I engaged or took part taught me the significance of interpersonal, multitasking, coordination, and communication skills.

As the hotel industry focuses on providing solutions to the needs of the public, I believe it is important for people like me who want to thrive in this industry to focus on developing a suitable personality. I thus started noticing that enhancing one’s personal style, attending the proper university, and receiving the necessary coaching were some requirements for succeeding in the hospitality sector. During my part-time job at a hotel, I had the good fortune to participate in marketing and research for the scheduling of events and special events (company name). This position taught me how to handle protection, food standards, and cleanliness rules. In order to build a successful career in this industry, I also realized the need for the right training and exposure.

After completing a lot of research, I came to the conclusion that Australia’s XYZ University is the best option for me to continue my studies with a bachelor’s degree in Hotel Management and expanding my knowledge and professional abilities. The nation is renowned for both its innovations in the field of hotel management and its evolution over time. It is among the most well-liked tourism destinations on the globe due to the kind and welcoming attitude of the people. A multicultural environment is encouraged by the rich heritage and culture. Building great relationships and connections with people of different cultures is something I am looking forward to doing.

One of the most prominent institutions in the world, XYZ University in Australia is renowned for the caliber, openness, and excellence of its programme. They provide students with more than 100 bachelor’s courses. The courses are created in accordance with the most recent advancements in the field to give students the best learning opportunity. The departmental initiatives taken by the knowledgeable and experienced faculty at XYZ University are well-known for enhancing the course’s interactivity and engagement. To become a better professional and person, I’m hoping to learn from such mentors.

I intend to return to India after finishing the degree so that I can work in the hotel management sector there. My desire for a nice job is not the only reason I am pursuing a degree in hotel management. It is to show my parents that we can do it too; I want to buy them dinner at the hotel. I plan to have the option to do it through the procurement of a degree from a global institution and significant experience.

Perfect SOP Format for Hotel Management in Australia 2023

Perfect SOP Format for Hotel Management in Australia

SOP formatting consists of two steps – formatting the text and formatting the content. So, let’s first see how to format the text.

Here is an accepted SOP format for hotel management in Australia. Use this while composing your document.

How to format the text?

Format the text of your SOP as per the following rules.

Font style:

Times New Roman

Font size:

12 points


Not required. Leave an extra line between paragraphs instead.


Leave a 1” margin at the top, bottom and either side

Paragraph formatting

Format the paragraphs of your SOP for hotel management in Australia as below.

Start by referring to an experience which triggered your interest in the field of hotel management. For instance, a beautiful experience you had while visiting a five-star restaurant in your hometown or nearby. Try to strike a chord with the reader through your introduction.

This paragraph should list out your strong reasons for choosing hotel management for your higher education. Show how strongly you identify with the profession of hotel management.

Write about your academic and professional background and show how both of them are relevant to hotel management. Explain how both moulded your passion for the hotel management industry.

Choose a few relevant skills and strengths that you think will help you during your pursuit of a hotel management program in Australia. Try to solidify your skills with obvious examples which can be proved in case of any clarification.

Write about any achievements, for instance, recognition for a project you did, or personal research you carried out to know more about hotel management.

Explain how the course structure of the given institute will benefit your learning and formation in hotel management. Identify the factors that make the institute different from others and highlight them while showing your reasons for choosing that institute.

Write about the advantages of studying Hotel management in Australia and the benefits you will enjoy when you start your career as a hotel management professional.

Convince the admission panel that you will return to your home country after completing the graduation in hotel management from Australia. Illustrate how you plan your future immediately after the course and a few years down the line.

Write a conclusion that boils down the entire content of your SOP in two to three sentences. Conclude by thanking the admission committee for considering your application and showing your hope of joining the institute.

Top Australian Institutes Recommended for Hotel Management Programs

Top Australian Institutes Recommended for Hotel Management Programs

Australia is a huge country with one of the fastest-growing hospitality and tourism industries in the world. This makes it an ideal place for students seeking to study hotel management programs. If you are planning to study hotel management in Australia, consider the following institutes. 

Admission to these institutes is finalized on a merit basis. So, don’t forget to include a tailor-made SOP for hotel management course in Australia in the application.


The institute where you get trained in hotel management will have a strong influence and take on your career later on – no matter where you plan to land the job and get settled.

With graduation in hotel management from Australia, you will have broader career horizons.

We hope that you have found this blog helpful and informative for writing your unique SOP for hotel management in Australia. We wish you the best of luck with your admission.

In case you have any doubts or questions, don’t forget to write them in the comments below.

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vasuki ram - professional and experienced content writer - sopconsultants
Founder/Sr. Writer - SOP Consultants

Vasuki Ram, senior writer and the founder of SOP Consultants is a B-tech Graduate who used to work in an MNC. Starting from 2013, she along with her team has assisted more than 10,000 students. Shift in her career was drastic. Read full story here.

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